9 Best WeThePeople BMX Frames (In 2022)

wethepeople bmx frames

My review of the best WeThePeople BMX frames is for everyone who wants to build a reliable, strong and modern setup.

WTP has a frame no matter what style of riding you are into. Street, park, trails, or flatland, it’s all possible!

What’s also special about this German BMX company is its INNOVATIVE approach to everything they do.

Sure, they may still stick to more classic looks with some frames, but in general, they’re quite different compared with other brands.

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Did you see their beautiful hydroformed tubing already? I’m in LOVE.

Also, if you want a taller frame, Battleship Magnum at 9.75” will be perfect for you.

Another thing is the extremely short, 12.5” chainstay that you can get (Network frame!).

Finally: All frames are covered by WeThePeople’s lifetime guarantee.


Best WeThePeople BMX Frames

Note #1: Frames are listed in no particular order. (The 1st one is not necessarily better than the 9th one – all are DOPE!)

1. Doomsayer

doomsayer wtp frame
The Doomsayer frame from WeThePeople is Jordan Godwin’s signature frame which according to WTP is a “natural progression of the battleship frame combined with Jordan’s specific needs”.

The Doomsayer frame has a higher bottom bracket height and investment cast dropouts compared to the Battleship. Jordan says it is exactly what he wanted and there is nothing he would change about it.

The seat stay tubing on the Doomsayer has also been strengthened to help frame TWISTING from Jordan’s hard spins.

In addition, this is a brakeless frame and also has built-in chain tensioners on the dropouts.

Doomsayer specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.5”, 20.75”, 21”
  • Head Tube – 76.25° / 127mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.95-13.5”
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.9”
  • Weight – 5.2 lbs20.5”
  • Price: $334.99 (may vary)

2. Pathfinder

pathfinder wtp frame
Here is Felix Prangenberg’s signature frame called the Pathfinder.

In 2020 the frame was given a complete revamp over previous iterations, including; a shorter chainstay, new graphics, and an offset thickness chainstay & bottom bracket shell.

This offset thickness means that the chainstay tubing and BB shell are thicker “in areas susceptible to grind damage.”

This difference in thickness is obvious in the chainstay tubing and is noticeable when looking at the BB. Felix says that without this feature, he would easily GRIND THROUGH the frame.

The shorter chainstay is now 12.75” at the minimum versus 12.95” at maximum previously and this is a brakeless frame with external top/down tube gussets.

Note #2: The majority of WeThePeople frames are made in Taiwan.

Pathfinder specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.75” / 21”
  • Head Tube – 76° / 127mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.75-13.2”
  • Standover – 9.35”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Weight – 5.2 lbs 21”
  • Price: $329.95 (may vary)

3. Buck

buck wtp frame
The Buck Frame is Dillon LLoyd’s signature frame from WeThePeople. According to WTP was “destined to be something truly indestructible.”

The frame features a throwback top tube junction pierced to add strength and has a lifetime warranty. The frame also has ovalized chainstays, a top and down tube gusset, as well as investment cast dropouts and a seat clamp.

Being the frame of choice for Dillon and designed for him means that this thing is built for THE ABUSE he surely puts it through.

If it can hold up to Dillon, it surely should be able to withstand what you’ll put it through!

Buck specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.5”, 20.75”, 21”, 21.25”
  • Head Tube – 75.5°
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.9-13.25”
  • Standover – 9.15”
  • BB Height – 11.8”
  • Weight – 5.1 lbs 21”
  • Price: $339.99 (may vary)

4. Network

network wtp frame
The Network frame from WeThePeople is Dan Kruk’s signature frame that WTP claims is “one of the MOST progressive BMX frames ever made.”

It sets itself apart from the norm in the modern street frame category with a steeper head tube angle at 75.75° and a standover height taller than normal at 9.15”.

This frame also features the investment cast chainstay yoke, which allows for a 12.5” chainstay with space to fit even the biggest tires.

The frame is brakeless and utilizes a hydroformed top and down tube made from seamless Japanese 4130 chromoly tubing.

Note #3: A frame I put through serious testing on the streets. Extremely strong and exceptionally responsive. Great both for spins and nose tricks. But I found it a little too small at 5″11′, and even though I was riding 21.1″ TT.

Network specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.5”, 20.8”, 21.1”
  • Head Tube – 75.75° / 127mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.5” Slammed
  • Standover – 9.15”
  • BB Height – 11.85”
  • Weight – 5.6 lbs 20.5”
  • Price: $344.99 (may vary)

5. Battleship

battleship wtp frame
The WeThePeople Battleship frame is a progressive street-oriented frame for the modern-day BMX street rider.

According to WTP, the frame utilizes hydroformed tubing that “maximizes the welding area on the head tube junction for increased stiffness and durability.”

The Battleship also has a relatively short 12.7” chainstay which leads to the progressiveness and responsiveness of the current BMX street frames.

This one also has the option of brakes with removable hardware and a lifetime warranty. The 127mm tall head tube is also present to ADD strength and give a clean look with fewer headset spacers at the same time.

Battleship specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.5”, 20.75” – 21”
  • Head Tube – 75.75° / 127mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.7” Slammed
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Weight – 5.35 lbs 21”
  • Price: $319.99 (may vary)

6. Battleship Magnum

battleship magnum wtp frame
WTPs Battleship Magnum frame is an offshoot of their iconic Battleship frame with a few minor changes.

The Magnum has the same strength features as the original, such as the hydroformed tubing and the 127mm head tube. The differences lie in the stand-over and an additional top tube length as an option.

The stand-over height on the Magnum is 9.75” over the 9” of the original Battleship and the frame is offered in 21.25” versus 21” being the largest size of the original.

This frame is made for people who may be taller or just want a LONGER/TALLER version of the Battleship frame.

Note #4: Another frame I put through a lot of testing. In fact, this is the frame I’m still riding (size 21.25″). I really dig the specs and the higher standover.

Battleship Magnum specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.75”, 21”, 21.25”
  • Head Tube – 75.5° / 127mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.7” Slammed
  • Standover – 9.75”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Weight – 5.57 lbs 21”
  • Price: $349.95 (may vary)

7. Paradox

paradox wtp frame
The Paradox frame takes their original Battleship frame and gives it all of their new frame technology making a frame that is the “Ultimate Street Frame.”

The frame uses a ton of investment cast technology with the invest cast yoke, seat stay bridge, dropouts, and seat clamp.

This investment cast yoke allows for the short 12.7 rear end to also be compatible with 2.4” tires and have BETTER sprocket clearance.

With all geometry being the same other than .25 degrees less in head tube angle, essentially, this frame is the same as the Battleship but with the new technology added in.

Paradox specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.75”, 21”, 21.25”
  • Head Tube – 75.5° / 127mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.7” Slammed
  • Standover – 9”
  • BB Height – 11.7”
  • Weight – 5.8 lbs 21.25”
  • Price: $419.95 (may vary)

8. Utopia

utopia wtp frame
Utopia frame is a flatland-specific frame from WTP that is the “most advanced flatland frame” they’ve ever made.

The frame uses their signature hydroformed tubing and boasts a lifetime warranty just like other frames but with modern flatland geometry. The frame has a kinked top tube to fit the needs of flatland riding.

This is also a BRAKELESS frame, meaning there are no mounts or other brake hardware options.

The frame comes in two different top tube lengths of 19” and 20” even and weighs in at just 4.27 lbs at the 20” top tube length.

Utopia specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 19” / 20”
  • Head Tube – 75° / 110mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 12.7” Slammed
  • Standover – 6.2”
  • BB Height – 12”
  • Weight – 4.27 lbs 20”
  • Price: $329.99 (may vary)

9. Patrol

patrol wtp frame
WeThePeople rounds out their frame line up with a frame built for the trails and parks.

The Patrol frame has a longer rear end and comes in longer top tube lengths with a mellower head tube angle. The bottom bracket height is lower and all of this is done with stability in mind.

When going fast while riding trails and concrete skateparks, stability is key, so this is definitely a key factor to keep in mind.

Even the brake location is intentional for these types of riding with chainstay brake mounts.

The BIGGEST thing not present in this frame is the hydroformed tubing that other WTP frames use. Overall, this one is definitely built to go fast wherever you ride it!

Patrol specs:

  • Top Tube Length – 20.8”, 21.15”, 21.5”
  • Head Tube – 74.25° / 125mm
  • Seat Tube Angle – 71°
  • ChainStay Length – 13.6” – 14”
  • Standover – 8.9”
  • BB Height – 11.5”
  • Weight – 5.22 lbs 21.15”
  • Price: $319.99 (may vary)

Note #5: WeThePeople is a BMX company from Cologne, Germany, founded by Stephan Prantl, Stefan Rose and Lars Dorsch.


Is WeThePeople BMX good?

Many riders keep asking me this question, so here’s a short answer: Yes, WTP is really good. I tested their products and experienced only good quality.

Plus, WeThePeople offers a lifetime warranty on all their frames.

Where are WeThePeople frames made?

WeThePeople frames are made in Taiwan, using butted, Japanese seamless 4130 CrMo tubing.

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