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Felix Prangenberg Profile (2024)

felix prangenberg

Are you ready to enjoy the street insanity that Felix Prangenberg delivers?

This kid is unreal, doing the gnarliest things on the streets (worldwide).

On the other hand, Felix knows how to go exceptionally TECHNICAL on both ledges and rails. The best of both worlds. (Switch, too!)

Are you ready to witness one of the world’s best BMX street riders doing what he does best?

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I did the picking of his best videos instead of you.

All in one place!

Even though Felix lived in a small German village without any spots, he still had highly supportive parents.

Thus, Felix was only two and a half years old when learned how to ride a bike without training wheels.

Then, at the age of six, Felix Prangenberg got his very first BMX, and the rest was history.

To his luck, his dad helped him build small ramps and dirt jumps around the house so he could practice.

From getting his first BMX to turning pro only took Felix 9 years. He is probably one of the youngest shredders who turned pro at 15.

Look at him today, Felix is ALL AROUND the globe doing crazy stuff on the streets and even winning podiums, standing besides Garrett Reynolds and other top BMX riders.

This post covers:

Felix Prangenberg Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: May 25th, 1998
Place of birth: Rossbach, Germany
Height: 5′ 11″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @felix_prangenberg

2. Sponsors

WeThePeople, Eclat, Monster Energy, Vans, Kunstform, Our House, Doomed and Heavies.

3. Bike Check

Note: Take a peek at Felix Prangenberg’s latest bike check.

4. Parts Felix Rides

Featured photo by: Jason “Fooman” Colledge.

5. Best Felix Prangenberg BMX Videos

Monster – Silence

This split web video project for Monster Energy called “Silence” should be on your watch list. Not just that, you’ll likely want to rewatch it a few times just to fully grasp all the madness that goes down.

Felix and Jordan Godwin took two trips, one to Cape Town and one to Athens, to bring you an epic, nearly ten minutes long video that will blow you away.

Both go hard.

Felix brings you power with endless combos and burly stuff. Nollie full cab drops are so fire and I really like that jersey barrier line!

Did you see how casual that 360 tailwhip was?

Anyway, go watch now!

Last February

It doesn’t matter what city Felix visits, he will surely deliver each and every single time.

This “Last February” web project was shot in only around five days in beautiful Valencia, Spain. And even if there might be more chill spots in the city, Felix is so good he can make epic stuff happen everywhere, anytime.

What surprised me is that Felix also started having some fun on the front wheel – at least a bit more than he usually does in his videos.

I also need to mention that David Schaller did a magnificent job at filming and editing – such a pleasure to watch.

By the way, if you’ve never been to Valencia, just go; it’s a city with a very good vibe.


Felix’s new material is always a MUST-SEE.

First, what I really like about his video projects is that they are usually quite long.

Second, no matter how long a Felix video is, you’ll barely notice it. Why? Because it consists of a ton of insane riding that you sometimes need to rewatch to understand.

And I won’t even go into details about the tricks he does in LÄRM. All are insane, and everything is put together perfectly.

But the half-cab tailwhip to manual to 180 on that street pyramid was a pleasure. However, everything else was too good to be true.

Yes, I’ll watch it again because it’s just that dope.

2023 Pathfinder Frame Promo

Whenever Felix drops something new, whether it’s a bigger project or a shorter product promo, it’s a MUST-SEE. That’s just how it is.

Technical bike maneuvers at their finest, and you know that.

But, honestly, I must say that inclusion of that “simple” gap to the hill bomb was one of my favorite clips. It’s probably because it was so unexpected.

Do you know my favorite thing about Felix’s new Pathfinder frame? The 9.666″ standover height!

Raise your horns, and let’s watch this one – again! 🤘

Raw Unseen Felix Footage

Just like Grant says, there is no bad footage from Felix. On top of that, I think there’s WAY too little raw Felix footage out there – yes, because I’m a big fan of raw clips.

Anyway, here are all the clips that Felix and Grant filmed over a period of three weeks when filming for the “World of Uncertainty” video that didn’t make the cut.

Too bad this one is so short. But that’s obvious because most of the clips did make the cut, and you can watch the final product below.

Monster – Urge

After already dropping a ton of bombs over the year, Felix comes out with a killer video that will knock your socks off. This dude is on FIRE all the time.

This is 7 minutes long, filmed around Europe in 2021. So much stuff is going on, making me completely speechless.

From insanely tech combos, switch moves and burly stunts, Felix is a master of them all.

Of course, the last double peg to nose manual to tailwhip out is mind-bending. But you’ll experience a lot more insanity throughout the video, so sit back, relax and enjoy.

Ending the year in style!

WTP “Honey”

I’m sure you’ve already seen the full “Honey” web video project from WeThePeople.

Felix’s opening part is mind-melting, which I have watched too many times already. (I just did it one more time.)

Switch, opposite, regular, big, small, Prangenberg is getting smoother and smoother in whatever he does.

That disaster on a sub to 180 is probably the most wowing moment for me.

But there are OH SO many more! The up rail pegs to hard 360 tailwhip is another one.

Again, there’s more.

Guest parts by Riley Smith, Dan Kruk and Jordan Godwin.

Felix & Murray In Cape Town

Even though this is a split video, there are a ton of epic Felix riding clips in this one that I just couldn’t skip but add the video to this list. Felix flew to Cape Town to meet with his teammate Murray Loubser to shred the awesome and unique street spots.

Vans’s Unfiltered projects are always SUCH a treat to watch.

From the riding to the filming, Felix, Murray and Rich Forne did a fantastic job from start to finish. Yup, I’ll watch it again (or maybe three more times)!

But I still can’t wrap my mind around Murray’s tire slide to g-turn – that was nuts. Are you ready?

Éclat – World Of Uncertainty

Okay, this one is on an entirely different level. Felix spent one month in California to work on this Éclat project, and it’s beyond amazing.

With big and tech, regular and switch, Felix can do it all easily and smoothly.

Honestly, I don’t get more than half of the stuff that’s in here. That said, I won’t even attempt to write any tricks he pulls. (It would ruin your viewing.)

Felix knows how to bring hype and excitement, and this one is good proof. I challenge you to try and relax – the stoke is too high.

Éclat – World Of Uncertainty – Raw

I’m sure you’ve already seen Felix’s “World Of Uncertainty” video for Éclat from 2021, right?

Well, Grant decided to put together a collage of raw clips that’s nearly 25 minutes long, full of attempts, crashes, second angles and pulled tricks in raw format.

Felix’s level of technical riding is absolutely ridiculous. There’s so much stuff in here that I seriously don’t understand how it’s even possible for him to pull it off.

Not just pull it, but pull it super clean and smoothly.

And the fact that all this is in raw makes it even more enjoyable for me to watch.

2021 X Games Real BMX

This is heavy. Like, really HEAVY. The music is on the heavy side, but then there’s the riding, which is almost absurd.

So. Extremely. Good.

When did you saw a 540 drop to smith grind the last time? I thought so!

I will say this: there is 0 progression of the level of tricks in here. Yes, it starts with a banger and it follows with more bangers on bangers.

I will even go so far and say that the last trick is not any better than the first one. Everything is at level eleven.

Yes, I may be overreacting (or am I?), but I like this thing OH SO MUCH.

WeThePeople “Out Of Line” part

If you are ready for ten minutes of continuous fire street riding with not one but four songs (not all in full), then you need Felix’s “Out Of Line” part.

We are all grateful that WeThePeople uploaded this to YouTube, so we can all enjoy it as much as we want.

It is ridiculous to think that this is ten minutes long and will make you want to rewatch it multiple times.

Yes, it’s that crazy good.

By the way, they even added Slayer, so you know that it will be super intense. I will not even bother naming bangers because there are too many.

Felix’s signature Éclat Creature tire promo

If you need a BMX tire that can easily handle just about any street spot, you better take a peek at Felix’s signature Creature tire from Éclat.

But if you ride skateparks primarily, that’s what Creature is good for, too.

This promo is full of insanity on the streets with an ender clip that will make your eyes go as big as saucers.

If it holds Felix’s level of bike riding, you know it will hold yours just as well.

The Creature is a mixture of Mirage and Morrow (Ty Morrow‘s signature) tires, both from Éclat, and produced by no other than MAXXIS.

Welcome to Etnies pro

Felix is making big moves in the BMX game right now, and he deserves all the support from bike, clothing and shoe brands.

In this instance, here is welcome to Etnies pro team web edit, which may not be the kind of a (welcome) video that you are used to seeing.

To some extent, Felix does not go super heavy here; still, it is an edit you will want to watch more than once.

Along with the great street and some skatepark riding, it is also very cool to see Felix’s other side.

Yes, he has an outstanding personality, one of those dudes who will always support you when you need help.

Felix Prangenberg WTP “Strange Times”

During the quarantine time in Germany, many peeps were just lying around, doing nothing. Well, that was not the case for the young Felix.

Felix is no joke.

He filmed enough material to put together this outstanding web edit that happens to be five minutes long in just three weeks. Yes, that’s right, 5.

Whether he goes extreme and big or super tech and creative, whatever he does, he does it with style.

And now, you get to witness this masterpiece of a BMX video that will have you glued to the screen for a long time.

Do you need inspiration when it comes to street riding? Watch Felix do his thing.

A day in the life of Felix

If you ever wanted to peek into the life of Felix Prangenberg, here you go.

Felix and David Schaller spent a day together, starting with breakfast at Felix’s parent’s place, and they went from there.

Even though it rained and everything was wet, the unstoppable Felix managed to get some clips in before heading to WTP’s office.

There, they investigated Felix’s signature BMX frame, built a new bike setup and of to have a session at the skatepark they went.

One does of solid shredding from Felix before they finally called it a day.

Felix Prangenberg WTP “Foundation” video part

Action Bronson, Felix and intense street riding – that’s what to expect from his WTP “Foundation” part. By far, one of my favorite BMX videos of Felix.

This is straight-up fire from start to finish. Do you know what’s cool?

Seeing Felix wear a helmet when pulling a 540 truck driver and other madness.

You often do not see that today, so it sure is a rarity.

What else to say about this other than Felix really went all-in with pulling loads of heavy material to level up the overall “Foundation” full-length video.

Even though everything is banging, something about the Spanish street clips instantly triggers my attention. Enjoy.

Raw clips at Neuss skatepark

Even though there is no music and these are only raw clips, man, I still love it oh so much.

What’s hard to comprehend is how many clips they shot in a very short session at the Neuss concrete skatepark.

I bet they had no idea there would be 100 shots of Felix (pulled and not pulled tricks) doing what he does best.

There are also some shots of friends, all making magic at this, especially fun-looking skatepark.

Thanks to FreedomBMX for bringing this one to the masses, as watching Prangenberg ride never gets old.

Felix Prangenberg WTP Pathfinder frame promo

If insane tech combos on the streets are what you dig, you will want to watch Felix’s promotional web edit for his signature WeThePeople Pathfinder frame – but you probably already did.

This is from 2018, but it’s one of those timeless street BMX edits.

You will want to return to it five, ten, or even more years from now and enjoy it to the fullest.

Even though the video that Grant C. put together is pegs-packed, you will still see tricks like 360 turndown, tuck no-hander and many other gold nuggets.

Of course, there is the up-rail double peg to hard 360 toboggan as an ender – how sick is this?

Felix’s winning Simple Session 2020 street run

Okay, let’s make one thing clear. Filming a web edit or a video part for a DVD is a long-term process.

A rider has time to try the trick as many times he wants. He travels to spots that he likes and appeal to him.

Also, the pressure is low, because he (usually) picks what he wants to ride.

Whereas when it comes to a contest, you are limited to the objects there – and hundreds of trick-hungry eyes are staring at you.

But that is not too big of a deal for the German street murderer, Felix. His Simple Session street run is jaw-dropping, and here is proof.

He pulled everything so perfectly – and those are not easy tricks. Sit back, relax and enjoy the madness.

Youth of Today edit from 2015

I am not really sure how young Felix is here, but I tell you one thing – he is very young.

This was shot for DIG BMX’s “Youth of Today” feature and consists of over three and a half minutes of bangers.

And there is another thing that stands out – the helmet.

I guess his parents told Felix to wear a helmet until the age of eighteen, and then he was allowed to do whatever he wanted.

But that doesn’t really matter.

You better do yourself a favor and watch this young German street rider pulling tricks that his fellow senior riders in their twenties can barely handle.

Felix’s Unclicked podcast

If you’d like to get even more familiar with Felix, Our BMX did a 1 hour and 40 minutes long Unclicked podcast with him.

I know you’ve been waiting for this one. Se was I.

In the podcast, they chat about:

  • Early days and growing up in the rural village
  • Tattoos (Felix covered his body relatively quickly)
  • Being the TV guy (“Disney kid”)
  • Being the first one testing WTP products/prototypes
  • Tight (but large!) German scene
  • And heaps more

All I can is that you definitely should not miss this one. Felix has an amazing personality, that’s for sure!

Note: Videos are listed in no particular order, but I plan to add newer ones on top.

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