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11 Technical Alex Donnachie BMX Videos (2022)

alex donnachie

Enjoy the technical street and skatepark madness by watching these mind-blowing Alex Donnachie BMX videos.

Of course, with an emphasis on street riding.

Alex has been in the game for years now, not slowing down, always progressing.


He is one of those street riders who is constantly wearing a helmet, which is a rarity even to this day.

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Helmets are a big debate in the BMX space, but I will not go there today.

I enjoy wearing it, though.


Alex was born in 1993 in Lincoln, England, but moved to Scottland at the age of 11.

It all began for Alex when he was about 5 years old. Once they put him on two wheels, the passion and obsession never disappeared.

With every video or part that Alex Donnachie releases, you will notice his riding improving. And that’s the result of riding your bike for the entire day.

Also, Alex is taking good care of his body, eating as healthy as possible, which was not always the case.


Moreover, Alex represents BSD, Vans and Monster Energy.

He is murdering street spots and enjoying travels with riders like Kriss Kyle, Denim Cox, Liam Zingbergs and Reed Stark. For your information, with BSD, Alex also has a signature street frame.


Do not miss following this Scottish lad on Instagram, as he is full of insanity and technical riding that will blow you away.

Featured photo by: Eisa Bakos.

Best Alex Donnachie BMX videos

1. BSD – Fall for the City

Every time something new pops from Alex, we all know what to do – WATCH it as soon as possible.

This dude is on an absolutely different skill level, and every new video he drops is full of surprises.

This one is no different.

All this was shot in just two months, in Glasgow, Scotland, starting in September. Back and front-wheel wizardry, grinds, spins, bro, Alex is unbelievable.

I just watched it, and I’ll rewatch it a few more times because it’s SO good. And the last rail combo?! WOW.

2. BSD – “Let Go”

6 and a half minutes for a web video? And not just any video, but such full of bangers? Alex went all-in with this insane BSD edit that will leave you speechless for hours to come.

I don’t even know what to say. Yes, the speechless effect is still holding.

Insane street riding in the UK and Spain that goes extremely technical. Some of those combos are nuts, and then Alex decides to throw a barspin out.


I’m 100% sure you’ll want to rewatch this one more than once. I did! Are you ready to go mental with Alex?

3. BSD – ALVXTRAS “Let Go”

I’m sure you all watched Alex’s original “Let Go” part at least once (or 10+ times like myself).

To take the Alex experience one step further, BSD released a whopping 30 minutes long video full of extra clips.

I am a fan of RAW material, and this just happens to be too good to be true.

Pulled clips, second angles, crashes (some really HARD ones), random people, fun moments, you name it, this one delivers it!

Ah, I think I’ll rewatch this one once again, because why not! Treat yourself right with some Alex sweets.

4. BSD – Raw Recording

Alex is a wonder kid on the BMX. I remember when he hit the scene, everybody was dropping jaws when he started to destroy everything in front of him.

He rides small stuff and also one of the biggest spots in the world.

This part is a behind scene where you can see what goes through his mind to film his part.

The whole video was filmed around the globe and Alex can dominate no matter where he is.

Some lines and combos are so technical that you need to stop the video and rewind and watch it again. So stop reading and hit the play button above.

5. OZMOSIS by Monster Energy

2018 was an outstanding year for Alex. He won a gold medal at X-Games Sydney, Australia. So, after all the ceremony and celebration, he decided to stay two more weeks down under.

He teamed up with Rich Forne and they traveled around the country and got some amazing clips for this video part.

You will see one of the longest crooked grinds to over-crooked and 180 out. Plus, some of the hardest lines right after this crooked if this is not enough.

Alex does it with creativity and style.

6. BSD “Transmission” part

Wow is the first word that comes to my mind when this part starts. One long rail with so many tricks on it, you know immediately that this part is something special.

Alex’s approach to riding street is on another level.

He does so many combos in one line that the whole thing looks an art. Alex is an artist on a BMX, if you will.

Many people “hate” riders who ride small objects and think that this is not BMX, but I can tell they are wrong. Hate is a strong word.

I mean, they don’t like the way BMX is going. Just check this clip and you will think the same as me that they are wrong.

7. Source Park Workout

To have the whole skatepark for yourself is a dream come true. Since Source BMX supports Alex Donnachie, he was on a mission to film some mind-blowing things.

Alex starts the part with an icepick grind up a rail, and he does over icepick down a rail to 180 off, and this is just the beginning.

You immediately know the rest of the clip is going to be insane. He delivers so much that you hardly process everything.

Alex is the future of BMX and I really believe that he is the leader of the new era in BMX.

8 .X-Games Sydney winning run

Alex is the first Scottish rider to win an X-Games gold medal. This was his first time entering X-Games, so winning it as a rookie is really a big thing.

Alex beat a lot of veterans of X-Games and everybody was stoked for him. He had flawless runs with a lot of creativity and flow.

There was no object on the course which Alex did not touch. It looked like the course was designed for him and his riding.

In the clip, you can see his strong focus on running and having fun on the course, which was his ticket to success.

9. ASCENT by Monster Energy

Alex spent almost the whole of 2017 traveling around the world with Rich Forne for this Monster Energy edit.

They have searched for the most unique street spots suitable for Alex and his riding style. This edit immediately starts with a banger and then Alex goes nuts on the street spots.

With Alex, you get all specters of street riding, from small ledges to massive setups. He is an all-around street rider who is not scared to do big things on the streets.

How many guys do you see to do backward ice pick down a big rail? Probably no one. Maybe I am wrong. Never mind me and check this masterpiece now.

10. Undercover 2 w/ Alex, Dan & Kriss

Alex is known as a tech street rider but this dude can ride any skatepark he wants.

Every park has some street objects inside and believe me, Alex will use them the same way he would on the street.

This is a split edit with Kriss Kyle and Dan Paley. You will also see some amazing riding from them.

In the middle of all this madness, Alex Donnachie does a line that is super insane. Big gap to icepick grind down a rail to manual to wallride 180 out to nose pick to fakie.

What?! This and a lot more madness await you in this BMX video.

11. BSD “Nearly 4K” part

Nearly 4K DVD is a product from Alex. He is the brain behind Nearly BMX, supported by Alex’s long-time sponsor, BSD.

This is the 4th DVD which they have put out.

He always starts his part with an insane banger and then goes even wilder.

Some of the tricks are too good to be true. With that in mind, they deserve a few rewatches just for your mind to comprehend them.

Alex takes all of the tech and hard tricks to another level. He is a street machine. Probably one of the best video parts from Alex.

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order, but I plan to add newer ones on top.


  • Dennis Demro
    December 21, 2021 at 12:18 pm

    This kids’ skills are super awesome! I have one of his frames. I think from 2020 in matte lip stick red. I’ll build it up and shoot it for YouTube someday soon. Watch him in Fall for the city. …Some reason I had Glen Fry’s song “You Belong to the City.”, when I saw the popup on my phone. I hope he stays in the sport for many more years.

    • rokr
      December 22, 2021 at 5:37 am

      Yo Dennis,
      Yeah, Alex is on a different level with his biking control. Feel free to send me the video once you shoot it!


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