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How To Feeble Grind On A BMX!

how to feeble grind bmx

Welcome to my easy guide on how to feeble grind on a BMX, teaching you all the necessary ins and outs.

Remember the first time you saw someone pull off a flawless feeble grind, wheels sliding with precision along that rail or ledge, making it look so effortless?

If you’re like me, you probably had two thoughts. First: “Whoa, that was awesome!” And second: “I want to learn how to do that!”

Good news?

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You’ve just stumbled upon your personal guide to unlocking this iconic BMX grind.

Whether you’ve recently gotten into BMX and are still getting the hang of bunny hops, or you’re a seasoned rider itching to elevate your grind game, this comprehensive article is crafted just for you.

I’ll break it down step-by-step and offer insider tips, and by the end, you’ll be well on your way to mastering the art of the feeble grind.

This post covers:

Why Learn A Feeble Grind

One of the main reasons for learning a feeble grind is because it’s the easiest.

I know some will say, “Double peg is the easiest!” but I don’t think so.

I recommend you learn your first grind on a ledge and feeble grind is the most ledge-friendly one.

When it comes to rails, sure, a double peg is much easier than a feeble grind.

A feeble will open the doors to a plethora of other amazing grinds and combinations.

In other words, feeble grind lays a solid foundation, making it easier to venture into more complex tricks.

How To Feeble Grind On A BMX (Step-By-Step Guide)

Before you proceed, first learn how to bunny hop on a BMX.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you master feeble grind:

Step 1. Gear Up

Before attempting any trick, ensure you’re wearing appropriate safety gear.

This includes at least a BMX helmet.

But it’s also recommended to wear elbow, knee and shin pads, and (optional) gloves. Safety first!

Step 2. Get Familiar

Understand the trick.

In a feeble grind, your front wheel will be on top of the obstacle (like a ledge or rail) while the rear peg grinds along the side.

Step 3. Start With A Flat Ledge

learn a feeble grind on a flat ledge
Begin practicing on a flat, low-height ledge to reduce the risk of falls.

Learning the balance required for a feeble grind on a flat surface is much easier.

get familiar with feeble grind bmx

Before you send your first feeble grind, I recommend you first place your bike on the ledge, step on your pedals, and see how it feels (see video above).

Step 4. Approach With Moderate Speed

approach ledge to feeble grind with moderate speed
You don’t want to go too fast initially, but a decent speed is essential to maintain balance. Approach the ledge at a slight angle.

In fact, I recommend you first go extremely slow, so you’ll do more of a feeble stall than a feeble grind. (I also demonstrate it above.)

And if you’re already familiar with the 180s, you can also approach the ledge at 90 degrees and do an actual feeble stall.

You can also use these two methods to learn how to exit the grind. But I’ll talk more about exiting in step 8.

Step 5. Aim & Hop

aim and hop to do a feeble grind
As you approach the ledge, aim to get your front wheel on top of the ledge and your back wheel towards the side.

Use a bunny hop to lift your bike, but remember, you’re not trying to get too high — just enough to place your bike in the feeble position.

That’s why it’s handy if you learn feebles on a very low ledge, so in case you miss, nothing dramatic will happen.

Step 6. Lock In

lock in your feeble grind
Once in the air, push your front wheel forward to land on top of the ledge while letting your back wheel’s peg contact the side of the ledge, thus “locking” you into the grind.

Ensure your front wheel isn’t too far “inside” the ledge because your back peg will slip otherwise.

Step 7. Balance & Grind

balance and feeble grind
The feeble grind requires you to lean slightly forward, putting more weight on your front wheel.

This helps you slide more efficiently and maintain balance. Keep your eyes forward and your body centered.

Your body position is especially important if you’ll be feeble grinding very long ledges.

Step 8. Exiting The Feeble Grind

exiting feeble grind bmx
Exit 1: As you reach the end of the ledge or when you’re ready to exit, give a small bunny hop to disengage both the wheel and peg from the obstacle.

Exit 2: If you have enough speed, you can also grind to the end of the ledge and then simply pull your front wheel and drop off of it. (Like you’d be dropping from a curb doing a small “manual.”)

Exit 3: But you won’t grind all the way to the end of the ledge every time, or maybe an obstacle prevents you from grinding to the end.

In this case, you must exit your feeble grind by pulling your bike sideways, away from the ledge. You can then simply drop down or do a small bunny hop.

landing a feeble grind on both wheels

In all three cases, land both wheels simultaneously and ride away smoothly.

Bonus Tips For Mastering Feeble Grinds On A BMX

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like all BMX tricks, the feeble grind demands repetition.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get. You’ll develop muscle memory with time, making the trick feel more natural.

Also, practice landing on the ledge with your peg softly.

Move to Different Obstacles

Once you’re confident with a flat ledge, challenge yourself!

Try higher (and longer) ledges and rails, or even incorporate the feeble grind into a combination with other tricks.

Analyze & Learn

If possible, record videos of your attempts. This can help you analyze your technique, spot mistakes, and track your progress.

I do this all the time.

Stay Inspired

Watch videos of other riders executing the feeble grind and the possible combinations involving the grind.

This not only provides motivation but can also offer insights into perfecting your technique and learning new tricks.

Remember, every BMX rider progresses at their own pace.

It’s okay if you don’t nail the feeble grind immediately.

With patience, persistence, and practice, you’ll soon be grinding away with style and confidence.

Conclusion: Master Feeble Grinds!

We’ve journeyed together through the ins and outs of the feeble grind, and now you’re armed with the knowledge to conquer this iconic trick.

Remember, every skid, slip, or stumble is just a stepping stone to mastering the grind.

Be patient with yourself, enjoy every ride, and cherish the progress, no matter how small.

The BMX world is filled with endless adventures, and the feeble grind is just one of many awaiting your touch.

So gear up, stay inspired, and keep those wheels turning and pegs grinding.

Can’t wait to see you nailing that feeble grind and sharing your stories with the world.

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