How To Feeble Grind Hard 180 On A BMX!

how to feeble grind hard 180 bmx

Are you ready to step up your game and learn how to feeble grind hard 180 on a BMX?

This mid-level trick is perfect for everyone who’s mastered feeble grinds and 180s.

It is one of my favorite grind combos you can do literally everywhere. (But I’m still struggling to do it on a hubba – but it looks the best for me!)

I’ll walk you through each step of this trick, from the basics of the feeble grind to NAILING that smooth hard 180 out.

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So grab your safety gear, get your BMX ready, and let’s embark on this thrilling journey together.

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Let’s Break Feeble Grind Hard 180 Down

A feeble grind hard 180 out is a technical trick that combines two distinct elements: the feeble grind and a 180-degree rotation.

Let’s break down the components:

1. Feeble Grind

It’s a beginner grind that I recommend every rider should learn first (yes, before the double peg grind).

The bike’s peg on the side of the rear wheel grinds along the edge of a ledge or even rail, while the front wheel is lifted and balanced on top of the edge.

2. Hard 180

After completing the feeble grind, the rider executes a hard 180-degree turn (sometimes just “hard 1”).

In BMX terminology, hard typically refers to turning in a direction opposite to the foot you have forward (unless goofy-footed).

For instance, if you ride with your left foot forward (in this case, left is also your dominant grind side), a hard 180 would be turning to the right.

Meaning, you will rotate “out” of the ledge/rail and not “into” it like you do with the easy 180.

How To Feeble Grind Hard 180 On A BMX (Step-By-Step Guide)

Before you continue, you first need to nail:

This trick is a blend of precision, balance, and timing, but with practice and patience, you can nail it!

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Warm Up & Safety Check

  • Warm-up: Start with a warm-up to get your muscles ready. Stretch and do some basic riding to get comfortable. This would be feeble grinds and 180s.
  • Safety gear: Always wear your helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves. Safety first!

Step 2: Master The Feeble Grind

master the feeble grind

  • Find the right spot: Look for a grind rail or ledge that’s not too high. Start with something lower (ledge is better!) and work your way up as you get more comfortable.
  • Approach: Ride parallel to the grind surface, maintaining a moderate speed.
  • Placement: As you reach the rail or ledge, hop slightly. Aim to get your back peg on the grind surface and your front wheel on top of it.
  • Balance: Keep most of your weight centered (& slightly forward) while lightly balancing the front end of the bike. Look ahead, not down.

Step 3: Add The Hard 180

add hard 180 to the feeble grind
Before the actual hard 180, I recommend you do a few feeble stalls and hard 90/180s out just to get the gist of it.

  • Timing: As you reach the end of the grind, prepare for the 180. This is where timing is crucial.
  • Pop & spin: Push off the ledge slightly and use your shoulders and hips to initiate the 180-degree spin. Remember, “hard” means turning opposite to your forward foot – or “out” of the ledge.
  • Footwork: If you ride left foot forward, you’ll be spinning to the right, and vice versa.

Pro tip: It’s important that you pull your bike up when doing the hard 180, as I demonstrate in the how-to video above.

Do a hard 180 like this:
pull up to do a hard 180

Not like this:
how not to do a hard 180

Also, if you don’t rotate your head toward your spin, you’ll always land at around 90 degrees.

It’s a common issue that I was dealing with. It took me quite some time to figure it out.

In short, imagine yourself doing a 180 on flat, don’t let the feeble grind distract you. (That’s why it’s essential to have feeble grinds on lock.)

Finally, start slow, there is no need to aim the full 180 right away.

Step 4: Land The Feeble Grind Hard 180 Out

land the hard 180

  • Rotation: Keep your eyes on your landing spot as you rotate.
  • Absorb the impact: Bend your knees as you land to absorb the impact. This also helps in maintaining balance.
  • Fakie away: Land with both wheels simultaneously in a fakie and ride away smoothly.

Step 5: Practice & Patience

  • Repeat: Practice the individual components separately. Get comfortable with feeble grinds and 180 spins before combining them.
  • Record your attempts: Watching yourself can help identify areas for improvement.
  • Patience: This trick takes time to master, so don’t get discouraged. But once you figure it out, it becomes very easy.

Troubleshooting Feeble Grind Hard 180s

  1. If you can’t spin past 90 degrees, it’s important to focus on the rotation of your head. The most common issue is that a rider doesn’t look in the direction of the rotation, so he/she stops at around 90 degrees.
  2. Also, if you find hard 180s challenging, you might not pull your bike up when doing the 180 (refer to the video above).
  3. Don’t rush with this combo – master feebles, 180s and fakies first!

Remember, every BMX rider progresses at their own pace.

The key is consistent practice and not being afraid to fall and get back up.

Soon, you’ll be nailing the feeble grind hard 180 like a champ!

Conclusion: Master Feeble Grind Hard 180s!

And there you have it, the roadmap to mastering the feeble grind hard 180 on your BMX.

Remember, every pro was once a beginner, just like you.

Don’t get disheartened if you don’t nail it on your first, tenth, or even thirtieth try.

It took me MANY tries to pull it off, but I hope this tutorial will speed up your learning process.

The beauty of BMX, and indeed any skill, lies in the journey – each fall, each rise, and every small improvement along the way.

Always keep your safety gear on, and don’t shy away from asking for tips from more experienced riders.

BMX is not just about tricks and bikes; it’s about the community, the shared experiences, and the collective joy of riding.

So, grab your bike, hit your local skatepark or that friendly street ledge, and start grinding (literally)!

With patience, practice, and a dash of courage, you’ll soon be pulling off that feeble grind hard 180 with a flair that’s uniquely yours.

FAQs About Feeble Grind Hard 180s

What’s the best way to start learning the feeble grind hard 180?

Start by practicing each component separately. Master the feeble grind first, then practice doing a hard 180 on flat ground (don’t forget about the fakie). Once you’re comfortable with both, try combining them.

How do I maintain balance during the feeble grind?

Focus your body weight centered over the bike and slightly forward. Use your arms and legs for balance and keep your eyes ahead, not down.

What kind of surface is best for learning feeble grind hard 180?

Begin with a low, smooth (waxed) ledge. Avoid anything too high or with rough surfaces until you’re more confident.

How do I ensure a smooth 180 spin after the grind?

As you near the end of the grind, prepare to pop off the ledge. Use your shoulders and hips to initiate the spin, and remember to use your head and look in the direction of your rotation.

What’s the key to a successful landing after the 180?

Keep your eyes on your landing spot during the spin. Bend your knees as you land to absorb the impact and maintain balance. Land with both wheels simultaneously and ride away in a fakie smoothly.

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