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Dan Kruk Profile (2024)

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Are you searching for the best Dan Kruk profile and collection of best BMX videos to enjoy some intense bike riding?

This dude is something else, as he knows damn well how to combine super technical street riding with sending it down big sets of stairs and gaps.

The determination that Dan has is unreal. Even though he may fall multiple times, destroying himself, he will still give it one more shot. (And pull it!)

For young Dan Kruk, it all started when he was only twelve. GT BMX squad came to Wisconsin to hold a week’s worth of demos.

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That was the first time Dan saw BMX riding in person, and he has been hooked ever since.

After watching the guys shred for a weekend, he started imitating them as soon as they left.

Look at him today, murdering street spots, whether it’s something big or something small.

One of Dan’s uniqueness is his bike setup, particularly his handlebar position. Pretty forward (aka Chicago), just how Kruk likes it best.

This post covers:

Dan Kruk Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: West Allis, Wisconsin
Height: 5’10”
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @dankruk

2. Sponsors

WeThePeople, Merritt, Vans, 4 Seasons and Mpeg.

3. Bike Check

Also, make sure you take a peek at my latest Dan Kruk bike check.

4. Parts Dan Rides

Featured photo by: Felix Prangenberg.

5. Best Dan Kruk BMX Videos

WTP – Live, Laugh, Toaster Bath

Even though Dan released some absolutely bonkers video parts, this one is the most insane to date. Dan’s technical skills go over and beyond with trick combos that just don’t make any sense.

I won’t be revealing it all because that’ll be a crime. However, the following mentions are necessary.

The double peg to hard 180 line and straight into an icepick grind to hard 180 was MAD.

And the crooked grind to toothpick bonk to hard 180 – dude, HOW? But it gets even more insane from here on.

If you want to watch something that goes to the level of absurd, this is it. Try to sit still – if you can!

Merritt – Eastkrukin

We all know Dan is a heavy hitter and one of the hardest-working BMX dudes. Here’s an insane one he filmed around the East Coast for his sponsor, Merritt.

While there isn’t too much BIG stuff in this one, there definitely ARE many insanely technical stunts that will have you questioning, “But how?!”

And there’s one move you don’t see too often (I think this may be my first time seeing it): Crooked grind on a mellow down rail to tuck no-hander.

So. Dope.

But there’s oh so much more dope and must-see stuff in this one that you need to replay the video at least three times to get the full grasp of it.

Still Ain’t Safe

Ah, man, this is nuts! As a fan of using pegs as much as possible, I’m always excited to see what’s coming from a new Dan Kruk video.

He hit multiple infamous SoCal street spots with Grant Castelluzzo to film this epic “Still Ain’t Safe” video that will knock your socks off.

But I think my favorite is the 180 to double peg on a kinked rail to 540 cab out. WHAT?! Yeah, I know.

And those 540s out of pegs are just nuts!


WTP “Honey”

Dan and his mad riding scored the last part in WTP’s “Honey” web video and – you guessed it – it’s insane.

The first clip is definitely not the most pleasant to watch. BUT all the rest are!

I won’t even go into details explaining tricks Kruk does here because everyone knows the stuff’s insane.

Still, I need to mention one: toothpick to hard 180 barspin (on a pretty sizable ledge). WHAT?

Dan is a Spot Crusher

What happens when you let Kruk decide on three spots to attempt five clips/tricks each? This is the result. A raw video by Our BMX, full of amazing bike stunts that are very on the technical side.

What’s also cool about this clip is that you do not need all these massive setups and go insane with crazy bangers to make things look good. Dan makes it look fresh, whether it’s a flat rail, a ledge, or whatever.

Fifteen wild and technically-advanced BMX combos that will get you hyped to go out and try them yourself, because why not?

Dan Kruk WTP “Out Of Line” part

Dan is no joke when it comes to bike riding. He is a street machine with tons of creativity that make everyone’s eyes go as big as saucers.

This is his entire part from WeThePeople’s “Out Of Line,” and it is full of bangers. It is nearly four minutes of fire riding that only Dan can do.

Of course, you can expect a ton of grinding, barspins, tailwhips, spinning tricks, you name it.

The icepick grind to hard 360 and the double peg grind to hop over double peg grind to 540 were in particular wild. And then there’s the ender that is too good to be true.

Dan’s E-Fise street finals submission

I truly do like the idea of online contests since the current craze does not allow for competitions.

Anyhow, for the 2020 E-Fise street finals contest, Dan submitted this insane part that contains less than a minute of riding, but everything is mind-bending.

First and foremost, I need to mention that every trick that he pulls is worth your attention. But two that stand out for me are: barspin to feeble to hard tailwhip and nose (bonk) tailwhip.

Of course, there is the super long rail combo at the end that seals the deal perfectly. May your eyes go as big a saucers.

Dan’s E-Fise 2nd place qualifier edit

If the above one is already finals, there must be a video that Dan Kruk submitted that got him there. Well, here it is. He actually scored second place during qualifications, and it is well deserved.

You will notice that some of the spots are identical compared to the above version, just the tricks are different.

Whether the above video or this one, whatever Dan pulls, he makes it look ridiculously simple, even though the trick itself is hard to comprehend.

I do not even want to go too into details; just do your thing and study Dan’s ability and insane bike control.

Dan Kruk aka destroyer of rails

I don’t know what to say, man, other than this is absolutely ridiculous. Absurd if you will. Poor church rail, but he somehow still manages to ride away from it.

You will know immediately what I am talking about, just wait until the riding starts.

If you are into griding rails (and ledges) and you happen to need inspiration, that’s when you watch a Dan K. aka BMX Dan video. This one was brought to us by the good people over at Our BMX, and it’s a banger from start to finish.

There is stuff in here that you will need to watch multiple times to understand how Kruk managed to pull it truly.

A day out in Long Beach with Dan

If you ever wondered what it’s like to spend a day out on the streets of Long Beach, California, with Dan Kruk, this video reveals everything.

It’s all raw, which makes it extra fun to watch. From getting in a car and driving to the spot, to murdering some ledges and getting some clips in, that’s pretty much it.

Nothing too fancy, to be exact, but it’s the riding that matters. Needless to say, everything does not always go as planned, but that does not bother Dan, as he will always get up and try it again.

Dan and Jordan Godwin at Sheldon

This is a dope split edit featuring Dan and UK’s finest street rider, Jordan Godwin. You know that these two have a lot to show, and they kick it off with an up double peg grind to hard 540 train.

This may just happen that it is the first time seeing it for you.

But there is heaps more solid plaza shredding in here that will get you pumped to go out for a session with your BMX bike.

Dan’s up double peg grind to hard 360 tuck no-hander is also exceptionally good. But the butter smooth style from Jordan also never disappoints.

Dan Kruk WTP “Foundation” part

Yeah, yeah, I know what you will say, “I’ve seen it already!” That’s okay because you are going to watch it one more time.

Dan’s “Foundation” video part (WTP’s 3rd full-length video) is must-see multiple times (in a row). Where to even begin with this one.

Yes, there is so much good stuff in here laced to a catchy song that will have you excited from start to finish. And that’s exactly what’s the intention of this video part.

From tech combos to pulling a double peg to hard 180 on El Torro, Dan never fails to amaze.

WeThePeople Stallis bar promo

One of Dan’s specialties is his handlebar positioning. Yes, it is pretty forward, which is uncommon in the BMX game.

In fact, there are just a handful of riders who rock their bars like that. This insane promotional video for his signature WTP Stallis bar is a banger.

It shows you how solid that bar is, perfect for all sorts of stuff, including double barspins.

The bar comes perfect for riding out of the box, and it even has a mark that indicates the exact position that Dan prefers.

Now you can be just like Kruk!

Drop The Pin with Dan and Jordan

Here they are, again, Dan Kruk and Jordan Godwin. Needless to say, they are having a blast riding together, this time on the streets. They together randomly drop a pin and off to the streets they go.

Of course, they managed to get a ton of good riding clips in for your viewing pleasure. They even found this super mellow rail that looks way too fun to ride.

It does not get any better than watching two of WTP’s best pros doing what they love best, cruising around and enjoying spots.

I bet the song pick is Jordan’s idea.

Dan for Dan’s

Note: I absolutely need to add a title like that because it’s fun. What’s also fun is watching Dan Kruk slaying SoCal streets, doing both burly and tech stuff.

Dan’s terrific style always spices up every trick, even if it is something more basic. But really, is there ever anything basic that Dan pulls? I don’t think so.

Dan is known to go big and big he goes for Dan’s Comp as well. Two minutes of fire clips that you absolutely need in your life. Are you even ready? First, sit tight and then hit the play button.

How to feeble grind hard 180 barspin

Before we continue, this is no basic trick. You see, I told you there are no basic tricks when it comes to Dan’s riding, although he has the basics under complete control.

Anyhow, when it comes to learning how to pull a feeble grind to hard 180 barspin, Dan goes pretty in detail here. Of course, you would first want to master feeble hard 180s and 180 barspins on flat.

From then on, it’s pretty much just mixing the two. If you pull the 180 part out of a feeble just right, it will almost feel like you are pulling a 180 barspin on flat ground.

Dan Kruk’s AM Spotlight (2015)

This was the year when Dan really started making a name for himself. Of course, Ride BMX noticed that and wanted to feature him as part of their AM Spotlight serious.

First, you will hear it from Dan, along with Brian Kachinsky and Grant Castelluzzo. Also, there are very many crashes that you will get to witness, but Dan’s drive to film a clip is too strong to stop him.

Watching this video, we are now in the “future,” and Dan is only getting stronger and better.

The double peg grind on that kinked rail to double barspin at the end is definitely something worth mentioning.

Dan for Madera BMX (2014)

This one is even one year older than the above one by Ride BMX, but it’s still worth it. In fact, whatever Dan puts out is worth it. Why? Because you already know that it is going to be intense.

And the same goes for his 2014 Madera web video. Of course, Dan progressed a lot over the years, still, this one is no joke either.

There is no such thing as “chill” for Dan Kruk. He always goes all-in, making sure the outcome is better than the last one. This entire clip was shot over the course of a few months by Grant Castelluzo.

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