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10 Best BMX Freecoaster Wheels (Tested 2024)

bmx freecoaster wheels

Are you looking around the web for the best BMX freecoaster wheels?

Welcome to my extensive collection of the absolute best and most reliable options.

I made sure to include budget-friendly freecoaster wheelsets and the most advanced ones for the burliest riders.

But it doesn’t matter which you choose; they work great out of the box.

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No more tiresome wheel building!

Plus, most of these wheels also come with plastic hub guards, so you don’t need to purchase them separately.

This post covers:

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Best BMX Freecoaster Complete Wheels

Note: Get geeky and ready what is a freecoaster hub and how it works.

1. BSD Revolution Wheel

bsd xlt revolution rear wheel
The Revolution wheel by BSD changed the freecoaster game with the planetary clutch system.

It’s very like a cassette wheel, but it’s a freecoaster. What?

This means it’s lighter and doesn’t have the slack that we’re used to.

Crankflips? Yes.

Many of my dudes reported how well this freecoaster wheel feels and that they aren’t switching to anything else.

The wheelset features BSD’s XLT BMS rim (34mm wide), 4-cross BSD spokes lacing and BSD rim tape.

Lastly, you also get the Jersey Barrier BMX hub guards straight out of the box.

This one is so worth it if you’re looking for the best freecoaster BMX wheel (if you don’t like the slack).

Fun fact: Kriss Kyle rides it, and it works in perfect harmony for his unique riding.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: BSD Revolution hub
  • Rim: BSD XLT rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1390g
  • Price: $329.99 (may vary)

2. Shadow Optimized Freecoaster Wheel

shadow optimized freecoaster wheel
The Shadow Conspiracy’s Optimized freecoaster wheelset is for those of you who prefer a wider rim.

It has its widely popular Truss rim that’s 38mm wide. This allows you to ride with a lower PSI, but at the same time spreads the BMX tire wider for more contact area.

What’s great about the Optimized hub is that it keeps the flange low-profile, which helps with grinding.

Fun fact: Joris Coulomb rides this wheelset.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Shadow Optimized freecoaster
  • Rim: Shadow Truss rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1433g
  • Price: $274.99 (may vary)

3. Cinema Reynolds Freecoaster Wheel

cinema reynolds fx2 freecoaster rear wheel
This is Garrett Reynolds‘ signature Cinema rear wheel.

The wheelset features Cinema FX2 freecoaster hub, Cinema Reynolds rim (38mm wide) and 14 gauge spokes (3-cross lacing).

Plus, you get Cinema’s CR and DR nylon hub guards and rim tape.

If it holds Garrett, it can hold anyone.

Note: This is a great option if you like wider rims.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Cinema FX2 Freecoaster
  • Rim: Cinema Reynolds
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1450g
  • Price: $309.99 (may vary)

4. Odyssey Hazard Lite X Clutch Wheel

odyssey hazard lite v2 clutch freecoaster wheel
The Clutch freecoaster and the Hazard Lite rim (32mm wide) are around for a while, tested by many pros and amateurs.

This also makes this combo one of the market’s more popular ones.

The wheelset is for everyone who like a little extra slack. Remember, you can easily adjust the slack (without removing the wheel).

What I also like is that you can get the wheelset in various colors.

Fun fact: This is the wheelset Broc Raiford rides.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Odyssey Clutch V2 Freecoaster
  • Rim: Odyssey Hazard Lite
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1361g
  • Price: $294.99 (may vary)

5. Primo Balance VSXL+ Wheel

primo balance vsxl freecoaster wheel
I just recently spoke with three of my Instagram friends and all said that this is the wheel they purchased several months ago and reported 0 issues.

Primo’s freecoaster wheelset consists of the Balance V2 hub and VSXL+ rim (35mm wide).

The wheel comes with Primo’s DSG and NDSG plastic hub guards and rim tape, so it’s ready out of the box.

Primo Balance VSXL+ wheel is for street assassins that don’t want too wide rims.


Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Primo Balance V2 freecoaster
  • Rim: Primo VSXL+ rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1180g
  • Price: $306.99 (may vary)

6. Rant Moonwalker 2 Wheel

rant moonwalker freecoaster wheel
The Rant Moonwalker 2 wheelset is the second most affordable BMX freecoaster wheel that I and many riders vouch for.

It’s an excellent upgrade to a complete bike featuring the Moonwalker 2 hub and Squad rim (32mm).

The rim is a lot narrower compared to most other wheelsets, which works great if you don’t ride too wide tires.

I’d recommend a 34mm+ rim if you like 2.4″ tires (36mm or 38mm would be even better).

But for anything below 2.4″ tires, the 32mm will work just fine.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Rant Moonwalker 2 hub
  • Rim: Rant Squad rim
  • Hub Guards: No
  • Weight: 1454g
  • Price: $179.99 (may vary)

7. Mission Deploy Freecoaster Wheel

mission deploy freecoaster wheel
Mission’s Deploy freecoaster wheel is the most affordable and at the same time reliable wheelset I could find.

You can fully trust this one for any tech stuff you like to do.

The wheelset has Mission’s Deploy hub and Mylar rim (36mm wide) with stainless steel spokes.

It’s available in: All-black or black rim and spokes with a silver hub.

This one is SUPER budget-friendly.

Note: Rant’s Moonwalker freecoaster is another great budget wheel! (Scroll down)

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Mission Deploy freecoaster
  • Rim: Mission Mylar rim
  • Hub Guards: No
  • Weight: 1360g
  • Price: $179.99 (may vary)

8. G-Sport Freecoaster Wheel

g-sport elite clutch v2 freecoaster wheel
The Odyssey Clutch V2 freecoaster and G-Sport Ribcage rim (36mm wide) wheel is strong AF.


The complete wheel has a lower profile and a semi-wide rim with enhanced walls that give it extra strength.

Many street and park riders also like its adjustable slack system that I mentioned above (see Odyssey’s wheel)

Fun fact: G-Sport is Odyssey’s sister company.

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Odyssey Clutch V2 Freecoaster
  • Rim: G-Sport Ribcage
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1389g
  • Price: $319.99 (may vary)

9. Eclat Cortex X Bondi Wheel

eclat cortex bondi freecoaster wheel
This wheelset has Eclat’s popular Corex freecoaster and Bondi rim (38mm wide) combined with the three-cross lacing (14 gauge stainless steel spokes).

It might be one of the heaviest BMX freecoaster wheels, but it’s heavy for a reason: STRENGTH.

Fun fact: Felix Prangenberg rides this wheelset straight out of the box.

That tells you everything!

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Eclat Cortex hub
  • Rim: Eclat Bondi rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1524g
  • Price: $282.99 (may vary)

10. Salt Plus Summit Freecoaster Wheel

salt plus summit freecoaster wheel
The Salt Plus Summit freecoaster wheelset is another one of the more affordable options that you can get to upgrade your bike.

It features the Vertex freecoaster hub with the Summit rim (36mm wide).

You also get drive and non-drive side hub guards that’ll keep you grinding smoother.

The only thing that I heard a few users say is that they needed to true it after a few weeks of use. But that’s the only “issue” they had (which isn’t too big of a deal).

Wheel specs:

  • Hub: Salt Plus Vertex hub
  • Rim: Salt Plus Summit rim
  • Hub Guards: Yes
  • Weight: 1450g
  • Price: $206.99 (may vary)

How To Pick The Ideal BMX Freecoaster Wheel

There are two main factors that I came across when asking riders what matters to them when purchasing a freecoaster wheelset.

They are:

1. Budget

You are 100% safe with any of the budget-friendly, cheaper wheels that I added to the list if you’re a technical street and park rider who isn’t too heavy into pulling a ton of gaps (including 180s, 360s, 540s, etc. over stairs and gaps).

But if you’re more into burly and heavy riding, then I recommend you purchase a more higher-priced wheel because it’ll last you A LOT longer.

2. Rim Width

Many neglect the rim width but it’s very important because it helps you to go faster or ride lower PSI.

If you pick a 32mm wide rim, then I don’t recommend riding a 2.4″+ tire because it’s useless.

On the other hand, it’s great for a 2.1″ or even 2.2″ tire with high PSI to ride transitions, trails and going fast.

A 34mm is somewhere in between. I currently ride a 34mm wide rim with a 2.4″ tire but I am looking to switch to a 36mm or a 38mm tire because it’ll work better for my riding style.

Moreover, a 36mm or wider rim is better if you like fatter tires and low PSI. The wider rim helps spread the impact more.

3. Bonus: Slack

This is a big one.

The more slack the freecoaster hub has, the more time it has to engage. This is something every freecoaster has.

However, if you opt for a freecoaster with a planetary system, the slack is reduced to the minimum, making the hub feel like a cassette (which doesn’t have slack).

Moreover, the more traditional freecoasters come with adjustable slack so that you can find the perfect match for your riding style.

While the planetary system might be pricier, it’s lighter that the classic freecoaster, engages quicker and is crankflip-friendly.

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