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Nikita Ducarroz Profile (2024)

nikita ducarroz

Check out this in-depth Nikita Ducarroz profile and watch her best BMX videos?

I’m stoked to put together her awesome list of the best videos – FINALLY.

Are you as excited as I am?

I’ve been following Nikita for a long time, pretty much since the beginning of her career. Her progress is unbelievable, and this Olympian keeps getting better each month.

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Anxiety forced her to quit soccer at the age of 11, but (THANKFULLY!) her mother insisted on finding another sport. Nikita first did MTB but later found BMX via YouTube.

This post covers:

Nikita Ducarroz Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: August 12, 1996
Place of birth: Nice, France
Height: 5’4″
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @nikita.ducarroz

2. Sponsors

Red Bull, Mongoose, Tioga, Troy Lee Designs and Omega.

3. Bike Check

nikita ducarroz mongoose bmx bike

Featured photo by: IG selfie.

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4. Best Of Nikita Ducarroz Videos

Mongoose: Heritage

Nikita Ducarroz has ridden for Mongoose BMX for quite a long time and in the past few years, they have seemed to be trying to make a comeback in their actions.

The Heritage series is an excellent example of that. These “Heritage” videos give an in-depth look into the rider’s history as both a rider and a person.

We learn what drives Nikita to ride, compete in contests, and more. Her mom gives some insight into Nikita as a person and how riding came into her life.

This is a really awesome watch and worth every second because Nikita has overcome anxiety in life through BMX.

That is definitely something that can be an inspiration to others!

Day in the life with Nikita Ducarroz

Just before the 2020 Olympics in 2021, where Freestyle BMX made its debut, UCI released this Day in the life with Nikita video.

The video shows us a day in her life at the UCI World Championships in Montpellier, France.

After getting ready for the riding day by packing clothes and a helmet, we start with the day’s first practice session. This shows the ladies of the event shredding during practice before the guys go.

Simultaneously, Nikita gives some insight into the event and her feelings.

This turns into more than just one day, as we find ourselves going through finals day similarly to practice day, except with Nikita on the podium in 2nd place in the end!

Mongoose: New Territory

With Nikita Ducarroz’s time on the Mongoose Bikes team, there have been projects like this from late 2017 called New Territory.

This is a quick 2-minute video from after she moved to San Diego, California.

The video starts in the streets at some great bank spots, then moves to a concrete skatepark where Nikita busts out some of her signature tricks like a 540 air on a quarterpipe.

Then things move to the YMCA skatepark in Claremont before the video finishes out in the streets, where Nikita does a pretty gnarly roof drop!

Mongoose: Home Soil

Here is a video with Nikita Ducarroz from Mongoose that came out in mid-2018 called Home Soil.

This just over 2-minute video is exactly what the title describes in a riding video where Nikita rides in San Diego on her home soil.

The video starts at the famous YMCA park, the Clairemont and its amazing box jump rhythm before moving to OB Skatepark and switching between the two for the remainder of the video.

Nikita kills it with clicked table tops, extended tuck no handers, and even gets a bit tech with a bar to tire tap in here!

No shortage of incredible riding in this one – check it out!

E-Fise Park Finals 2020

Because of everything happening worldwide in 2020, Fise replaced their normal contest series with a digital video contest.

This video contest had a similar prize purse and had classes for men/women in three different riding disciplines.

Here is Nikita Ducarroz’ Women’s BMX Park finals entry to the contest.

A quick one-minute video earned her 3rd place at the event and starts immediately with an awesome one-footed tabletop.

The action is non-stop, and it’s easy to see how this video earned her third place on the digital podium!

Quick Clips in SD

This one is from 2016, showcasing Nikita doing damage in San Diego.

Love it because it has a mixture of everything, from parks, bowls and trails to streets and even the vert ramp. Yup, Nikita shreds it all, and she kills it!

It’s so awesome to see Nikita’s amazing progression to becoming an Olympian. Keep on keeping on!

Killing it on all-terrain.

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