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4 Best BMX Wax Blocks (Tested 2024)

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Are you looking for a solid and long-lasting BMX wax?

The debate about using (“expensive”) wax is strong, so I decided to share my best blocks and add my two cents.

To use a proper grind wax or just a candle?

Here’s the thing: They both do the job.

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Which will last you longer and not make a mess? Grind wax.

Which helps support the community? Grind wax.

Well, you get the gist of it.

In my opinion, buying a BMX grind wax is more of a personal preference.

You’re good to go with candles; just don’t buy the cheapest.

From my experience, they flake too much, so I run through a decent-sized candle very quickly.

Also, they suck when it comes to making rough ledge grindable. (Waxing takes forever!)

This post covers:

Conclusion: Either support the BMX community (YUP!) or at least don’t buy the cheapest candles.


Make. Everything. Grindable.

Best BMX Grind Wax Blocks

1. Odyssey

odyssey wax
The Odyssey Slugger logo is also available as a wax for you to keep loyal to the brand.

This one doesn’t have any particular shape to be ledge- or rail-specific, but it’s all surfaces-friendly.

Price: $11.99 (may vary)


2. BSD

bsd wax
The clever people behind BSD came out with this cool BMXtasy grinding wax that looks like a pill.

It comes in a batch of three grind tablets, which keeps it very convenient and pocket-friendly.

Ledges and rails need pills, too!

Price: $11.99 (may vary)


3. Eclat

eclat wax
Eclat decided to do something a little different, creating a grinding BMX wax in the shape of a chocolate.

Since it’s a large piece, it’s separated into four smaller segments that you can easily snap off. (Any Toblerone fans?)

Plus, it comes with a ziplock bag that’s almost necessary for easy and mess-free transport.

This one is MY FAV!

Note: Eclat’s wax is pricier because it’s a lot bigger than the other blocks.

Size: 3.2″ X 3.9″ X 8.8″.

Price: $32.95 (may vary)


4. Sunday

sunday wax
Nope, that’s not a puck, just a Sunday wax in shape of a puck. Fits your hand comfortably for light or heavy ledge and rail waxing.

Price: $9.99 (may vary)


Frequently Asked Questions About BMX Wax

Do I need to purchase a grind wax block?

Yes and no. You purchase a wax block because you support the community, and you don’t want to go through AL OT OF candle waxes. But you don’t have to because other, cheaper waxes work (not as good), too.

What is BMX wax made out of?

In general, waxes are usually a combination of paraffin, beeswax and petroleum. Sometimes, they combine all three and sometimes just one, like beeswax BMX wax.

Can I use candle wax for waxing rails and ledges?

Yes, you can use a regular candle to wax rails and ledges. But, it will crumble and take much longer to wax the surface (especially a rougher one) than BMX wax.

Do you need wax to grind on a BMX?

Yes, you must wax ledges and rails, helping you overcome the friction, so you’ll grind a lot smoother. And a non-waxed ledge or rail is a lot harder to learn tricks on. WAX it!

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