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9 Best BMX Cassette Hubs (In 2024)

bmx cassette hubs

I know we’re in the era of freecoasters, but so many still requested to create a list of the best BMX cassette hubs.

I also ride a cassette (and don’t have any plans on switching to a BMX freecoaster hub).

This collection came about after involving 20 of my BMX buddies, sharing their reviews and collecting information from others.

I couldn’t recommend any of the below rear hubs more.

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Even though I’m right now still riding the Animal Javelin hub the others are equally epic.

This post covers:

I don’t care what you say, but the SOUND of a cassette is THE BEST.


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Best BMX Cassette Hubs (Rear)

1. G-Sport Roloway Cassette

gsport roloway rear hub
Whenever there’s a chance to mention the G-Sport Roloway hub (either front or rear) I need to say that it’s a hub that’s the most beautiful.

It’s a bit bulkier (but light!) with a clean design and female bolts.

G-Sport also went one step further and made it RHD and LHD compatible, keeping things simple.

Extra tough shell, driver and bearings will keep you shredding all the time.

(And the addition of the non-drive hub guard is also cool.)

Roloway specs:

  • Weight: 15.3oz
  • Price: $209.99 (may vary)

2. Cinema VX3 Rear Hub

cinema vx3 cassette
Even though the Cinema team is more about freecoasters, their cassette hub is equally amazing, strong and long-lasting.

It has a beautiful shell that uses 6061 aluminum with a 9t driver.

What’s unique about the VX3 hub is that it’s compatible both with RHD and LHD.

This hub allows you to test things out if you’re figuring out which side fits you better. (I run LHD because my regular grinds are on the right side.)

PLUS, you get CR and DR nylon hub guards!

VX3 specs:

  • Weight: 19.6oz
  • Price: $189.99 (may vary)

3. Eclat Seismic Cassette

eclat seismic cassette hub
The Eclat’s Seismic family of hubs consists of front, freecoaster and cassette.

The Seismic Cassette Hub introduces Eclat’s innovative TCS (Toothed Coupling System), a breakthrough in BMX technology. Drawing inspiration from advanced road and mountain bike systems, this design uniquely fits a BMX cassette hub with a 14mm axle and 9t driver.

It features dual toothed ratchet rings inside the hub and driver, powered by a unique spring design.

This system ensures robust power transfer and smooth freewheeling.

Durably built, it promises relentless performance, enduring strength and reliability.


Seismic specs:

  • Weight: 16.5 oz
  • Price: $209.99 (may vary)

4. Alienation Illuminati Cassette

alienation illuminati cassette hub
The Alienation Illuminati cassette hub excels in both street and park BMX.

Its robust 14mm nickel chromoly axle intersects a 6061 aluminum shell and chromoly driver, all supported by sealed bearings.

Key features include options for both RHD & LHD, a 36H alu shell, and a 9T driver.

It boasts a 4-pawl system with leaf springs ensuring sharp engagement, a 24-tooth ratchet ring offering 15 degrees of engagement, and a protective plastic guard on the non-drive side.

What’s also essential to mention is that it’s one of the cheapest cassettes on the market.

Illuminati specs:

  • Weight: 19.4oz
  • Price: $139.99 (may vary)

5. Odyssey C5 Hub

odyssey c5 cassette hub
Coming from the same family than G-Sport, Odyssey’s C5 is another exceptional cassette hub.

This one has a slim design (male bolts) that comes with the a hub guard compatible with other Odyssey and G-Sport hubs.

RHD and LHD switchable, 4130 chromoly axle, 9t driver and forged aluminum hub shell – that’s what’s up when it comes to C5.

Enjoy street, park and trail riding with absolute confidence!

C5 specs:

  • Weight: /oz
  • Price: $149.99 (may vary)

6. Colony Wasp Cassette Hub

colony wasp cassette hub
The Colony Wasp cassette, with its sleek 6061-T6 aluminum shell adorned with etched Colony logos, merges style with performance.

It features a 14mm hollow chromoly axle, female axle bolts, and a chromoly driver supported by three sealed bearings.

Its standout 6 pawl system provides almost instantaneous power transfer and gives it a great sound.

Available in left or right-hand drive, it includes a non-drive side hub guard and comes in six vibrant colors.

I’ve spent months talking to my dudes globally and many reported that the Wasp rear hub is their FAV.

This is also one of the best sounding hubs.

Wasp specs:

  • Weight: 16.5oz
  • Price: $165.99 (may vary)

7. BSD Street Pro Rear Hub

bsd street pro rear hub
A ton of my friends told be they still prefer BSD‘s Street Pro hub after trying a bunch.

I’m adding it first because it’s pretty much indestructible.

BSD always comes out with high-quality products, and the Street Pro cassette is one that will last you a long time.

It looks kinda basic but uses a custom driver with 6903 bearings, chromoly cones and a compact shell.

Available in black, polished and raw. Enjoy the sound and reliability!

Street Pro specs:

  • Weight: 17oz
  • Price: $164.99 (may vary)

8. Shadow Definitive Cassette

shadow definitive cassette hub
Shadow is always working their ass off to create the best products, and they did an excellent job with the Definitive cassette.

Definitive isn’t only stylish and original-looking but high-performing as well.

It has a slimmer design with a boosted strength to keep up with your insane riding, whether street, park or trail.

The non-drive nylon guard is also in the box.

Definitive specs:

  • Weight: 17.6oz
  • Price: $228.99 (may vary)

9. Saltplus Trapez Rear Hub

saltplus trapez cassette hub
If you came all the way this far and are looking for a low-priced but trustworthy cassette then I recommend the Saltplus’ Trapez hub.

This one also comes RHD and LHD compatible stock and includes a non-drive side Saltplus Pro nylon guard.

Also, Salplus usually releases some really cool colorways, which they sell out pretty quickly. (Just a friendly warning to act quick when they drop!)

Trapez specs:

  • Weight: 20.1oz
  • Price: $193.99 (may vary)

How To Make Your Cassette Hub Last Longer

Maintaining a BMX cassette hub is crucial for ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

Here are several steps and tips you can follow to make your cassette last longer:

1. Regular Cleaning

Remove dirt & grime: Use a brush and a degreaser to clean the hub, freehub body, and cassette regularly, especially after riding in muddy or dusty conditions.

Clean the bearings (unsealed hub)*: If possible, disassemble the hub to clean and inspect the bearings. Remove any dirt, dust, or grime that may have accumulated.

* This isn’t necessary if you have a sealed cassette.

2. Proper Lubrication

Use quality lubricants: Apply high-quality grease to the bearings (unsealed) and a light oil to the pawls and springs in the freehub mechanism.

Lubricate regularly: Ensure all moving parts are well-lubricated, but avoid over-lubricating as this can attract more dirt.

3. Check For Wear & Tear

Inspect regularly: Regularly inspect the cassette, freehub body, and hub shell for signs of wear, damage, or any abnormalities.

Replace worn parts: If you notice any worn-out parts, replace them promptly to prevent further damage. But I usually replace the entire hub for safety.

4. Avoid Harsh Riding Conditions

Stay away from extreme conditions: Avoid riding in extreme wet or muddy conditions, as these can accelerate wear and damage to the hub.

Ride Smoothly: Try to land jumps and tricks smoothly to reduce the impact on the hub. Not only that, but your riding style will look more effortless once you learn to land smoother.

5. Proper Storage

Keep it dry: Store your bike in a dry place to prevent rust and corrosion. If your bike does get wet, dry it off as soon as possible.

6. Upgrade If Necessary

Consider higher-quality hubs: If you find that you are frequently having issues with your cassette hub, it might be worth investing in a higher-quality hub.

7. Pay Attention To Noise

Listen for unusual sounds: Any strange noises coming from the hub could indicate a problem. Investigate and address any issues promptly.

By following these steps, you can significantly extend the life of your BMX cassette hub, ensuring that it performs optimally for as long as possible.

Remember that regular maintenance is key, and don’t hesitate to seek professional help if you’re unsure about any aspect of the hub’s care.

Don’t forget to check my complete BMX bike maintenance guide.

FAQs About BMX Cassette Hubs

What is a BMX cassette hub?

A cassette hub is part of your BMX’s rear wheel. It allows you to pedal forward, but you can also roll backward by engaging the hub’s pawls into notches with springs. This means that you need to pedal when you do a fakie.

What is the difference between freecoaster and cassette hubs?

The main difference between a freecoaster and a cassette BMX hub is that the former allows you to do a fakie without the need to pedal backward. This technology started in BMX flatland but now spread into other styles, like street and park riding.

What is the loudest BMX cassette hub?

One of the loudest BMX cassette hubs on the market is the Profile Elite Rear hub. Remember that this hub is also handmade in the USA.

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