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14 Easy Beginner BMX Tricks (Basics!)

beginner bmx tricks

Are you looking around to find out what are some easy beginner BMX tricks you can start learning ASAP?

If you’ve recently caught the BMX bug and can’t wait to start busting out tricks like the pros, you’ve landed in the right spot.

Learning BMX tricks can be exciting but also a bit daunting when you’re just starting out.

Don’t SWEAT it – every BMX legend started with the basics, and so will you.

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In this article, I’ll break down some easy, beginner-friendly BMX tricks that’ll not only boost your skills but propel you to the more advanced stunts.

Remember, you only need a safe flat space (an empty parking lot is best) to start learning the tricks.

I did exactly that when I started riding BMX 20+ years ago.

This post covers:

Attention: Please don’t neglect the basic tricks – and even when you do master them, get back to them as often as possible.

WITHOUT the basics, you won’t be able to progress at the pace you want.

You need to control your bike and not let the bike control you – and that’s when the basic tricks come into play.

Easy Beginner BMX Tricks You Must Learn

Note: The first five tricks are the absolute MUST. I recommend you master these first – like REALLY master – before you proceed.

1. Manual

Ah, the manual — a classic trick that’s like the Swiss Army knife of BMX skills!

Picture yourself coasting on just the rear wheel, front wheel high (or low) in the air, feeling like you’re defying gravity.

It’s not just a cool trick to show off; mastering the manual can be your gateway to more advanced moves and a whole new level of riding fun.

Note: Here’s my how to manual on a BMX.

2. Bunnyop

If you want to get airborne on your BMX, the bunny hop is your new best friend!

Think of it as the jumping jack of the BMX world – a fundamental move that lifts both your wheels off the ground and opens doors to many other rad tricks.

Whether you’re hopping over obstacles or setting up for a grind trick, the bunny hop is the essential skill you’ll use again and again.

Note: Here’s my how to bunny hop on a BMX.

3. Fakie

So, you want to add a little flair to your BMX game?

Let’s talk about the fakie — it’s riding your bike in reverse. If you have a freecoaster hub, pedaling backward isn’t necessary, like with a cassette hub.

Mastering the fakie gives you confidence and sets you up for even more awesome tricks down the line. In other words, you unlock more freedom to do whatever you want.

Note: Here’s my how to fakie on a BMX.

4. Half Cab

Half cab involves rolling backward in a fakie and then spinning 180 degrees to ride forward again.

It’s like doing a quick U-turn but with way more style points.

Once you get this down, you’ll be adding a flashy twist to your riding that’s sure to turn heads.

5. 180

The 180 is your ticket to turning heads — literally!

This beginner BMX trick has you launching into a bunny hop and spinning your bike 180 degrees in mid-air before landing. (You can do it on flat, which is why learning a bunnyhop is so essential + a fakie and a half cab first.)

It’s the perfect intro to rotational tricks and, trust me, nailing your first 180 feels like unlocking a new level in the game of BMX.

Spin it to win it!

It took me forever to figure it out. Quick hint: If your head doesn’t rotate, your bike won’t either.

Note: Here’s my how to 180 on a BMX.

6. Double Peg Grind

The double peg grind lets you jump onto a rail or ledge and slide along it using both of your bike’s pegs.

It’s like giving your BMX the freedom to dance, and once you stick your first grind, you’ll be itching to hit the rails and ledges repeatedly. At least that’s my case – and still is to this day.

But before you actually do the grind, you can come at a rail or ledge very slowly and do more of a double peg stall than a grind to get the feel of it. (The same applies to other grinds.)

7. Feeble Grind

If you’re ready to mix things up, the feeble grind is calling your name.

Imagine this: Your back peg grinding along a rail or ledge (start with a ledge!), while your front wheel stylishly glides atop.

It’s a killer combo of balance and style that shows you’re not just a one-trick pony.

Note: Here’s my how to feeble grind on a BMX.

8. Smith Grind

If you’ve already dabbled in grinds, it’s time to up the ante with the smith grind.

This trick is the feeble grind’s edgy cousin — instead of the back peg, you’re grinding on the front peg while your back wheel rides atop of the ledge (or rail).

Trust me, pulling off a smooth smith grind is the kind of showstopper that’ll earn you street cred at any skatepark.

Smith grind is the most challenging of the three beginner BMX grind tricks, so I recommend you learn it last.

Note: Here’s my how to smith grind on a BMX.

9. X-Up Ride

If you’re looking to dazzle the crowd without leaving the ground, check out the X-up ride.

This beginner BMX trick is all about riding forward while your handlebars are twisted 180 degrees (with your hands crossed, making in “x”).

It’s like patting your head and rubbing your belly, but way cooler.

Once you nail this, you’ll have a trick in your pocket that’s both chill and visually stunning.

10. Pull Up Barspin

Ready to put a little spin on your riding? Meet the pull up barspin, a trick where you lift your front wheel off the ground and whip those handlebars around 360 degrees.

Trust me, once you get the hang of this, you’ll feel like a BMX wizard casting spells with your bike.

I recommend you first do the pull up half barspin before you fully commit.

11. Drop-In

If you’re ready to conquer the ramps, the drop-in is your entry ticket to the skatepark rollercoaster.

Imagine standing on the edge of a ramp, heart pounding, and then plunging in to carve your path — sounds like an adrenaline rush, right?

Nailing your first drop-in is like a rite of passage; it unlocks a world of ramp tricks and gets you in the flow.

It took me WAY TOO LONG before I pulled my first drop-in.

12. Flyout

Ready to take flight? The flyout is about soaring out of a quarter-pipe or ramp, catching some (serious) air, and then landing like a pro.

It’s the perfect trick for those who love the feeling of weightlessness and the thrill of defying gravity, even if just for a moment.

13. Tailtap

Hey BMX dudes, ever wanted to give your bike a high-five? That’s pretty much what the tailtap feels like!

This beginner BMX trick involves riding up a ramp, tapping your back wheel on the top, and then riding back down while balancing on that rear wheel. (If you master manuals first, tailtap will be much easier.)

It’s a playful move that adds a little “ta-da!” to your routine, and it’s a stepping stone to even more advanced ramp tricks.

14. Disaster

Don’t let the name scare you; the disaster is actually a blast to pull off.

This trick involves riding up a ramp, doing a 180, and landing on your back wheel while your front wheel hangs over the edge — kinda like teetering on the brink of awesomeness.

Are you ready to dance on the edge?

Conclusion: Master The Basic BMX Tricks!

And there you have it, dudes!

Mastering these beginner BMX tricks is more than just a rite of passage — it’s the foundation for all the jaw-dropping, crowd-pleasing stunts you’ll be pulling off in the future.

Remember, even the BMX legends had to start somewhere, and getting these basics down pat is your first ticket to joining those ranks.

Plus, there’s something incredibly satisfying about nailing that first bunny hop or ten-parking-lots long manual, right?

Keep practicing, stay safe, and most importantly, HAVE FUN.

Trust me, with a little bit of grit and a whole lot of enthusiasm, you’ll go from BMX beginner to local skatepark, street or trails hero in no time.

Keep shredding! 🤘

Further reading:

FAQs About Beginner BMX Tricks

What is the easiest BMX trick for beginners?

The Bunny Hop: This is a fundamental trick where you lift both wheels off the ground. It’s the foundation for many other BMX tricks and is relatively easy to learn.

How do I do a wheelie on a BMX bike?

Start by pedaling at a moderate speed, then lean back and pull the handlebars towards you while pedaling to maintain balance. Practice is key to maintaining balance for longer periods.

Is it hard to learn to manual on a BMX?

Manual: Similar to a wheelie but without pedaling. Balance on the rear wheel by shifting your weight backward. It can be challenging at first, but you’ll improve your balance and control with practice.

What should I know before attempting a 180 turn?

Begin by mastering bunny hops. As you hop and pull towards your rotation, turn your head and shoulders in the direction you want to go, and your bike will follow. It requires practice to land and ride away smoothly.

How can I safely practice BMX jumps?

Start with small ramps or bumps. Focus on your approach, lift-off, and landing. Always wear protective gear and progress to bigger jumps as you gain confidence.

What’s the key to performing a successful grind?

Start with a low rail or ledge. Approach at a slight angle, then jump onto the rail with your bike’s pegs (a double peg or a feeble grind). Balance is crucial, and don’t forget to wax the rail/ledge to reduce friction.

How do I drop in on a BMX bike?

Start at the edge of a ramp, leaning forward. Push forward and drop into the ramp, keeping your weight centered over the bike. Begin with smaller ramps and gradually progress to larger ones.

Are foot jams easy for BMX beginners?

Foot Jam: This involves jamming your foot into the front tire while balancing on one wheel. It’s a bit advanced for complete beginners but becomes easier with practice in balance and bike control.

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