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15 Best Plastic BMX Pedals (Reviewed 2022)

plastic bmx pedals

You came to the right place if you are searching for the ultimate plastic BMX pedals.

I did the research and included only the most promising options that you can get your feet on.

Some have a larger and some a smaller platform. (I prefer the larger.)

Also, some of the plastic pedals come with more (extra grip!) and some with fewer pins.

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The design also varies, so there’s something for EVERYONE.

Plastic pedals FTW!

Best Plastic BMX Pedals Review

1. Kink Hemlock

kink hemlock pc pedals
Here we have the Kink BMX Hemlock pedals. The Hemlock Pedals are a plastic pedal with a chromoly spindle and 14 molded pins on each side.

There is also micro knurling on the whole platform on each side to help with grip.

The plastic BMX pedals have a concave body shape that is made from a blend of nylon and fiberglass.

The Hemlock comes in at 14.5 ounces for the pair.

Price: $17.99 (may vary)


2. Cinema CK

cinema ck pedals
The CK in the name of the CK Pedals from Cinema stands for Chad Kerley.

These are Chad’s signature pedals with Cinema which feature a fiberglass nylon blend material and 12 pins molded onto each side.

The pedals also have micro knurling on each side for more grip and a heat-treated chromoly spindle through them. These pedals come in at 14.7 ounces.

Price: $19.99 (may vary)


3. Animal Rat Trap (My FAV!)

animal rat trap
The Rat Trap Pedals from Animal are a plastic pedal constructed of nylon-based plastic.

These pedals are Animal team rider Mark Gralla’s signature and feature an interesting corner pin design with 3 pins in each corner of the pedal.

This means that each side of the pedal has 20 pins molded into it, and there’s even micro knurling on each side as well.

The Rat Trap pedals utilize a chromoly spindle and come in at 15.3 ounces.

I tested these heavily and they grip extremely well.

Price: $24.88 (may vary)


4. Shadow Surface

shadow surface plastic pedals
The Shadow Surface pedal is a plastic pedal from Shadow that features a slim platform that is also wide and long.

This platform is micro-knurled and has a concave shape to help with grip as well as comfort.

The plastic BMX pedals have 12 molded pins per side and use a heat-treated chromoly spindle with a 6mm broach.

With the slim design, these pedals come in at just 13.3 ounces for the pair.

Price: $22.99 (may vary)


5. Shadow Ravager

shadow ravager pc pedals
Here we have the Shadow Ravager plastic pedal. These pedals have been around for what feels like forever and have been a staple of the Shadow component lineup.

The spindle in the Ravager is heat-treated 4140 and the weight on these comes in at just 13.6 ounces.

There is also knurling present on the Ravager pedal that Shadow describes as maxi knurling. It is a bit larger than the micro knurling like on their Surface pedal.

Price: $21.99 (may vary)


6. Demolition Trooper

demolition trooper pc pedals
The Demolition BMX Trooper pedal is a plastic pedal that features 10 molded-in square pins and micro knurling.

The Trooper pedal has a horizontal concave which means the foot fits more naturally to it which in theory should make it more comfortable.

The platform on these plastic BMX pedals is also micro-knurled on both sides to help with grip.

These pedals feature 2 unsealed bearings and a heat-treated chromoly spindle to weigh in at 14.5 ounces.

Price: $18.99 (may vary)


7. Federal Command

federal command plastic pedals
According to Federal’s site, their Command Pedals were “designed to be one of the toughest pedals on the market.”

The pedal body and the spindle are thicker on the Command Pedal to help with longevity in strength and grinding.

The pedals are micro-knurled on both sides and have 16 molded pins per side.

The Command pedals also have a slight concavity to the pedal body to help with comfort and grip.

Price: $15.99 (may vary)


8. Fit PC Pedals

fit pc pedals
Here we have the Fit Bike Co PC Pedals. These are a plastic version of their Fit Alloy pedal that come in at a pretty affordable price compared to other plastic pedals.

These pedals have an oversized chromoly spindle inside with 12 molded pins and micro knurling on the outside.

They also have a multi-directional concave shape meaning that they are made to fit the foot in a more comfortable way that also helps with grip.

The weight on the Fit PC pedals is 14.3 ounces per pair.

Price: $15.95 (may vary)


9. Eclat Centric

eclat centric plastic pedals
The Eclat Centric pedals have a unique pedal body design that completely covers the area of the pedal that would normally be used to tighten/loosen them with a wrench.

The idea behind this is similar to the idea behind the potential benefits of a shorter crank arm.

This does mean that the 6mm allen broach is the only option for tightening these pedals.

The molded pins on the Centric pedal are longer than usual and there is a horizontal concavity to the pedal platform to help with grip.

These pedals come in at 14.6 ounces per pair.

Price: $16.99 (may vary)


10. WeThePeople Logic

wethepeople logic plastic pedals
The Logic pedal was born through discussion with the WeThePeople team with the intent of creating everything they wanted in a BMX pedal.

The Logic Pedal is a pedal with a larger platform and larger square pins.

The pedals also use an oversized chromoly spindle, so just about everything is larger than normal.

The weight, however, is not more on these, coming in below average at 13.8 ounces.

Price: $18.99 (may vary)


11. BSD Jonesin’

bsd jonesin plastic pedals
The Jonesin’ pedals from BSD are Sam Jones signature.

These are a plastic pedal with micro knurling on the platform as well as unique hexagonal molded pins (18 on each side).

The Jonesin’ pedal features a fiberglass nylon blend material and a heat-treated 4130 chromoly spindle.

The weight on them is just 13.5 ounces.

Price: $19.99 (may vary)


12. BSD Safari

bsd safari plastic pedals
Here we have Reed Stark’s signature Safari Pedal from BSD.

The Safari pedal solves a problem that Reed had noticed where when a bike hits the ground, corner pins on pedals have a tendency to grind or break.

To help with this, there are three pins in each corner of his signature plastic BMX pedals.

These extra pins bring the total count to 20 pins per side in addition to the micro knurling that is also present.

These pedals also feature a dual concave design and weigh in at 13.5 ounces.

Price: $19.99 (may vary)


13. Fiend Reynolds

fiend reynolds pedals
These are Garrett Reynolds’ signature PC pedals from Fiend. They feature a medium-sized platform with 12 molded pins and micro-knurling for epic grip.

There are also no holes on the side, which makes the overall pedal a lot stronger.

Price: $24.88 (may vary)


14. Odyssey Grandstand

odyssey grandstand pc pedals
The Grandstand V2 pedal is the second iteration of Odyssey’s extremely popular Grandstand V1 that brings key improvements to the pedal.

It was no secret that the original developed a bit of wobble, which has seen an internal redesign to reduce that “axial movement.”

These plastic BMX pedals utilize a heat-treated 14mm chromoly spindle and tighten with a 17mm wrench versus the conventional 15mm.

There is also a 6mm broach option for tightening.

One of the main reasons the original Grandstand pedal was so loved is the larger platform combined with its concavity.

This has remained unchanged in V2, so if you were a fan of how the V1 pedals felt, these will make your feet happy as well!

Price: $24.99 (may vary)


15. Merritt P1 Pedals

merritt p1 pedals
P1 plastic pedals are the only ones from Marritt. But when you do things right, why would you want to make another product?

The pedals have a low profile, constructed from a special nylon/fiberglass blend that adds strength for all types of riding styles.

And they grind on rails and ledges very well, too.

You can get them in six different colors and the pedals wight 12.9 oz.

Price: $23.95 (may vary)



Are plastic BMX pedals good?

Yes, plastic pedals are strong, durable and suitable for all types of BMX riding you do.

How much do plastic pedals weigh?

The average weight of a pair of plastic pedals is 14 oz (396.9g). That’s 3.7 oz less (104.9g) compared to alloy pedals.

(I compared the average weight of 10 plastic pedals vs. 10 alloy pedals.)

Are all BMX pedals the same size?

The standard, modern BMX pedals are all the same size, 9/6″ (for 2- and 3-pc cranks). However, there is a difference in the size of the platform; some are larger and some smaller.

I prefer larger, like Anima’s Rat Trap.

Note: 1/2″ pedal size is for 1 piece cranks, which I don’t recommend you use on your BMX bike. (Not nearly as strong as 2- or 3-pc cranks.)

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