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Van Homan Profile (2024)

van homan

Get to know Van Homan through this in-depth profile and collection of his best BMX videos.

I’m a fan of Van since FOREVER!

I still remember the impact Van’s Criminal Mischief part had on me and my riding. That video as a whole was on an entirely different level, but then Homan’s part came and blew us all away.

That thing’s from 2001, and even to this day, it will stay an inspiration to many BMX riders, young and old.

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Van was born on November 21, 1979, in New Jersey. His career as a BMX rider started racing, but he later transitioned to dirt and street riding.

Eventually, Van became an all-around BMX rider with so much progression that he wowed just about anyone and everyone.

Even though Van is in his forties now, there’s no sign of stopping for him. Age is just a number!

Some of the other older, legendary riders we already featured are Gary Young, Ruben Alcantara and Mike Aitken.

He has already done so much for the BMX community, being an official (Olympics’ judge) judge, running shops, and simply influencing us all, so I am looking forward to what he has in store for us next.

This post covers:

Van Homan Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: November 21, 1979
Place of birth: New Jersey
Height: 6’2″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @vandeverhoman

2. Sponsors

Source BMX, Fit Bike Co and GSport.

3. Bike Check

van homan bmx bike check

Featured photo by: Hikarufunyu.

4. Best Van Homan BMX Videos

Van murdering Tokyo streets

It goes without saying that Homan is still killing it. But these days, he is doing it in Tokyo, Japan, where he’s living since 2018 (for the Olympics BMX prep).

The spots and the riding, everything blends together so perfectly well. Beautiful turndowns, tailwhips, barspins, wild pegs stuff, you name it, Van delivers it.

The last clip is absolutely mental. Van does not stop bringing the heat, year after year.

By the way, is Tokyo becoming the new Barcelona? I mean, just look at how many ridiculously good spots are there.

Tokyo’s Newest Resident by Vital BMX

Probably you have all heard that Van moved to Tokyo, Japan. But probably a lot of you don’t know why.

Van is part of the UCI judging panel for some time and he got an opportunity to be the guy who will make sure that everything goes right for BMX at the Olympic Games in 2020, which were canceled due to COVID-19 and were postponed to 2021.

Van speaks about his move to Japan, adapting to his new environment, exploring Tokyo and more. He moved there for two years, but now he must stay one more year.

FIT LIFE section by FitBikeCo

We are going back to the year 2007 when FitBikeCo put out the video called FIT LIFE. When this video was released, everybody was waiting to get the movie in their hands to watch their idols repeatedly.

FitBikeCo team was always one of the best in the BMX industry. This section from Van is no exception. He has put out a lot of video parts that are untouchable to this day.

At the time, Van was unstoppable on the streets. He did a lot of stuff no one ever thought that is possible on a BMX bike.

The ENDER blew my mind when I saw it for the first time – and it’s still mindblowing.

Holy FIT Van Homan By FitBikeCo

Van has been a part of FitBikeCo since the brand started. He has seen everything that happened with FitBikCo over the years and he is still part of the legend team.

Holy Fit came out in 2014 and Van’s part is a must-see today, tomorrow and ten years from now.

Let’s face it, he is not young anymore, but he is still doing an oh so damn good job on a BMX bike. That’s called experience, dudes.

Last thing he does in this video part I just crazy. He goes from one fence to another. Wow.

Real BMX 2016 Van Homan part

In 2016, Van was invited to film a video edit for Reel BMX contest by X Games. No matter the age, they knew that Van would produce some of the craziest grinds and other wild clips that will stand out.

This video is just one minute long. However, as I told you, the video starts with one crazy grind on a handrail that is absolutely no joke.

His crashes are hard but he stands up and he does his thing again. Van is probably one of the strongest guys in BMX.

Do you want to see abubaca to bar out on the street?

Let Me Start From The Beginning

Van has been riding a helmet on his bike for a long time. He had some serious crashes on his bike in the past and a helmet eventually made sense.

I think he is a good role model for young guys who start riding BMX. Looks are not everything when you can walk, talk or even move after a hard crash.

Bell Helmets is one of Van’s sponsors, and they made a little documentary about him and his family. Van is coming from a family where racing is in their blood.

In this video, you will find out some of the backgrounds from where Van is coming from and what shaped him into today’s person.

Stay Fit by FitBikeCo

Stay Fit came out when some of the young guys of the original team left FitBikeCo. Van was always creative on his BMX and some stuff he did and still does is just incredible.

When you watch this video part, your heart starts to beat harder because you know that the things he does can be really hurtful if anything goes wrong.

I have always admired how he does big gaps to manual big rails; they are not set on flat but on huge stairs.

This is what commitment is called.

Bonus: Unclicked Interview

I’ve wished for Van’s Unclicked podcast for a long time, and it finally dropped! So stoked about this one – are you?

This is almost two hours of chatting about new and old stuff that happened in Homan’s BMX career.

From working with Source BMX and Olympics to Scwhinn’s sketchiness, his after-pro life and Slim Jim commercial, to name a few.

You better grab yourself something to drink and enjoy this one because it’s a MUST!

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