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Brett Silva Profile (2024)

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Are you searching around the web for a dose of the best Brett Silva profile and collection BMX videos?

The bike stuff began for Brett when he was just four years old. Those were the racing times, but he only truly started HAVING FUN when he was about eight.

Still, after discovering freestyle BMX, riding jumps and skatepark, racing quickly became history. (He wasn’t really into competitions anyway.)

That was when Brett was thirteen years old.

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Keep in mind, in one of the interviews, Brett actually says that his dad built him a quarter pipe and dirt jumps at the age of seven.

Brett Silva gained a ton of bike control thanks to racing and is definitely not afraid of going fast.

These days, he enjoys riding street the most, doing big gaps (sounds like Chad Osburn), 360s (like Dan Lacey) and X-ups and tabletops, etc. However, Brett is no stranger to rails and ledges either.

Fun fact: Even though Brett has four pages on his BMX bike, you will not really see him do too many grinds.

This post covers:

Brett Silva Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Place of birth: /
Height: 6′
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @brettsilva

2. Sponsors

Sunday Bikes, Empire BMX, Burn Slow and Vans.

3. Bike Check

Don’t miss checking my Brett Silva bike check.

4. Parts Brett Rides

Featured photo by: Walter Pieringer.

5. Best Brett Silva BMX Videos

Sunday – Ramblin’ Through Texas

Brett has been on fire for a while now! And this video of him riding and Aaron Ross talking is just proof that his star continues to shine brighter and brighter.

Brett hit the streets with Darryl Tocco behind the lens, and this is the epic result that deserves all the extra SHINE.

You get a dose of everything from technical lines to wild moves for your viewing pleasure.

But I particularly like the up-ledge ride gap to ledge ride, and, of course, Brett’s signature cannonball.

Sunday – Off The Rails

7 minutes of Brett? I AM DOWN!

Brett’s been collecting clips for almost two years around Southern California, Albuquerque and Austin, Texas. And this is the result.

Yup, it’s insane.

Silva’s unique and burly riding style is out of this world. This dude will pull setups and trick combos that some of us would never even consider. Like that up rail to over fence!

Double barspins, (a lot of) toboggans, 360 tabletops, cannonballs, rail jumps and grinds – you get it all in here plus more.

Going into detail would ruin your experience, but I must mention the last rail jump. That thing LOOKS scary, but Brett manages it like a champ.

Sunday Brett bar promo

Sunday and Brett dropped this short but solid promotional video for his signature handlebar that’s available now.

The street riding here is very Brett-like, doing his creative way with toboggans, tabletops and barspins.

It’s always such a pleasure watching Brett ride (and this one’s no different)!

Brett Bar: It comes at 9.25″ rise, pre-cut to 27.5″. This width is excellent for barspins and the stuff Brett does because it leaves more bar-to-leg room.

Also, it has a 12-degree backsweep and 2-degree upsweep and is available in black, white and chrome.

Brett Silva At House Park

I know you’re all ready for some park action from the man himself, Brett. I know I am.

And even if I watched this one already, I’ll give it another go as soon as I publish this.

It’s awesome to see how every rider had a different video for the USL House Park Super Cup. Some went more street and some went more park style.

Do you know what all have in common? They killed it!

Two tricks that stand out for me in Brett’s entry are: barspin to toboggan and the 360 tabletop drop.

Sunday Bikes “On A Tear” edit

Brett has always been an absolute savage. His “On A Tear” video from Sunday Bikes is no exception. Every single clip in this video is something burly and seeing his smiles after landing many of the tricks in this is so awesome.

The opening clip here is a giant 540 attempt down a stairset that ends in disaster.

Brett redeems himself and lands the 540; then, the video absolutely unleashes hammer after hammer.

The nose bonk to toboggan he does in here has to be close to a 12-14 foot drop. Absolute madness from Brett, which is always enjoyable to watch.

Sunday Bikes signature Freecoaster promo

Here we have Silva’s 2019 Sunday Bikes signature Freecoaster promo video where Brett rides the actual signature bike that people can buy, brakes and all.

The video showcases the bike and its parts, while Brett does a great job not holding back while riding it.

This one has a few bangers, including a pretty awesome rail hop t-bog that is done in signature Brett fashion.

This is definitely an enjoyable watch and does not feel like it’s only a minute and seven seconds long.

Brett Silva’s Sunday Bikes “Grow Up” video

“Grow Up” is a full-length DVD video from Sunday Bikes that came out in 2016, featuring all of the Sunday team.

Brett’s part starts out just like the rest, with old home videos of the different riders’ sections.

He blows out the candles of someone else’s birthday cake and the video jumps right into a massive rail hop.

After that, Brett goes fast and absolutely sends it as we have always known him to.

It almost feels like there are two different videos here, with the second part just cranking up the heat.

There are so many gnarly setups and clips in this video that one can’t help but be psyched when watching it. BS is a SAVAGE!

2020 Bike Check for Sunday Bikes

If you are interested in what Brett’s setup is like, well, this is the full video bike check that you need to take a peek at. His entire bike consists of Sunday Bikes and Merritt products.

For his frame and forks, Brett decided to go with Broc Raiford‘s signature Darkwave street frame in 21.25″ and BMX forks, which have 28mm offset. Forks are a little steeper, which helps you get on the front wheel easier.

There you have it, if you are a fan of Brett, now you know what he rides. Also, head to YouTube and check the video description for the full parts list.

Welcome to Sunday Bikes

A striking and must-see welcome To Sunday Bikes video from May 2015. No time was wasted, showing why he deserves to be on the team.

This video is only a minute and a half long but served as our first introduction to what would become a staple of the Sunday team.

A rider who would solidify himself as a burly part of Sunday’s history.

From technical street moves to burly street moves, it is easy to see how Brett’s riding has evolved to what it is today.

WeThePeople edit (2015)

Before Bretty Silva joined the Sunday team in 2015, he rode for WeThePeople.

The Brett in this video is definitely the one we know and love, opening the video with a massive 360 gap. You will witness many technical grinds and street combos/lines.

In all, Brett kills it in this BMX video, and it serves as a nice throwback to his riding.

His signature toboggan also makes an early appearance here in a few places, like one he does over a massive rail hop toward the end.

A promo for 2018 Sunday Bikes complete

Back in 2018, Brett Silva received his first-ever signature complete bike from Sunday Bikes. This quick one-minute video served as a promo for that bike.

Brett opens the video with a line that could have easily had a place in any video part, then follows the rest of the video up with equally impressive clips.

Judging from the decals on the frame and assuming this video follows the theme of other Sunday signature bike promos, all of the riding done here is on the actual bike itself and Brett does not hold back for it whatsoever.

The smith hard 180 to backlash toward the beginning was crazy.

Who better to put the complete bike to the test than the rider himself. If it holds Brett, it will hold you, too.

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