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7 Best Paterico Fallico BMX Videos (2022)

paterico fallico

Yo, enjoy this best-of collection of the ultimate Paterico Fallico BMX videos that will make you think about skatepark riding differently.

This dude is all about balance and precision. Technical wizard, if you will.


Paterico is also no stranger to going big and high, combining multiple tricks into one.

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But I definitely like his front-end stuff the most. Some of it is so ridiculous I have no idea how he does it.

But that’s Pat!

Do not forget to follow Paterico on Instagram for a lot more madness.

Featured photo by: Cooper Brownlee.

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Best Paterico Fallico Videos

Colony BMX (2021)

The balance king is back with another insane web video for Colony at different skateparks around Brisbane.

All this went down during Cooper Brownlee’s few trips to Paterico’s place, and it’s nuts.

There’s almost impossible to name some of the lines (or it’ll take just too much space)!

But I really enjoyed the 360 to nose tap over the spine and 270 tailwhip to over icepick.

However, there are so many other goodies, making this one an absolute MUST-SEE!

Colony “Take A Ticket” Part

Paterico’s style of skatepark riding is definitely one of my favorites.

He’s not so much of a box guy but he’s about the technical approach (with many bangers in between, of course!).

Paterico will do stuff like barspin to g-turn, fakie 360 tailwhip and truck driver to footjam tailwhip to nose press like it’s nothing.

How, dude?! Enjoy.

Paterico Fallico’s Saturday Sessions

Nope, Paterico doesn’t take it chill – not even on his birthday. This dude goes all-in on his 25th birthday, pulling epic stunts at Beenleigh and Runaway Bay skateparks.

As you’d expect, yes, there’s so much stuff in here, I don’t even know how he can do it all – in such a short time.

But that’s Paterico – he is just THAT good!

Precision, fakie stuff, balance and air time, Pat masters them all like a boss.

Colony BMX – 23 for 23

How many riders can pull 23 tricks in a single session at a backyard ramp for their 23rd birthday?

I know, right?!

It seems that Paterico Fallico is not about cakes and drinks for his birthday. He just likes to shred his bike – and that’s what’s UP.

And what’s even crazier about this one – those ain’t easy tricks!

Fun fact: That’s actually Clint Millar’s backyard (in case you didn’t know yet). And Clint is the owner of Colony.

Front End Session

While Clint Paterico has 0 problems going on the front wheel and doing wild moves without brakes, he sometimes has some fun with a brake.

(I bet he’s hanging with Clint too much 🙂 )

Obviously, 95% of the tricks have something to do with the front brake, and I love it.

And the final tailwhip to nose tap is deffo the highlight.

Paterico For TeamRare

Who still remembers Paterico Fallico’s zebra-inspired bike? If you don’t, here’s a reminder.

Paterico has been killing it then just as he’s killing it now. This dude is unstoppable.

Note: This one is from 2016, for many considered old, but it’s actually still very fresh.

Paterico’s timeless technical park riding will be hot forever.

How To 360 To Footjam

This is a pretty advanced trick that I’ve never really tried, but I might now after watching this awesome and insightful how-to by Paterico.

Can you do a 360 to footjam? Would love to hear any tips and tricks that may help me pull it quicker.

But for now, I’ll rewatch Paterico’s how-to a few more times because it really does contain everything.

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