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13 Best BMX Plastic Pegs (Reviewed 2023)

bmx plastic pegs

Are you searching for the best and most long-lasting BMX plastic pegs?

I made a switch a while ago, and I’m sticking because nylon suits me really well.

(Just like I like plastic pedals A LOT.)

I decided to reveal the ultimate because I received many questions from you dudes, which are the best nylon pegs.

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Note: The pegs aren’t listed in any particular order.

I currently ride Animal’s Benny L pegs, and they’re doing the trick.

This post covers:

At least I’m not destroying every ledge and rail I hit anymore.

(And grinding is more silent, so I don’t get kicked out too quickly.)

Forever grinding!

Best BMX Plastic Pegs

1. Odyssey Graduate PC Peg

odyssey graduate peg
Odyssey’s Graduate PC Peg is a 4130 chromoly peg at its core with a plastic sleeve.

The outer diameter on the Graduate is 1.5,” and these are available in length options of 4.5″ and 4.75″ for those who need a little more length.

These pegs are all 14mm in size but come with a ⅜” adapter. The sleeves on the graduate are replaceable and available separately for purchase.

Price: $30.99/single (may vary)


2. Fiend Belmont PC 7K

fiend belmont pc 7k peg
Here we have the Fiend Belmont PC 7K peg. This peg features a 7000 series aluminum core which is a more durable grade of aluminum alloy than 6000 series.

The peg sleeves have an outer diameter of 40mm, which is right around 1.6.”

They also have a 4mm wall thickness meant to give some more health points to the life of the sleeve.

The Belmont pegs are available in 4.25″ and 4.5″ with replacement sleeves.

Price: $24.99/single (may vary)


3. Merritt Brandon Begin GFE pegs

merritt brandon begin gfe pegs
Here we have Brandon Begin’s signature Merritt GFE plastic pegs.

The GFE may or may not have a specific meaning, but they for sure use a 4140 steel core that keeps size down while also allowing for thicker stronger plastic on the sleeve.

The sleeves on the GFE have a unique steel washer molded into them to keep the pegs in place, and these pegs are available in 4.75″ as well as 4.25″.

They are sold individually and have the occasional color option available.

The weight on the peg itself is 6.5oz, with the sleeve weight being 2.1oz.

Price: $23.95/single (may vary)


4. Rant LL Cool Peg

rant ll cool nylon peg
The Rant LL Cool Peg (awesome name) is described on the Rant site as the “new peg on the block” that is “built for the home boys”.

LL in the name stands for Light and Long-Lasting, and the peg itself has a smaller diameter to reduce weight.

The LL Cool Pegs have a forged steel inner core with a length of 115mm and a diameter of 37mm with a sleeve.

The weight on this one is 7.6oz, and the sleeves come in a few different colors, such as Pepto Pink, Sky Blue, and White.

Price: $14.99/single (may vary)


5. Jet BMX Nylon Pegs

jet bmx nylon pegs
Here we have the Jet BMX’s 4″ plastic peg with a metal insert.

They have a diameter that comes close to normal full steel pegs, which gives it a clean look compared to some plastic sleeved pegs, which look pretty bulky.

There are replacement sleeves available that fit both insert options, and they come in 14mm only with 10mm spacers included.

These pegs come in pairs and are one of the most affordable ones on the market.

Price: $18.95/pair (may vary)


6. Stranger Logo PC Peg

stranger logo pc peg
The Stranger Logo PC peg is a plastic peg with an aluminum inner that is fully interchangeable.

These pegs are 4.5 inches long, and because of the aluminum insert, they come in at a weight of 4.8 oz.

Each peg is 14mm in size and comes with a ⅜” adapter for use on the front or rear.

Price: $23.00/single (may vary)


7. Salt AM Nylon Pegs

salt am nylon pegs
Here we have Salt’s AM Nylon Peg. The AM peg is a plastic peg with a forged steel core.

The sleeve is a tough nylon combo, and the outer diameter with these is 37mm.

They are sold in pairs and come in black only. Also, the peg length is 4.25″ (109mm), which is not the shortest and not the longest.

Price: $24.99/pair (may vary)


8. BSD Rude Tube LT V2 Peg

bsd rude tube lt
Aside from having what might be the funniest name of any plastic peg in BMX, the Rude Tube LT V2 Peg from BSD has a lot of thought put into it.

This new version of the peg has a few changes to make it more durable than its predecessor, including a new shape to the chromoly adapter.

This peg uses a 7075 alloy core which is lighter and helps make this peg come in at ⅓ the weight of the original Rude Tube peg.

There are two different length options available on this one at 4.2″ and 4.5″, and these pegs are sold as front or rear specific, so be sure to check before you buy!

Price: $25.99/single (may vary)


9. Animal Butcher L plastic peg

animal butcher peg
The Butcher L signature plastic peg from Animal is constructed of a 7075 aluminum peg core surrounded by a nylon-based plastic sleeve.

These pegs are all 14mm but come with a ⅜” spacer to fit front and rear hubs.

These are available in one length options of 4.5″ for anyone who might want a longer peg.

The price for the peg with the extra sleeve is $21.99.

Price: $21.99/single (may vary)


10. Primo HD pegs

primo hd pegs
Here we have Primo’s HD pegs. The HD Pegs are a 4.75” plastic peg with an alloy core that was designed with Hobie Doan.

They go for $36.00 as a complete pair with 2 cores/sleeves, and replacement sleeves are available for $16.00 a pair.

There’s not a ton of info about these pegs on Primo’s site, but it does appear that they are all 14mm with ⅜” adapters included.

Price: $36.00/single (may vary)


11. Kink Drift pegs

kink drift peg
The Kink BMX Drift pegs are Kink’s entry in the plastic peg market.

The Drift Pegs have a 7075 aluminum core wrapped with a composite nylon sleeve and come in at $19.99 for a single peg.

You can purchase replacement sleeves separately for $6.99 each. These pegs have an outer diameter of 1.5″ and are available with length options of 4″ and 4.4″ while weighing 3.4 oz each.

Price: $19.99/single (may vary)


12. Cult Butter plastic peg

cult butter pegs
The Cult Butter plastic peg is one of the most affordable plastic pegs on the market. Coming in at $15.99, these pegs have a heat treated 4130 core and a Perlon-Nylon 6 sleeve.

Cult’s site says the Butter pegs have the “same 35mm outer diameter as the Doomsday Peg”. These pegs are available at lengths of 4″ flat and 4.5″ with ⅜” included from use on the front of your bike.

Replacement sleeves are available individually for $6.99 each.

Price: $15.99/single (may vary)


13. WTP Dill Pickle pegs

wtp dill pickle peg
Here we have Dillon Lloyd’s signature Dill Pickle plastic peg from WeThePeople.

This peg uses a 7075 aluminum core which in itself isn’t entirely unique, but what is unique about it is the fact that it is also heat treated.

According to the WTP site, the sleeves on the Dill Pickle peg are made from a nylon/fiberglass polymer.

Only one length option is available for these at 4.5″ (+ replacement sleeves).

Price: $38.99/pair (may vary)


How To Make BMX Plastic Pegs Last Longer

While plastic pegs are more prone to wear and tear than steel one, there are two main tricks you can use to make them last longer:

First, ensure you always wax the surface you want to grind on. Whether it’s a rail, a ledge, or a wooden bench, it doesn’t matter – wax it.

It is almost always necessary to put extra wax on the surface when grinding with a plastic peg compared to a steel one.

And second – ROTATE.

It happened to me twice already that I forgot to rotate my plastic pegs, and I ground through.

That’s why I now inspect my pegs after every session to see whether or not they need to be rotated.

These two simple tricks will make your plastic pegs last MUCH longer.

FAQs About BMX Plastic Pegs

Are plastic BMX pegs good?

Yes, plastic pegs are really good since BMX companies use a lot better nylon compounds that last a long time.

Are plastic pegs better than metal pegs?

There’s no specific answer to whether plastic pegs are better than steel ones – it’s more personal preference. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Steel pegs: Will last you longer and are more environmentally friendly.

Plastic pegs: Will help you grind EVERYTHING, but you’ll need to replace sleeves regularly (depending on how much grinding you do). Plus, you won’t destroy ledges with plastic pegs as much as you will with steel ones.

I currently ride plastic pegs and love them.

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