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14 Best Dennis Enarson BMX Videos (2023)

dennis enarson

Are you ready to enjoy the best Dennis Enarson BMX videos for some extreme bike riding?

Dennis is one of the best BMX riders in the world.

What’s cool about this dude is that he can ride ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Whether it’s street, skatepark or dirt, Enarson kills it no matter what.

Not just that, but Dennis knows how to go big – Really Big. He will do the scariest things, like insane transitions or massive gaps that will get your heart beating just watching them from your comfy sofa.

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Dennis started racing at 8

For Dennis Enarson, it all began when his dad took him to a race track at eight.

This was his beginning, but he soon transitioned from racing to freestyle (skatepark and street), because all he really like about racing was enjoying the jumps.

Dennis was born on April 19, 1991, in Mesa, California. He won tons of X Games medals and many of the other biggest contests worldwide in his super successful BMX career.

At the time of writing this, Dennis proudly represents brands like Rockstar Energy, Vans Shoes, Haro, Oakley, Demolition and Pusher Mailorder.


Some of his teammates worth checking out are Boyd Hilder, Chase Hawk and Mike “Hucker” Clark.

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Featured photo by: Jeff Zielinski.

Best Dennis Enarson BMX Videos

It’s time for action now.

1. Vans: Acea

Denis and Vans came out with an insane video project, shot before and after the birth of his son, Acea.

We all know Enarson is unstoppable on his bike, doing massive stuff mixed with tech combos here and there.

This video (thanks, Tony Ennis!) is an excellent view of what he did over the past year. Like always, some of the stuff makes ABSOLUTELY no sense.

So sit back, enjoy, and (at least try to) relax. I’m gonna give it another go; this is too good to watch it just once.

You’ll also see clips from Garrett Reynolds, Ty Morrow and Lewis Mills.

2. Welcome to ODI

I didn’t see this one coming. And it’s SO epic. Dennis is, from now on, officially riding for “one of the best grips in the world,” ODI.

The video is an awesome transition of Dennis jumping from one bike to another and then enjoying some quality bike time with his kid, Acea, to end it.

This isn’t necessarily a video that we’d expect from Enarson, but it’s still such an awesome watch. Denis can shred any bike, and his kid will soon, too!

3. Haro SD-3 forks promo

Dennis needs high-quality BMX parts as an all-around rider that is no stranger to doing big stuff. Here’s a promotional video for the new version of his signature Haro SD-3 forks.

You know he put them to a proper test on all-terrain but this promo is all about shredding an SD cement park.

The forks have a 32mm offset, which isn’t at all surprising for the stability that Dennis needs. Also, they have tapered legs, invest cast dropouts and an internal butted steerer tube.

These are strong and you know it.

Guest clip by Michael Mogollon.

Note: You may also be interested in my collection of the best BMX forks.

4. Dennis brings a kicker to the streets

This was such a pleasure to watch. You don’t see a dude cruising around San Diego streets with a kicker TOO OFTEN.

Dennis is mixing things up, leaving all of us speechless. As per usual!

There are many crazy stunts in here. Starting with the double opposite barspin over the fence and into a steep bank lets you know this will be a good one.

Also, the oppo wallride 180 over the fence is nuts. But there’s oh so much more goodness in here.

Lastly, it makes it even better because it’s raw, without any music. At least for me.

5. Right Here by Vans

2020 was a strange year but, no matter what, we got one of the best video edits ever. This video part is a banger from the start to the end.

Dennis shows what it takes to be one of the best riders in the world.

Even if you watch this edit every day, your jaw will still drop every time. Everything you see in this edit is out of your mind.

Tricks and lines are insane – this is possible only when your name is Dennis Enarson.

Enjoy this BMX madness now and never look back.

6. Homestead by Vans

Before the whole Corona hit the world, Dennis had a big remake of his backyard. Jason Watts was the main builder of this remake and he had some help from Corey Walsh.

When they have finished the whole thing, they had a heavy session on the new ramps.

There are so many lines in this new setup and some are so sick that only a few people in the world can ride them. But this crew totally killed it with one session.

I love when the whole edit clicks with riding, music, and tricks.

And the end line is reserved only for Dennis. WOW.

7. Caps Lock by Demolition

Dennis put a lot of work into this web video. It took him a year and a half to film all this craziness. This shows how good of a rider he is.

Every time you see a new edit from Dennis, you know that it will be wild with some big gaps and setups that are impossible to ride for most of us.

Edit starts with insane bar drop and after this, there is one more roof drop. What? Just relax (if you can) and witness what BMX at level eleven looks like.

What else can Dennis put out in the years to come? I know we will be blown away by the next edits he will produce – again and again.

8. Resident by Haro

We all know that Dennis rides for Haro for a long time. Dennis is known as a rider who does not change his sponsors all the time.

If you are a brand and have Dennis on the team, you need to keep him.

You have a rider who can ride everything you put front of him. (I bet he can even do flatland!)

This is how you ride a skatepark.

Even if you are a street rider, you will check this edit and get the motivation to ride the skatepark without a doubt.

9. Last Chance by Demolition

This edit was released in 2017, and until today, it is still one of the best video edits ever.

All the slams he took for this video edit are insane and some of them would mean a huge crash for us, average riders.

Dennis is not a normal guy; he is that dude who can do whatever he wants on BMX.

Yes, he can get hurt also, but the crash will not take his motivation away. You can also see that Dennis rode brakes on his bike in some of the clips.

I hope someday he will put them back on.

10. Dennis Enarson’s Skatelite Backyard

Skatelite took some time to visit the new backyard ramp from Dennis. Dennis explains all about this new backyard ramp setup.

Everything started when he was young and he did many things in this backyard.

He was lucky that his parents let him do what he likes to do in his life.

When he turned pro, they made him first skatepark in the backyard, which was already an insane setup but now he has a big masterpiece to shred.

The whole park was designed and built by Jason Watts. He also explains how he got all this skatelite for his backyard and that it is five years old and it is still like new.

11. Dennis wins Vans Rebel Jam

Vans Rebel Jam 2019 took place in Huntington Beach, California. As you all know, Vans Rebel Jam is an event organized by Andy Zeis back in the day.

Rebel Jam was one of the biggest core BMX events in Europe.

In 2019, Vans Rebel Jam made a debut in the US. This event is a jam format, judged by the overall impression. These are highlights from Dennis’s runs.

This dude killed the whole course. Even with his crash in the run, he gets up with even more progression on the course.

12. The Kid by Mercedes Benz

This video shows the other side of Dennis Enarson. He is a well-known BMX rider who was invited to film a commercial for Mercedes Benz.

I think all BMX riders love nice cars, I included.

To film a commercial for such a big and iconic brand is a privilege.

The whole story talks about how he is failing on BMX and he needs to make some cereal commercial to survive, but with just a couple of rounds on his BMX, he gets back his love for BMX.

13. Haro SD V2 Promo

Dennis was born and raised in San Diego, California, from where the name of his frame comes from – SD (San Diego).

The promotional video was filmed worldwide, and some clips are filmed in his hometown.

As you know, Dennis is an all-around rider. He got clips from streets, trails, and parks. There is not a thing that Dennis can’t ride.

There is something in his riding that I can’t explain, but every time you see him on BMX, you just need to stop doing what you are doing and watch his video part or edit.

14. Dennis Enarson “Realtime” by Dig

DIG BMX mic’d up Dennis for a whole day.

They have sent Fraser Byrne to follow Dennis through his normal day.

He gets a visit from his dad Kenny, he talks about all the help he gets from his dad and how he supports him in his BMX carrier.

Dennis speaks about his brand Markit; they also go to East County BMX 10th Anniversary Jam at Clairmont skatepark.

This is his local skatepark.

He has been going here for ten years. He destroys this park.

At the end of the video, Dennis tells what BMX brought to him and how he respects this and he still can’t believe that BMX is his job.

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order, but I plan to add newer ones on top.

Frequently Asked Qestions

How tall is Dennis Enarson?

Dennis is 6′ 2,” which makes him one of the taller BMX riders.

Where does Dennis Enarson live?

Enarson was born and raised in San Diego, California, where he lives today.

How old is Dennis Enarson?

Dennis was born on April 19, 1991, in Mesa, California.

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