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14 Best Pat Casey BMX Videos + Bio (R.I.P.)

pat casey

Drop everything and enjoy yourself in the session of the best Pat Casey BMX videos that will blow you away.

Pat is on an entirely different level, riding transitions with insane moves while keeping things super stylish.

But he’s also been a husband and a dad since he was 21.

Scotty Cranmer says it best: “Pat’s riding is complex.”

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Update (June 7th, 2023): Yesterday, June 6th, 2023, the BMX industry was shocked by the news of Pat Casey’s passing. Pat lost his life while riding motocross at his friend Axell Hodge’s compound.

I found out about Pat’s passing a few hours ago via Instagram and am still shocked and speechless. I literally couldn’t believe it when I first read the news. Rest in peace, dude; you’ll forever be the legend you always were.

My heart goes to Pat’s wife, Chase, and his son and daughter, Reid and Taytum. MUCH. LOVE.


It does not really matter what style of BMX riding you do; you will enjoy anything and everything that Casey does.

Because he was energetic when a kid, his parents decided to put him into BMX racing at the age of five.

Ever since, Pat’s dad and mom have supported him, helping him build jumps and ramps.

Note: Pat was born on December 26, 1993, in Yorba Linda, California, but resides in Riverside, CA.

Pat Casey Unclicked video interview

Moreover, Pat already knew he wanted – to make biking his job at 10!

Can you imagine?

It shows that Casey has lived for two wheels since he was a little one.

Pat also has this insane backyard ramp and dirt setup that is mind-bending. Even better, they continuously improve the setup, making it even bigger and better.

I could write an entire novel about Pat because he’s so amazing, but I’ll let you experience his videos instead.

You can watch the above video interview/podcast and enjoy learning more about Casey.

Do yourself a favor and follow Pat and his BMX life, family and other exciting things he does on Instagram.

Featured photo by: Lawrence Meimetis.

Best Pat Casey BMX Videos

1. “As Long As I Can”

This. Is. Beautiful.

I knew this one was coming but had no idea it would be that good. It’s the last web video that we have from Pat, which he shot during his short time spent in the Czech Republic.

Before that, he was at the FISE Montpellier contest, where he took a pretty nasty slam, so ended up spending a few days in Paris with his family.

From riding trails to attending the Coolife Fest and visiting the Troja Bridge to pull a backflip to fakie and into a fakie frontflip – this one is a must watch.

Pat: “I wanna ride my bike as long as I can, so I’m gonna push as hard as I can to make this go as long as I can.”

Thank you, Pat!

2. Lost Files Feat. Casey, Peraza & Varga

Tyler Rizzi and Monster Energy released a video with clips from 2017 featuring Pat Casey, Kevin Peraza and Mike Varga.

According to Tyler, this is an unfinished project because the trio should have also filmed clips at Pat’s Dreamyard, but sadly, that never happened.

However, Tyler captured plenty of epic riding and Varga’s place with some insane trio clips you don’t want to miss.

Pat. Casey. Forever.

3. Dreamyard – Pat and Bryce In Riverside, CA

It’s always dope seeing new footage from Pat at his Dreamyard park. This time, he’s welcomed by none other than young gun and his new Monster Energy teammate, Bryce Tryon.

So much flow and so many crazy combos that you absolutely need to see it. (But that’s exactly what to expect from these two.)

Plus, since all Dreamyard videos are awesome, you already know that this one is no different. BTW, Bryce is taking things pretty seriously with his flip tricks. Yo!

4. Being Pat by X Games

Pat Casey is the focus in this installment of World Of X Games. This is a piece on the riding of Pat featuring other riders like Scotty Cranmer, Dennis Enarson, and even his parents.

We learn that Pat started riding BMX at 5 and all about how he grew up riding.

There is a ton of really awesome footage from the past and seeing Pat grow up through BMX while everyone tells his story is just plain cool.

Pat’s history of competitions is also in here with the truly great story of the Red Bull Dreamline contest that he was barred out of yet still somehow competed in and won.

5. Mongoose Heritage series

The Mongoose Heritage series is a video series that takes a behind-the-scenes look at various Mongoose team riders. In this episode, we get to learn more about Pat.

The video starts with Pat’s wife talking about the future of Pat and his son riding against each other in a contest which is really cool to hear.

We get the back story behind Pat’s BMX life paired with a ton of great footage starting on location at the Battle Of Hastings.

We learn about how great of a dad Pat is, about the day-to-day life, as well as about his dream yard, and more.

6. Dream Yard 3

Here is episode 3 of Casey’s Dream Yard series from Monster Energy.

Dream Yard is Pat’s incredible video series riding his backyard and doing some of the most insane things ever on his bike.

This episode starts on his dirt jumps with tricks like a massive 270 downside whip out of a shark fin and the cash roll.

When things move to his ramp, things start to get crazy.

These Dream Yard videos are always progressive and you can count on seeing at least a few things you’ve never seen before.

The last clip is unexplainable and something you just have to see!

7. An Average Day with Pat Casey

In this video from Mongoose, we look at what an average day looks like for the Casey family.

The day begins at home and he wastes no time getting straight to the skatepark where Pat and Jacob Bailey shred.

After an unfortunate bike mishap, the crew heads back home, where Pat’s son rides around the ramp before the session begins.

This is a cool approach to a day-in-the-life video with no real dialogue and has a more traditional edit style that is enjoyable to watch.

8. Dream Yard 2

Here we have the second episode of Pat Casey’s Dream Yard series brought to us by Monster Energy.

This one wastes no time and jumps straight into the insanity that is Casey’s riding and the Dream Yard Series.

One of the first completely insane tricks just before Pat flows into his dirt jumps is a bar to tuck no-hander to bar out.

The video finishes at the dirt jumps with wild trick after wild trick.

A couple that really stand out are the 360 barspin to double tailwhip and the double decade!

9. Pat’s battle with the fakie cash roll

In this episode of Battleclip from the late Ride BMX, we have Pat Casey and the fakie cash roll.

Pat did the fakie cash roll in episode 3 of his Dream Yard series from Monster Energy, and it was obvious that it did not come without hard work and determination.

A few brutal slams in here would take out any mortal, but Pat gets back up every single time and perseveres to make it happen.

After 34 attempts, he sticks the landing and rolls away from what might be one of the craziest fakie tricks to ever go down in BMX.

10. Dream Yard 1

Pat Casey has one of, if not the coolest, backyards in all of BMX. He has a legitimately massive skatepark, dirt jumps, and even a swimming pool.

With all of that at his disposal any time he wants and together with Monster Energy, he started a Dream Yard series.

This is episode one of this series, which would have many more and always take things to the next level.

The riding level combined with production quality in filming and editing makes for a fantastic video.

Pat’s riding is out of this world with tricks like a flair to footjam, a decade air out, and all of his other wild air combos.

11. Dirt Shark “Three Ride” by Monster

This video is an awesome one, period. The video comes from Monster Energy and features Pat, Axell Hodges, and Trey Wood.

Axell Hodges is a motocross rider for those who only follow BMX and Trey Wood is a skateboarder.

All three of these guys come together for one killer video in Pat’s backyard called Three Ride.

Seeing how they ride together and how Axell rides Pat’s ramp on a pitbike is just rad!

All three of these guys are some of the best at what they do and the vibe with them shredding together makes for one amazing video.

12. Homegrown by Defcon Media

With how amazing Pat Casey’s backyard BMX setup is and how well Pat utilizes it, there is no surprise that a video like this would pop up from a production company like Defcon Media.

Pat shreds his backyard setup, starting with a few runs through his dirt jumps before moving to the ramp side.

What is amazing about this one is how high the riding level is while also appearing to be filmed in just one or two sessions.

It may even be just one day as the video ends at the sunsets!

13. Fox – Made For This

This amazing promo for Fox’s denim line might be from 2015, but who cares? It is epic and a must-watch today as it was back then. Hey, some of the stuff Pat pulls in here easily competes with today’s standards.

And what’s best, Pat shows you how versatile he is, from riding his Dreamyard to local skateparks and even ditches. All this was shot in Southern California because Casey wanted to keep it local.

Pat’s smoothness is evergreen, and although he’s at a completely different level today, he was already murdering it HEAVILY back then.


14. Haro Lineage promo video

Here we have a throwback to 2013; a video from Haro with Pat Casey promoting the Haro Lineage frame he rides.

At the time, Pat had ridden for Haro for just a year and in this video, he talks about why he rides this park frame and why he was psyched to ride for them.

After this quick intro, Pat rides his backyard ramp, a spine and box with quarterpipes on either side.

Looking back at his riding level in 2013, it is easy to see that he would become the incredible rider he is today!


If you’d like to enjoy another rider who is just ridiculous and also Pat’s teammate, treat yourself to Kevin Peraza’s videos. And don’t forget about the epic stuff that Nikita Ducarroz does!

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