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Why Are BMX Seats Angled Up?

why are bmx seats angled up

I’ve received a bunch of requests to explain why are BMX seats angled up.

BMX seats point up because it gives more CLEARANCE when you pedal, it’s more COMFORTABLE to sit on it and makes the bike LOOK better.

Some also say it helps them with performing tricks, which it does!

The seat sits more comfortably on your bum when doing a hang 5 or hang 10.

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And seat grabs, especially toboggans, are also much easier to perform because you don’t have to tilt your wrist much.

Plus, an angled seat definitely feels a lot better when you pinch it during a barspin or a suicide no-hander.


Don’t overdo it.

I tried all kinds of angles when I first started riding.

I wasn’t really sure why the pointed-up seat at the time, but I saw pros have it, so I thought I need to have it like that, too.

Just like a leveled seat on a BMX bike doesn’t feel right, you can do more damage than good if tilted too far up.

And here comes the second question/concern that I feel I need to answer:

What about penetration?

Don’t worry, that’s not really a thing.

I’m riding BMX for 20+ years and never had an issue. (However, it may happen if you tilt it up too much.)

Even if I landed straight on my seat – 0 penetration issue really. (But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. 🙂 )


Now you know what’s up with the angled-up BMX seats.

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I currently ride the tripod system and I really like the minimalist look it creates. (Makes the bike look better regardless of how angled your seat is.)

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