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Are All BMX Seats The Same Size? (No)

are all bmx seats the same size

I’ve received a bunch of dudes asking me the same questions: Are all BMX seats the same size?


In general, seats come in three sizes: SLIM, MID and FAT.


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Not all slim seats are the same width. And the same goes for mid and fat.

Still, they don’t differ too much, so you have nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, the same seat comes in all three sizes (like the BSD Logo seat), but that’s not always the case.

Another question I also get often is: Which BMX seat size is right for me?

Let’s break the three seat sizes further, so you pick the right one easier.

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3 BMX Seat Sizes

Slim Seats

slim bmx seat size
A slim BMX seat is mostly in use by racers and transition riders, who aren’t too much into tricks, but rather flow and style.

The seat will not get in the way when you’re pedaling, which is perfect if you like to go FAST!

No. Bumping.

Fun fact: Street riders are transitioning to slim seats, too, lately.

One of them is Felix Prangenberg, but he says he likes the slim version because of the (more old-school) look.

Mid Seats (My FAV!)

mid bmx seat size
If you like to do tricks but don’t want too much padding on your seat then the mid version is perfect for you.

This seat size is primarily in use by park and street riders (even dirt). It gives just enough grip but doesn’t appear too bulky.

Note: It’s Bruno Hoffmann who prefers the mid seat size.

Fat Seats

fat bmx seat size
This is the largest/widest BMX seat size, which isn’t really my favorite.

But it’s the ideal solution for jump riders, doing suicide no-handers, bar tricks, etc.

And it’s also widely popular in street riding for extra cushioning and grip.

Note: Broc Raiford is all about fat seats, even having his signature Odyssey Broc seat available.


Go with the mid version if you’re unsure which seat size to pick.

It’s an all-around size that will do the trick – guarantee!

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