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Brandon Begin Profile (2024)

brandon begin

Are you ready to get to know Brandon Begin and watch his best BMX videos for a dose of unique and technical riding?

It all happened, thanks to Brandon’s dad. He was friends with this dude who owned a bike store and it all went from there.

Originally, Brandon wanted to ride dirt bikes, but his parents were not into it. Instead, he started doing tricks on a bicycle.

His first bike was a 20″ Diamondback, but he then transitioned to a 16″ Haro.

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But his real bike was a Fit, which later ALSO became his sponsor.

Fun fact: On the second time at the skatepark, his dad decided to get a BMX bike, too. Why only sit there and watch Brandon if he can ride, too, right?

This post covers:

Brandon Begin Profile

1. Brandon Bio

Date of birth: April 1, 1994
Place of birth: Connecticut
Height: 5′ 11″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @brandonbegin

2. Brandon Sponsors

Cult Crew, Merritt, OSS and ALYK.

3. Brandon Bike Check

Don’t miss the latest Brandon Begin bike check.

4. Parts Brandon Rides

Featured photo by: Brandon’s Instagram.

5. Best Brandon Begin BMX Videos

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order (newer tend to be higher).


Are you ready for seven minutes of original street riding from Brandon Begin? I’m sure you are.

Well, not exactly seven, because there are guest appearances by Juan Delgado, Erik Delatorre, Luis Guevara, Ferco Limon and Ismael Alcaraz, all deserving a spot.

As for Brandon, it’s a two-song edit, starting a little slower with hip-hop and then getting heavier as the music gets heavier.

Tons of original spot usage, and although the riding is considered “basic,” Brandon knows how to take it to the next level and make it look good. I could watch him shred all day, every day.

Our BMX – Pro Part

Every time a new Begin video drops, I get excited. I really dig his style of riding. Original, with a few heavy moves here and there – definitely an eye-pleaser.

This Pro Part that Our BMX dropped in collab with Cult took a LONG TIME to film. If you are a fan of Brandon, you’ll know that some of the clips are super old (it’s the bike setup).

Tons of amazing moves, too many to list here.

The extra-long feeble grind with 360 ice out was fire. And that last 360 to smith was dope, too.

BUT. Everything is great, so I’ll give it another go – right now.

Cult – North East w/ Begin, Mags & DeHart

Here’s a dope one for you exclusively. And I am posting it for one reason: even though a web video, it still consists of three little parts.

How clever!

I’m definitely a huge fan of Brandon, but Trev Mags and Chase DeHart absolutely KILLED it, too.

Since this is the best-of Brandon Begin, well put focus on his part only.

The riding starts at 0:34 and consists of nothing but genuine Begin street murdering.

Lots of creativity, tech stuff, rough ledges, big pole jam, and the last jersey barrier stunt that’s too good to miss.

Cult 2021 web video

I think I’ve already watched this one too many times, and it’s definitely a video I will be returning to regularly.

An amazing collection of unbelievable street riding from Cult’s Brandon, doing it his creative way.

Even though the entire video is more on the tech side, there are still a few big rail moves in here that will blow you away.

Needless to say, Begin knows how to make things LOOK perfect, and this nearly six minutes long edit is good proof.

Also, Veesh’s filming and editing are on another level, too – as always.

Heavens Gate by Cult

Brandon is a modern street rider who rides more or less on the technical side of BMX. His riding is focused on small objects, but he is not afraid to go big.

This video shows his ability on his BMX bike. In other words, it shows how good he is on his bike.

Some of the stuff you think is easy, but they are far from that in real life.

Yes, they are done on small stuff but believe me, he can do them on some SERIOUS street spots comfortably.

Every sport has a different perspective on why BMX should be an exception.

Welcome to Cult

Brandon has switched to a new bike company called Cult, and he immediately started to film for his welcome edit.

Every rider new to the team needs some time to fit in, but Brandon skipped this process because this team is like (was) home for him.

He does some crazy rail combos in the begging and then he moves to some technical stuff he is known for. The whole vibe of this welcome edit is crazy.

Typical Veesh stuff and the Cult theme. The last grind on the not-so-typical rail is dope.

Brandon Begin for FIT (2019)

Brandon rode for FitBikeCo before he switched to Cult and I think this edit also made out right before he switched sponsors.

In this edit, we can see a different side of his riding. He starts with a banger roof ride to feeble and a nice drop to flat.

You don’t see this kind of riding often from him. Brandon is very creative on his BMX and he can make a spot out of objects that aren’t even considered a spot.

That is BMX in his best form. Spoiler alert: no tailwhips and maybe one barspin; everything else is Begin magic.

On Everything by OSS

Wow, this footage goes way back when Brandon started to shine in the BMX world. This edit was made for the brand, OSS (On Some Shit).

I even think this edit was the one that set some new trends in BMX and a lot of kids related to this kind of riding.

I like it when he does a 50-50 grind on a rail and he hops on a double tire ride to fakie. This kind of stuff makes Brandon stand out.

It’s all about OUTSTANDING bike control and tech wizardry and big stuff, you name it!

Barcelona edit by Merritt BMX

Right before all of this craziness, Brandon took a trip to Barcelona, Spain, to have some vacation and to get some tricks in this BMX-friendly city.

This dude knows how to enjoy his life off his bike as much as on his bike.

Barcelona is a big BMX playground that offers every street spot you would like to ride, and Brandon Begin used his skills to destroy them with his technicality.

Every spot he rode was probably five minutes, maybe a thirty minutes ride on a bike from his stay.

This is Barcelona, and everything is possible to ride here.

Brandon Begin “Junts”

Watching Begin ride two pegs seems ancient history, but it’s not. If that’s something you’re down to, this neat Fit “Junts” web edit by Booty is one you need in your life.

Brandon being Brandon, pulling all sorts of original moves, going forward and backward.

I’m kind of a really massive Begin fan, stoked to watch new and old stuff from him.

Are you as well?

I like the simplicity of Begin’s riding. Still, he knows how to surprise with wild moves, too. Treat yourself right today!

Brandon Begin No Jumper interview

If you’d like to know even more about Brandon, you should definitely not miss his No Jumper interview with Adam22 and Catfish above.

Brandon’s El Torro Face Plant

I didn’t want it, but I think mentioning that he landed on his face down El Torro is something that BMX riders WILL REMEMBER FOREVER.

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