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5 Best BMX Freecoaster Hubs (2024)

bmx freecoaster hubs

Are you looking for the best BMX freecoaster hubs?

So many of you requested to create a list of the ultimate freecoasters. (Thanks!)

I’m stoked to share it with you – FINALLY!

First: All these offer RHD (right-hand-drive) and LHD (left-hand-drive) drives with 14mm axels and 36 holes.

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Second: I ensured to include only the most high-quality ones, guaranteeing durability and easy maintenance.

In short, no matter which you pick, you’re in good hands!

But I recommend the Colony Swarm hub for its lightweight design and cassette-like pedal gap.

However, I have many friends who prefer the extra pedal gap that the freecoaster hub has.

This post covers:

Your backward tech wizardry is SORTED – with a freecoaster!

Best RHD & LHD BMX Freecoaster Hubs

First, if you’re new to the term, check my in-depth explanation on what is a freecoaster hub.

1. Colony Swarm Freecoaster

colony bmx swarm planetary freecoaster hub

The Colony Swarm Freecoaster stands out as a groundbreaking hub, merging the best of cassette and freecoaster worlds with its innovative planetary-style design and Free Night’s patented technology.

It delivers a seamless transition from a solid, engaging cassette feel during a forward motion to a smooth freecoaster experience when rolling back, thanks to its unique planetary clutch system.

This significantly diminishes axial forces, allowing for standard-sized bearings and achieving a lighter weight comparable to a cassette hub.

Colony further enhances its value by including durable nylon hub guards on both sides, ensuring protection for your investment.

Weighing only 18.06 ounces, the Colony Swarm Freecoaster hub redefines performance, offering no engagement gap and a robust 14mm chromo axle, making it a top choice for riders seeking innovation and reliability.

Note: Preferred by Alex Hiam.

Swarm specs:

  • Weight: 18.06oz
  • Price: $229.99 (may vary)

2. Cinema FX2 Hub

cinema fx2 hub
Prefered by many of the best riders in the world, the Cinema FX2 BMX freecoaster hub deserves the inclusion in the top of the list.

What’s hot about FX2?

Its DTC (dual threaded clutch) system allows it to change the drive side quickly. No need to get a new hub if you change your mind!

Additionally, it comes stock with 156 degrees slack, but you can adjust it anywhere from 55-180 degrees.

And to spice things up even further, you get it with CR and DR hub guards!


Note: Preferred by Garrett Reynolds.

FX2 specs:

  • Weight: 25.3oz
  • Price: $199.99 (may vary)

3. Odyssey Clutch V2 Hub

odyssey clutch hub
Odyssey’s Clutch V2 hub is another one of the rider-favorites with great features to keep your shredding more comfortable.

One option is to adjust the slack externally (without removing the wheel!). You do it with ease, using a 2.5mm hex key.

Another cool thing that I like about the Clutch V2 is the female system (but this won’t necessarily improve your riding).

The Clutch V2 hub is extremely strong and robust, keeping you rolling smoothly for a long time. Little-to-no preparing needed.

Note: Preferred by Broc Raiford.

Clutch specs:

  • Weight: 22.5oz
  • Price: $179.99 (may vary)

4. Eclat Shift Freecoaster

eclat shift freecoaster
Eclat knows how to do things at the highest levels of quality while still maintaining the good look.

And they achieved an epic result with the Shift hub.

It redefines versatility with its innovative design, blending the best of both worlds by seamlessly transitioning between a freecoaster and a cassette hub.

Leveraging WTP’s cutting-edge Hybrid System technology, this hub stands out with its easy conversion mechanism, eliminating the need for extra parts.

Unlike traditional freecoasters that rely on heavy steel clutches, the Shift adopts a lighter, more efficient approach, incorporating a unique double slack system for unprecedented slack adjustability.

The hub is equipped with the revolutionary Magnadrive driver and wave spring friction system, ensuring a lighter, yet durable performance.

Note: Preferred by Felix Prangenberg.

Cortex specs:

  • Weight: 17.9oz
  • Price: $189.99 (may vary)

5. WTP Hybrid Hub

wtp hybrid freecoaster
The WeThePeople Hybrid freecoaster hub is a groundbreaking fusion of over a decade’s worth of research and development.

It offers the ideal blend of a freecoaster’s reliability with the weight, durability, and functionality of a cassette hub.

(You can easily transform into a cassette hub with included parts!)

Ditching the traditional heavy steel clutch, the Hybrid employs a cassette-based design with innovative tweaks.

Its standout feature is the patented double slack system, providing an unparalleled, adjustable slack range. Equipped with the magnetic Magnadrive driver and a new wave spring system, the Hybrid ensures smooth, hassle-free performance.

This hub is comes with hub guards for drive and non-drive sides and is available in RHD and LHD configurations, making it a versatile choice for riders.

Helix specs:

  • Weight: 17.3oz
  • Price: $154.99 (may vary)

How To Make Your Freecoaster Hub Last Longer

A freecoaster hub is a complex piece of machinery, and like all bicycle components, it requires regular maintenance and proper use to ensure longevity.

Note: Don’t forget to check my complete guide on BMX bike maintenance.

Here’s a guide on how to make a freecoaster hub last longer:

1. Regular Maintenance

Keep the hub clean from dirt, sand, and debris.

Periodically take apart the hub to clean all the internal components and apply high-quality bicycle grease. Make sure not to over-grease, as this can attract more dirt.

Inspect the internal components for wear and tear. Replace any worn-out parts immediately to prevent further damage.

2. Proper Adjustment

Make sure the slack is adjusted according to your riding style.

Too much slack can cause the hub to engage late, while too little slack can cause premature engagement. Both scenarios put additional stress on the hub (if you’re not used to it).

Make sure the hub’s bolts and locknuts are correctly tightened. Loose parts can lead to uneven wear and potential damage.

3. Smooth Riding

Don’t put excessive force on the hub, especially while landing tricks. Try to land tricks smoothly to reduce the impact on the hub (and the bike).

Learning how to properly ride with a freecoaster, including how to disengage and re-engage the hub smoothly, can reduce unnecessary stress on the internal components.

4. Use Quality Parts

Don’t skimp on the quality of your freecoaster hub and its components. Investing in a high-quality hub can make a significant difference in its longevity.

Ensure that all parts used with the hub are compatible and of good quality.

Note: If your riding is smooth and not burly, you can start with a cheaper freecoaster. But if you’re already a more advanced rider, go for the premium-priced ones.

5. Store Properly

Store your bike in a dry place to prevent rust and corrosion.

Even if you’re not riding frequently, give your bike and the freecoaster hub regular check-ups to ensure everything is in good working order.

6. Address Issues Promptly

If you notice any unusual sounds, sensations, or performance issues, address them immediately.

Ignoring problems can lead to more severe damage. Plus, it becomes much more unsafe to ride such a bike.

7. Professional Servicing

If you’re unsure about how to maintain or adjust your freecoaster hub, seek help from a professional mechanic.

By following these practices, you can significantly extend the life of your freecoaster hub, ensuring smoother rides and fewer replacements over time.

Remember that the key to longevity is regular maintenance and proper use.

FAQs About BMX Freecoaster Hubs

What is a BMX freecoaster hub?

A BMX freecoaster hub is a hub that keeps you rolling backward without pedaling.

It was created for flatlanders, but is now widely popular for street and park riding, too.

What is better freecoaster or cassette?

Both are good, but it all depends on the style of riding you prefer.

In general:

  • If you’re more technically oriented then I recommend going with a freecoaster.
  • But if you like to go fast, ride transitions and enjoy the flow, then a cassette hub is a better option.

What is the difference between BMX freecoaster & cassette hubs?

The main difference is that a freecoaster allows going backward without pedaling, which a cassette doesn’t.

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