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Murray Loubser Profile (2024)

murray loubser

Do you want to binge on Murray Loubser profile and collection of his best BMX videos like I do?

Murray, born on April 7, 1996, in South Africa, is a leading figure in his country’s BMX street riding scene.

Originally from Cape Town, he moved to Gansbaai, a small village known for its natural beauty rather than BMX culture. (He then moved back to Cape Town.)

Here, Murray mastered his skills and developed his effortless riding style. I’m a big FAN of his riding!

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Despite preferring street riding over competitions, he impressively won the Ghetto Jam title in 2015, showcasing his versatility.

His career, which began in earnest in 2015, has been significantly influenced by South African BMX legend Wayne Reiche, whose mentorship in trail building and riding ethics deeply impacted Murray’s approach to BMX.

Loubser currently rides for Fly Bikes, Odyssey, Vans and Red Bull.

Fun fact: Murray got his BMX bike when he turned 16.

Murray’s personal life is as grounded and diverse as his BMX skills. He enjoys surfing the reef breaks near his hometown and painting when not performing breathtaking stunts.

Known for his humble demeanor and unassuming smile, Murray remains down-to-earth despite his growing fame in the BMX world.

His goals focus on exploring new spots (which we can regularly enjoy through his IG posts) and capturing his rides on film, demonstrating a commitment to both progression in his sport and personal passion.

This post covers:

Murray Loubser Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: April 7, 1996
Place of birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Height: 5’9″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @mr.moo__

2. Sponsors

Fly Bikes, Odyssey, Vans and Red Bull.

3. Bike Check

murray loubser bmx bike

4. Parts Murray Rides

Featured photo by: Jason Prins.

5. Best Murray Loubser BMX Videos

Visitor – Follow the Arrows

This one is inspirational for me as someone who’s self-filming most of the time. (Just like watching Dan Foley and his self-filmed masterpieces.)

Exploring the streets, finding new spots, setting up the iPhone and filming new clips – how fun does that sound? A LOT.

Also, the fact that Murray didn’t add any background music is a nice icing on the cake for me. Love me some good bike sound on the streets; I don’t need anything else.

By the way, do you also think that Murray has one of the cleanest opposite 180 barspins in the game?

Something that deserves extra shine is the bar cab bar over that somewhat tight double set.

And then the ender – DAMN!


Videos like this are a real inspiration for me. Why? Because it shows that everything can be a spot.

For the “Side Walls” project, Murray decided to shred wall-ledge/wedges exclusively.

He and Jason Pins, behind the lens, cruised around Cape Town and found plenty of spots.

Murray murdered them all with his original and creative style of BMX riding.

When you start to see things differently, suddenly, a whole new world of spots opens up for you.

Murray says it best: “I found it funny how many sidewalls were sitting right under our noses, we just had never seen them as a spot before.”

Odyssey BMX – At Ease

Murray Loubser headed to California for six weeks, where he met with the rest of the Odyssey squad to shred and film for the “At Ease” video.

His Californian adventure wasn’t even halfway through when they already knew that Murray’s part would be the closing part.

This dude is an excellent technical shredder who is no stranger to sending it big. Plus, he’ll usually ride spots you don’t see or think of riding.

What an epic mix of tech and burly shredding!


If there’s one dude I could watch ride all day every day, it’s definitely Murray.

There’s so much uniqueness in his riding that gets you glued to the screen regardless of which video you watch. Plus, he’s full of surprises, from jibbing stuff to big stuff.

What you’ll also notice in this one is that Murray is quite heavily involved in art and painting.

But what’s best, he knows how to translate his artistic mind into BMX.

And he never disappoints!


Besides watching some rad street moves from Murray, you’ll also learn a little more about him growing up.

With Thomas Sandell behind the lens, it took the duo only fifteen days of riding and filming to get this one down.

It shows that Murray and Thomas have plenty of skills to complete such a masterpiece in such a short time.

That nose manual line to barspin and then straight into an opposite footplant to manual to footplant 180 was MAD.

Red Bull – Shapes In The City

We’ve all been to a lecture, but all we wanted to do was ride our bikes.

While that’s not the exact story behind Murray’s “Shapes” project for Red Bull, it’s the first thing that came to my mind. (Nope, I was never a fan of attending classes and school.)

Anyway, “Shapes” is a unique project, capturing architecture and geometric patterns from around the city but through the eyes of a BMX rider.

And all the riding in it is pure gold, worth rewatching a few more times, even after all these years.

Odyssey BMX – En Route

Do you know what’s the only “downside” of all Murray Loubser videos? They are TOO short.

Even the longest one is too short, in my opinion.

This dude has so much style, you just cannot get bored watching him shred. From gaps to drops to rails to tech, Murray knows how to pack everything into his riding approach.

And no matter how old the video is, it’ll still be very relevant no matter how far in the future you watch it.

By the way, I think the helmet-wearing Murray looks really good!

Murray Loubser in Muizenberg

This docu-style video by Wild Air Sports gives you some more insights into who Murray is.

But more than that, it shows how good he is at riding trails.

If you’ve been watching Murray kill streets all the time, this will be a nice and refreshing watch.

They start the morning shredding Muizenberg streets before hitting the UCT trails and finishing it off with a slice of pizza and a cold one.

Note: Murray even gives you some tips on how to start BMX riding.

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