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6 Wrist Stretches & Mobility For BMX (Avoid Pain)

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Avoid injuries and recover faster with these wrist stretches and mobility exercises for BMX.

BMX is a sport that’s as thrilling as it is demanding on the body.

There’s a lot of wrist action going on, whether pulling tricks, cruising around and – especially – when falling.

That’s right, your wrists play a starring role in helping you enjoy riding more.

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Keeping wrists healthy and mobile isn’t just about avoiding discomfort; it’s crucial for boosting your performance and steering clear of pesky injuries that could sideline you from the action.

After all, flexible, strong wrists can make all the difference, ensuring your sessions are both safe and epic.

Thus, I’ll share with you six key wrist stretches and mobility exercises I have done regularly for over twenty years.

These also helped me recover much after after injuries. Yup, you can stretch out some wrist injuries and be back on the bike in a few days.

Important: Avoid doing any stretching and mobility exercises if the wrist injury is serious (you tore something, broke a bone, etc.) You don’t want to do more damage.

Now, let’s get your wrists ready for action!

This post covers:

Why Wrist Health Is So Important For BMX Riders

First off, the wrist is a complex marvel of bones, ligaments, and muscles all working in harmony.

This allows us to move our hands in all sorts of directions, making it possible to pull off those awesome tricks.

But, as with any high-performance machine, there’s always a risk of wear and tear.

That’s where common wrist woes come into play.

We’re talking about those nagging sprains, strains, and the dreaded overuse injuries that can sneak up on us. Not to mention broken wrist bones.

It’s all fun and games until a stiff or sore wrist puts a damper on our riding.

We’ve all been there.

But fear not, fellow BMXers!

Healthy & Strong Wrists Prevent BMX Injuries

This is where the magic of wrist stretches and mobility exercises come into the picture.

Incorporating these into our daily routine is like giving our wrists a VIP pass to health and resilience. (Even if you do them just three to four times weekly will make all the difference.)

These exercises help keep injuries at bay and amp up our performance, ensuring our wrists can handle the rigors of BMX riding with ease.

So, let’s give our wrists the love and attention they deserve.

After all, they’re the ones helping us grip our destiny (and our handlebars) with confidence and style!

Best Wrist Stretches & Mobility For BMX

Even a simple crash can lead to a wrist injury.

Prevent it with these simple, at-home stretches and mobility exercises that take minutes to complete!

Warm Up Your Wrists

wrist warm up
Warm up your wrists thoroughly before you begin stretching.

These wrist rotations warm up the entire wrist joint and promote fluid movement.

I usually do ten rotations clockwise and ten counterclockwise.

Wrist Extensor (Carpal) Stretch Hand Pull

wrist extensor stretch hand pull
This and the following stretch get deep into the carpal tunnel area, helping to alleviate pressure and improve mobility.

Extend your arm in front of you, your palm facing upward and with your other hand, pull toward your body.

Hold and slowly count to ten. You can also hold for thirty or sixty seconds.

Repeat with the other hand.

Wrist Flexor (Carpal) Stretch Hand Pull

wrist flexor stretch hand pull

Extend your arm in front of you, your palm facing downward and with your other hand, pull toward your body.

Like before, hold and slowly count to ten. You can also hold for thirty or sixty seconds.

Repeat with the other hand.

Wrist Flexor Stretch On The Floor

wrist flexor stretch on the floor
This stretch targets the muscles on the inside of your forearm, easing tension in your wrist flexors.

I prefer doing these and all the following exercises on the floor because it allows me to put more pressure on the stretch with my body weight.

For all stretches, hold and count slowly to ten (or for thirty or sixty seconds).

This stretch loosens up your wrist flexors, making it easier to maintain grip and control over your handlebars during those intense rides.

Wrist Flexor Stretch Sway

wrist flexor stretch sway
Place the heels of your palms as close to each other as possible.

Your palms should be on the floor; ensure the heels of the palms don’t lift when you sway left and right.

Reverse Wrist Flexor Stretch (Rock Back)

reverse wrist flexor stretch
This is a more intense wrist stretch exercise for BMX, giving flexor muscles a good extension.

Ensure your entire palm is on the floor and move your body backward.

Start slowly and easily if you’re not used to the movement so you don’t do any damage.

Also, you can only count to five on hold; even less, ease yourself into it.

Wrist Extensor Stretch On The Floor

wrist extensor stretch on the floor
This one works on the opposite side, focusing on the muscles along the top of your forearm.

Keeps your wrist extensors flexible, ensuring smooth and pain-free sessions.

Repeat: Once you’re done with the last stretch, feel free to repeat once or twice. But even if you do them only once a few times a week – you’ll thank yourself later.

If you are injured, don’t forget to check these great BMX wrist support and braces.

Conclusion: Healthy & Strong Wrists FTW!

There you have it!

We’ve cruised through some essential wrist stretches and mobility exercises tailored just for riders like us.

Remember, these exercises aren’t just a one-time deal.

Incorporating them into your routine can seriously up your BMX game, keeping those wrists supple and strong.

Note: I usually do them after a session.

Think of it as daily maintenance for your most crucial BMX tools – your hands!

But let’s not stop at just our wrists. This is a gentle nudge to embrace a holistic approach to body care.

BMX demands a lot from every inch of us.

Thus, give it the attention it deserves so you can avoid injuries and have fun riding much longer.

Why not still ride when sixty or even seventy years old?

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