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5 Best BMX Chain Breaker Tools (2024)

bmx chain breaker

Are you searching for the best and most reliable BMX chain breaker tools?

Nothing feels worse than breaking a chain and not having a tool to fix it.

Okay, here’s something that might be EVEN MORE – having the tool but not having a few links of the BMX chain with you to replace the broken one(s).

At first, I was pretty intimidated by the idea of fixing the chain myself (that was 20+ years ago).

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But as soon as I got my first tool (the Topeak one), I realized how simple it was.

I encourage everyone to know how to fix their bike.

This allows you to have all the FREEDOM you want, not relying on bike shops to maintain it for you. (Plus, you’ll need to pay for the service.)

Don’t let a broken chain hold you back. Fix it and continue with your session like it didn’t happen.

Note: I have an even better solution for you in the conclusion part of this article (at the bottom), which can save you plenty of money.

Best BMX Chain Breaker Tools

Remember, all these tools fit both full and half link BMX chains.

1. Shadow Pro Grade Chain Breaker

the shadow conspiracy pro grade chain breaker
Do you also ride Shadow Conspiracy’s Interlock chain? I’m in love with it – have been riding it for the past decade, and not a single issue.

So it makes perfect sense to have the Shadow’s Pro Grade chain tool that fits the 1/8″ chain. Remember, you’ll need a different tool if you have the Interlock race chain.

This tool comes with a comfortable grip and a larger handle, which gives you more leverage to easily break the chain.

Price: $24.99 (may vary)


2. Odyssey Chain Breaker

odyssey bmx chain breaker
If you need a chain tool that fits most of the regular and half link chains, then Odyssey’s chain breaker is an excellent investment.

It comes in a beautiful all-black design with an oversized and ergonomic handle that – listen carefully – has a hidden compartment to store your master link.

How clever!

While the twisting handle isn’t as large as on the Shadow’s tool, it’s still big enough to disassemble/assemble the chain effortlessly.

Price: $18.99 (may vary)


3. Topeak Super Chain Tool

topeak super chain tool
I already told you about the Topeak tool earlier, being the first ever chain breaker that I used.

What I really like about this one is its size – super compact, so you can easily carry it around, even in your pocket.

Another cool thing is the integrated chain hook that holds links during assembly – you don’t have to worry about holding it with the other hand.

There’s more.

Included is also a 5mm and 6mm Allen key for any other light repairs (it holds on the plastic clip, so you don’t lose it).

But because it’s small in size, it doesn’t provide the most leverage. In other words, if you plan on fixing multiple chains in a row, your fingers might hurt.

If I didn’t get myself a multi-tool, I would still have the Topeak Super chain tool.

Price: $19.95 (may vary)


4. Birzman Lighter Universal Chain Tool

birzman lighter universal chain tool
While most brands use steel for chain breakers, Birzman decided to step up the game with an aluminum construction.

They developed a very light chain tool that features a steel pin for longevity.

The smart cradle system is easy to adjust, ensuring the tool is compatible with almost all chains on the market.

Price: $32.00 (may vary)


5. Rant Break Em Chain Tool

rant break em chain breaker
But if you are here to find the cheapest BMX chain breaker tool, then Rant is by far the best solution you can get.

It has a heavy-duty steel construction with a long handle (you can unscrew it) for comfortable grip and leverage and an adjustable barrel.

The Break Em tool is designed to work with 1/8″ and 3/32″ chains for your convenience.

Update: After using this tool for some time, I highly recommend you grease it’s thread because it can damage quite quickly. Plus, the tool is pretty large, which doesn’t really show on the images.

Here’s my unboxing video:

Price: $8.99 (may vary)


Conclusion: Should You Invest In A Chain Tool?

While there are many other chain tools available, these are the five that I vouch for.

Still, the cheaper ones might not last you as long as the more expensive ones – but it all depends on how often you use them.

I used Topeak for many years without any sign of wear.


I actually don’t recommend you get a chain breaker.


Because having a multi-tool is MUCH MORE convenient.

Instead of carrying around all the tools, hoping you don’t lose them, a multi-tool keeps it all organized and highly portable.

I always have my multi-tool in my backpack (because I use it almost every other session).

And the best I can recommend to you is The Shadow Conspiracy Multi Tool.

It packs everything: Chain breaker, 17mm/15mm/10mm wrench, spoke wrench, tire levers, multiple Allen sockets, a hammer and a bottle opener.

Yup, all packed into ONE TOOL!

Don’t let a broken chain ruin your session – FIX it.

Pro tip: If you ride the Shadow Conspiracy’s Interlock chain, you don’t have to worry about breaking your chain. The only actual time I need a chain breaker is when I play with chainstay length or getting a new frame.

FAQs About BMX Chain Breaker Tool

How do I use a BMX bike chain breaker tool?

To use a BMX bike chain breaker tool, first, locate the chain link you want to remove. Place the chain within the tool’s jaws, aligning the tool’s pin with the chain pin. Then, turn the handle to push the pin out of the chain link, separating the chain.

What types of chains can I use with a BMX chain breaker tool?

Most BMX chain breaker tools are designed to work with standard BMX chains, which are typically 1/8 inch wide. However, it’s important to check the tool’s specifications to ensure compatibility with your chain’s size and type.

Can I reattach a chain link using a chain breaker tool?

Yes, you can reattach a chain link with a chain breaker tool, but it requires precision. Align the ends of the chain and partially insert the pin. Then, use the tool to carefully push the pin back into place, ensuring it’s aligned and secure.

How do I know when it’s time to replace my BMX chain?

You should consider replacing your BMX chain when it shows signs of wear like rust, stiff links, or when it stretches beyond its original length, which can cause slipping or poor performance.

Is it necessary to lubricate my chain after using a chain breaker tool?

Yes, it’s advisable to lubricate your chain after using a chain breaker tool. Proper lubrication reduces friction, prevents rust, and prolongs the life of both the chain and the drivetrain components. But don’t over lubricate it.

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