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6 Best BMX Knee Pads (In 2024)

bmx knee pads

Are you looking for the best BMX knee pads?

Welcome to my collection of the ultimate protection options that cover all riding styles.

Not just that, but they’ll keep you stylish, even if you ride in slimmer pants.

As someone who cares about style (VERY MUCH), I do care about how protection is made.

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Bulkier is a no-go.

But all the 8 epic ones that I have here are a yes-go.

I’m a fan of the Shadow Invisa Light Knee Pads because of their minimalist profile that make you look good even if you wear tight pants.

This post covers:


Best BMX Knee Pads & Guards

1. Shadow Super Slim V2 Knee Pads

shadow super slim v2 knee pads
I’ve been told by many riders that they prefer the Shadow Super Slim V2 knee pads more than any other they ever tried.

After I put them on for the first time, they really feel good – under the pants. (But I prefer their even slimmer version that I listed below.)

And most importantly, they feel safe.

The Shadow guys put a lot of thought into these, making them one of the best on the market.

What I like about The Super Slims is that they are quite long, ensuring they stay in place. But they also have an elasticized cuff with a silicone print on the inside for anti-slippage.

There’s an EVA pad on the inside of the knee that will make your legs whip-safe.

And the main area of this BMX knee pad features a motorsport-approved PU protector for additional safety.

Van Homan says it best: “Progression without pain.”

Price: $55.99 (may vary)


2. Space Brace Dennis Enarson Knee Pads

space brace dennis enarson knee pads
Here’re the very popular Dennis Enarson signature Space Brace knee pads.

You know that if Dennis puts his name on a product, then it must be good. And when it comes to protection and his insane riding style, yup, these knee pads are epic.

These are more like a knee brace than a pad or protector. They feature a neoprene material that acts as a compression band to help improve blood flow and reduces swelling.

The Space Brace kneed pads are also designed without straps, so you just pull them on like a sock.

However, their minimal and slim shape with cushioning gel instead of plastic makes the pads very comfortable (low profile) to wear even during long sessions.

Note: You may need to adjust them from time to time (because of the strapless design) if you pedal a lot, but that’s something that you’ll need to do with almost all BMX knee pads.

Price: $60.00 (may vary)


3. Shadow Invisa Light Knee Pads

shadow invisa light knee pads
Okay, these are the ones that I briefly mentioned above, the slimmest and thinnest knee pads that fit under tight jeans without restricting knee motion and compromising your style.

Similar to the Shadow Invisa Light BMX ankle guards, they also feature comfortable lycra/micromesh construction with strategically placed double-layer impact foam on the knee cap and around it.

If you like to ride without pads but think from time to time that some protection would be great, then get these.

I feel you because I’m the same. I like the freedom of riding without pads, but I somehow feel “naked.”

Luckily, Shadow’s Riding Gear line finally took care of that with their Invisa Light knee pads.

But because their super slim and low profile, know that these protect lighter hits only.

For instance, they’re not recommended for vert riders. But great for street, park and trails!

I LOVE these!

Price: $34.99 (may vary)


4. Fuse Alpha Knee Protector

fuse alpha bmx knee protector
The Fuse Alpha knee protector is similar to Shadow Super Slim V2 knee pads just a little bulkier, which means – more protection.

The pads use a durable duratex neoprene with a perforated structure to keep you cool.

The back side has a dual-layer Lycra that feels soft on the inside but sturdy on the outside.

Moreover, the main area of the knee pad features an EVA foam with a nylon hard cap and extra padding on the side.

The above area has a strap that keeps the pad in place during your long sessions with the boys.

For the amount of protection that the Fuse Alpha Knee protector offers, they still feel VERY comfy and light.

Price: $48.99 (may vary)


5. Fuse Delta Knee Pads

fuse delta bmx knee pads
The Fuse Delta Knee pads have a very similar design to their Alpha protector, with a little more protection around the knee.

The Fuse people created their DFS system foam that’s under the polyamide soft cap to keep your knees protected.

As you see from the image above, there’s also quite a bit of additional padding around the main area, which I find comes in handy, especially when you hit your knee with your pedal.

Lastly, the pads have a sharkskin gripper with a strap, ensuring these stay in place and won’t really need much additional adjusting.

Price: $69.99 (may vary)


6. POC Joint VPD Air Pads

poc joint vpd air knee guards
Check out the POC Joint VPD Air knee guards.

They’re crafted for those of us who crave freedom of movement without sacrificing protection. These guards are super light and flexible, so you’ll hardly notice them while riding.

The magic lies in their VPD compound padding – it’s like a lightweight shield for your knees.

They’re snugly wrapped in a reinforced stretch fabric, with an anti-slip neoprene lining and a handy elastic strap with hook & loop fastening to keep them in place.

And, they’re low-profile, so no bulky feel or restricted movements.

Sold in pairs, these guards are a game-changer for comfortable, secure, and unobtrusive protection.

Price: $79.95 (may vary)


Do I Need Knee Pads & Guards?

There’s no right answer to this, so I’ll say Yes and No.

I definitely HIGHLY recommend you use knee protection as a BMX beginner.

You’ll be learning a lot of new stuff and thus are more prone to crash and hit yourself – a lot.

Avoid pain and enjoy a more comfortable progression with BMX knee pads.

However, even many experts and pros ride knee pads.

Do BMX pros ride pads and protection?

Still, you’ll often find a professional without any pads. Why? Because they 100% trust themselves and have tricks on lock.

But that doesn’t mean they won’t hurt and injure themselves. It still happens, but it’s very rare.

Also, one of the reasons riders don’t like protection is style. Luckily, modern knee pads aren’t as bulky as they once were.

And if you were slightly baggier pants, no one would even know your riding protection.

But it’s important that you do what feels right to you. Who cares what others say?

With or without protection, we’re all in this BMX game for one main reason: To. Have. Fun.

If you’re unsure about protecting your knees, at least opt for Shadow’s Invisa Light Knee Pads. You’ll thank yourself later.

FAQs About BMX Knee Pads

What are the main benefits of wearing BMX knee pads?

The main benefits of wearing BMX knee pads are injury prevention, increased confidence while riding, and protection against scrapes and impacts during falls.

How do I choose the right size of BMX knee pads?

Measure the circumference of your knee and compare it to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. Ensure a snug fit that doesn’t restrict movement.

Can BMX knee pads be worn under clothing?

Yes, many BMX knee pads are designed to be slim enough to wear under clothing, but it depends on the specific design and thickness of the pads (and how skinny pants you wear).

How often should BMX knee pads be replaced?

Replace them if they show significant wear, tear, or damage, or after a severe crash. It’s generally recommended to inspect them regularly and consider replacing them every few years, depending on usage. Also, replace them if they stretched out and not fit your properly anymore.

Are there specific knee pads for BMX versus other sports?

Yes, BMX knee pads are specifically designed for the sport, offering a balance between flexibility and protection suitable for BMX biking dynamics. Some knee peds also have protection on the side for better seat pinching during barspins.

How do I clean and maintain my BMX knee pads?

Most BMX knee pads can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Avoid harsh chemicals and check the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care guidelines. Air dry them away from direct heat.

Should BMX knee pads be hard or soft?

The choice between hard and soft knee pads depends on your riding style and preference. Hard knee pads offer more protection against impacts and are ideal for aggressive riding styles. Soft pads are more flexible and comfortable, suitable for less intense riding or for those who prefer a greater range of motion.

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