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Riley Smith Profile (2024)

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Do you want to watch the best Riley Smith BMX videos to enjoy tech combos and burly moves?

I’m always down to watch this kid shred.

Arlington, Washington native Riley, is a dude who enjoys adding his creative twist to every spot he touches.

And he’s also no stranger to stacking VERY MANY clips (in a short time) to produce longer video projects that are always entertaining to watch.

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Riley is doing it on a WeThePeople frame and prefers to wear Vans Shoes.

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Riley Smith Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Arlington, Washington
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @rrreallysmith

2. Sponsors

WeThePeople, Merritt and Etnies.

Featured photo by: Justin Koebele.

3. Best Riley Smith BMX Videos

WTP “Can We Just Talk”

If you’re into rails and ledges like myself, then you’ll going to LOVE Riley’s “Can We Just Talk” web video for WeThePeople.

There’s truly some next level riding in here with plenty of creative and technical combos, inspiring you to put your pegs to some heavy use today (or tomorrow, or for the next seven days).

While the last feeble grind on a rail is something else, aren’t far behind.

One of my favorites is definitely the opposite wall smith stall and then a 180 straight into regular smith on the little down ledge. Needed to rewatch that one multiple times because it’s SO GOOD.

WTP “Honey”

The intro: What were you even thinking, Riley?! Insane.

But so is the rest of the video, which is part of WeThePeople’s “Honey” project with Dan Kruk and Jordan Godwin.

Riley went wild with a ton of pegs stuff and technical combinations that will have you questioning, “How?”

The song choice also goes well with the riding, making it an overall exciting watch.

And the last toothpick to hard 180 – ME(N)TAL!

WTP “Riley Smith”

Riley is a pack of good style and great tricks, always coming out with epic videos to watch.

I really liked the un-lucky to feeble to hard 360 out. And the wallride on the house to drop, SHEESH.

But you’ll enjoy a lot of other epic riding just like I did (even on the fifth rewatch).

I also want to mention that the spots in this one are almost too good to be true. (But I’m not sure where all this was filmed.)

This Is Riley

It takes Riley Smith only ten days to produce a four-minute-long banger.

And that happened when WTP flew him out to California to hang out with Grant Castelluzzo behind the lens.

I must say that I REALLY like the nose bump 180 to double peg grind to full cab out.

Riley is definitely on fire, delivering amazing technical combos, rail stuff and burly moves.

Unfortunately, this video has some music issues, but we’re here for the riding anyway.

WeThePeople 2020

Riley has a fire style and a large bag of tricks with technicalities on lock. Combining multiple tricks into one line doesn’t seem to cause Smith trouble.

And he’s back at the blue ledge from the WTP “Riley Smith” video, this time pulling a quick tooth to lucky to smith grind to hard 180.

By the way, is it just me, or do you also think that Riley’s opposite barspins are one of the smoothest?

Also, the editing and music are put together in a very creative way, which isn’t something you witness every day.

Good job, guys!

Call It What You Want

I’ll call it: “Riley Smith is Really Smooth.”

When Riley goes to business, he doesn’t fool around, wasting time. It’s all about stacking clip after clip!

No wonder why all his projects are several minutes long.

The long feeble to over feeble grind (on a thin rail) to 180 was dope.

By the way, while his friends filmed this, it’s Riley who edited it.

WTP “House Arrest”

While many were put under “house arrest” during the C-year, Riley took advantage of the empty Washington streets to stack A LOT of clips for his 2021 WTP project.

The street spots in this one are wild, but it gets even wilder when Riley Smith puts them to good use.

It’s no secret that you’ll see a lot of excellent technical street lines with heavy combos mixed in between for even more WOW effect.

Keep in mind, the first half is “chill,” the real heat starts at 3:00 when the song changes.

And then an insane manual to 180 down a ledge – NO. WAY.

DIG Locals

Let’s take it back to 2019, when Riley spent a year in California, enjoying life.

But the four-month period is extra important, which he dedicated to filming for the DIG Locals series.

You don’t see a double peg grind to over x-up too often. Plus, the 180 barspin straight into a half-cab drop off a roof is very Riley-ish.

Trust me, you want to see this one!

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