The BMX Dude Disclaimer

TL;DR: Some of The BMX Dude’s external links contain my affiliate ID. Meaning, if you click on the product links and make a purchase, I may receive a commission.

This is a % of the total sale that I get from the seller. (But you DON’T need to pay anything extra.)

However, this helps me keep The BMX Dude alive, continuing to make the best content for the loyal community YOU are.

My Advertising Strategy

First. It’s important for me to stay transparent with all you shredders. Thus, I want to share what funds The BMX Dude and keeps it running.

Second. I’m not a fan of websites stuffed with ads. It distracts the user experience, plus, banner ads don’t really provide any value.

Thus keeping The BMX Dude as clean as possible.

I’m putting: USERS and QUALITY CONTENT first.

Third. What keeps you running then?

80% affiliate marketing (through product links) and 20% other methods, like (occasional) reviews, sponsorships, special deals, etc.

That’s it.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

I decided to go for affiliate links since traditional advertising isn’t my thing. (Ads probably annoy you, too, right? 🙂 )

Instead of just sticking some ads to the website, I want to bring value via listicles where each product with an affiliate link has a description.

This helps me add my two cents and you pick the product(s) you’re after much easier and quicker.

This type of content helps everyone save time and stress that jumping from page to page, figuring out which product to pick causes.

You have it all in one place on The BMX Dude!

The recommendations come from my experience of being a BMX rider for 20+ years.

Note: I only include products I believe in. I won’t add a product I don’t trust and write a bad review about it.

Plus, I constantly review my articles and update them (if necessary) to keep things fresh.

I Appreciate You

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for the best riders’ videos, bike checks or products – I’m grateful for your visit and support.

I’m sharing full transparency with this disclaimer just as I’m with every article that I publish.

My clarity also shows through my about page.

If you ever have any questions, need help with picking products, or would like to say HI!, please contact me.

Thanks, bro. Yo!

Rok Krivec,
Founder of The BMX Dude