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How To Feeble Grind Easy 180 On A BMX!

how to feeble grind 180 bmx

Ready to learn how to feeble grind easy 180 on a BMX?

If you want to add some slick new moves to your street riding repertoire, you’re in the right spot.

In this tutorial, we will break down the ins and outs of landing a smooth feeble grind followed by a stylish easy 180.

Whether you’re just getting comfortable on your BMX or looking to challenge yourself with a fresh combo, I’ve got your back.

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After riding BMX for 20+ years, I have a bunch of hints that will help you land the trick much faster.

We’ll be rolling through this together, step by step, so you can CONFIDENTLY approach it.

Let’s make this combo a staple in your BMX arsenal and have a blast while at it!

Let’s Break Feeble Grind Easy 180 Down

1. Feeble Grind

This is a grind on a rail or ledge where your front wheel is on top of the rail/ledge and the rear wheel hangs off the side.

The peg on the rear wheel is grinding along the edge while the front wheel is free.

It requires balance and precision as you maintain the grind with only one peg.

However, it’s the first grind I recommend every BMX rider should learn (yes, before a double peg grind). It’s also part of my easy beginner BMX tricks list.

2. Easy 180

This term usually refers to a 180-degree rotation that is performed in the opposite direction of the rider’s natural spinning direction.

If a rider is naturally comfortable spinning to the left, an “easy 180” would be spinning to the right.

Hence, it is sometimes considered “easier” because it’s often used to roll out of a trick that leaves you backward without having to complete a full 360-degree rotation to return to the forward position.

Sure, you can also do an opposite feeble grind and then the “easy 180” will actually be your dominant rotation.

Still, beginner BMX riders usually go for the traditional combo, regular feeble and then easy/opposite 180 out.

How To Feeble Grind Easy 180 On A BMX (Step-By-Step Guide)

For this combo, you’ll need to have the following on lock:

Let’s break down the steps to mastering the feeble grind to easy 180 on a BMX.

Just remember, like any trick in BMX, it takes practice, patience, and a bit of courage.

Make sure you’re comfortable with each individual part of the trick before trying to link them together.

If you can’t feeble 95% of the time and you can’t do a bunny hop 180 95% of the time, I suggest you wait to learn this trick.

But you can still familiarize yourself with the steps and get the trick into your head.

And safety first – always wear your helmet and appropriate protective gear.

Step 1: Master The Feeble Grind

approach the ledge

  • Find the right spot: Start with a ledge or rail that’s not too high. You want something you’re comfortable jumping onto without too much consequence if you miss it. (I recommend a ledge because a feeble grind on a rail is much more challenging.)
  • Approach: Ride parallel to your chosen ledge or rail at a comfortable speed.
  • Jump onto the ledge: When you’re close enough, pop a small bunny hop. The key is to get your back peg on the ledge or rail while your front wheel stays on top.
  • Grind position: Keep your weight balanced; too much on the peg and you could slip off; too much on the front wheel and you could stop suddenly or fall.
  • Keep moving: Use your momentum to carry you forward. Look ahead and not at your feet.

master feeble grind

Step 2: Prepare For The Easy 180

prepare for the easy 180

  • As you near the end of your grind, start to shift your weight slightly. This will help you spring off the ledge or rail.
  • Turn your head: Look over your shoulder in the direction you want to spin. Your body will follow your head, which is crucial for the spin.

Before doing the grind version, you can also do a feeble stall on the ledge and then do a 90 out – as I demonstrate in the video above.

This will help you get the gist of spinning out of the feeble position.

Step 3: The Easy 180

pull the easy 180 out of a feeble grind

  • Pop off: As you come off the end of the grind, pull your front and up while using your legs to do a “bunny hop” for the 180 rotation. At the same time, start to turn your head and shoulders for the 180.
  • Mid-air transition: Tuck your knees slightly to help with rotation and keep the bike under you.
  • Spot your landing: As you complete the spin, look for your landing spot and prepare to absorb the impact with your legs.

Pro tip: Do a feeble grind at a slower speed and focus on 90-ing out first. You don’t have to commit to a 180 right away. Get the gist of it first – see the video above.

Eventually, all you’ll need to do is to increase speed and the easy 180 will come almost naturally.

Step 4: Landing

land feeble grind easy 180

  • Land both wheels first: Ideally, you want both wheels to touch down simultaneously. This helps maintain momentum and makes it easier to roll out.
  • Roll out: Since you’re landing in fakie (backwards), you’ll need to roll out. If you’re uncomfortable with fakie riding, practice rolling out of a regular 180 first.

Step 5: Practice & Patience

  • Repeat: Like any trick, repetition is key. Don’t get discouraged by falls or failed attempts. Every attempt is a learning experience.
  • Film yourself: If possible, get a friend to film your attempts (or self-film yourself). Video can be a great way to spot what you’re doing right or wrong.

Step 6: Troubleshooting

  • If you’re having trouble spinning the 180, make sure you’re looking over your shoulder.
  • If you can’t stay on the rail or ledge, focus on your balance during the grind. Adjust your weight slightly forward or backward until you find the sweet spot.
  • If you find yourself slipping off the rail, check your speed and the angle of approach.

Take your time with this trick combo, and don’t rush the process.

Every rider has a unique style and pace for learning. Most importantly, have FUN with it!

BMX is all about creativity and expressing yourself on your bike.

Conclusion: Master Feeble Grind Easy 180s!

And there you have it – a complete run-through to get you from eager learner to feeble grinding with a seamless easy 180 out master on your BMX.

Remember, every pro was once a beginner, grinding away at the basics, just like you are now.

So, strap on your helmet and safety gear, give your bike a once-over, and hit that ledge with the heart of a rider who KNOWS that every fall is just another step towards mastery.

As you roll away from your successful attempts, know that each spin and every smooth landing is your own signature on the canvas of BMX.

Stay patient, stay persistent, and most of all, stay stoked on the ride.

Keep pushing, keep practicing, and in no time, you’ll share tips on how to nail that perfect feeble grind to easy 180.

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