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5 Best 18 Inch BMX Tires (In 2024)

18 inch bmx tires

Are you searching for the best 18 inch BMX tires that work on streets, at skateparks and trails?

Note: Because I cannot test an 18″ tire properly, I reached out to a bunch of my young dudes on IG to share their experiences with me.

Here we are now with the best 18″ tires after months of testing and reviewing.

Everyone said that the Cult X Vans tire is the absolute best they ever rode, but all the other five are many’s favorites.

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This post covers:

Note: I also have a collection of the best BMX tires if you need more (20″) options. And don’t forget about picking the best BMX inner tubes!

Best 18 Inch BMX Tires

1. Cult X Vans Juvenile 18″ Tire

cult vans 18 bmx tire
The Cult X Vans tire for 18″ BMX bikes is one of the most popular out there.

It works well for streets and skateparks, and even trails, with its grippy, waffle pattern that’s signature to Vans.

The tire is available in 2.3″, which gives it enough “fatness” but not too much.

If you need a reliable 18″ tire that also looks good, then the Cult X Vans is the one I highly recommend.

And what’s really cool is that you can get it in multiple colors!

Max. pressure: 65PSI
Recommended for: All-terrain (including trail)
Price: $24.99 (may vary)


2. Rant Squad 18″ Tire

rant squad 18 tire
The Rant Squad 18″ tire is one of the most affordable on the market.

But after talking to 10+ youngsters, they all agreed that it’s an excellent beginner BMX tire. Someone even said that he uses it for trails, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it.

It’s a slightly thicker tire at 2.3″ with an awesome thread design that’s grippy but, at the same time, fast.

I highly recommend Rant’s Squad tire if you’re on a budget.

Max. pressure: 60PSI
Recommended for: Street & park
Price: $19.99 (may vary)


3. Haro MS-5 18″ Tire

haro ms-5 18 bmx tire

The wide-spread Haro MS-5 tire also comes in an 18″ version, and I’ve seen many dudes ride it, having only good things to say about it.

The Haro MS-5 comes in black and is 2.3″ thick.

If you don’t need a thicker tire and you mainly ride on smooth terrain, then this is the tire you should go with. (Only very light trails-friendly.)

Max. pressure: 40PSI
Recommended for: Street & park
Price: $14.99 (may vary)


4. Family F603 18″ Tire

family f603 bmx tire 18
The Family F603 18″ BMX tire is a flexible solution for the younger dudes with an option to go up to 65PSI.

The 18″ version is available in red and black color options and 2.25″ thickness.

The walls were also greatly improved over the years, giving the tire extra strength to ensure it lasts you long.

Max. pressure: 65PSI
Recommended for: Street & park
Price: $19.99 (may vary)


5. Fiction Troop 18″ Tire

fiction troop bmx tire 18
Fiction Troop 18″ BMX tire is the thicker amongst the top options, coming at 2.33″. (Hey, that’s the width I was rocking for the past two years, but finally moved to 2.4″.)

Troop has a fantastic thread design that’s smooth but not too smooth.

This gives it enough grip for rail and wall rides (even on more slippery skateparks), but it’s still fast enough for riding transitions. But if you want to go fast, I recommend pumping it to at least 60PSI, if not 65.

Max. pressure: 65PSI
Recommended for: Street & park
Price: $15.99 (may vary)


How to pick the best 18 inch BMX tires?

While I only recommend these six tires for your 18 inch BMX bikes, you don’t really have too much work to do.

You also don’t really have much thinking to do because I only included strong and reliable tires.

But it’s important that you think about what you’ll be riding the most: street, park or dirt?

However, because you’re probably just starting out, you’ll want to touch all terrains, right? I know I did!

For this reason, I recommend going with Cult X Vans tire.

It is a tough tire, with the right amount of thickness, excellent thread pattern (waffles FTW!), and comes in multiple color choices.

How To Make Your BMX Tires Last Longer

BMX tires are designed to handle rugged use, but they can wear out quickly if not properly cared for.

Here are my tips to make your BMX tire last longer:

  1. Proper inflation: Maintain recommended tire pressure to avoid premature wear.
  2. Regular inspection: Check for cuts, punctures, and remove embedded debris.
  3. Rotate tires: Swap front and back tires occasionally for even wear.
  4. Quality matters: Invest in high-quality tires for durability.
  5. Avoid skidding: It leads to rapid tread wear.
  6. Choose the right tire: Match your tire to your primary riding style (street, dirt, or park).
  7. Proper storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
  8. Wheel alignment: Ensure proper wheel alignment to avoid uneven tire wear.
  9. Moderate braking: Use both brakes evenly to prevent excessive wear.

FAQ About BMX Tires

What size tires does a BMX bike have?

In the case of 18″ BMX bikes, you can only put an 18″ wheel and tire on it. It’s not compatible with any other size.

Why do BMX bikes have fat tires?

A fat BMX tire is great because it absorbs impact easier, gives it more contact with the surface and simply looks better.

What BMX tires should I get?

It all depends on the riding styling you’re into. But I recommend going with an all-terrain tire if you choosing a new 18″ BMX tire, like Cult X Vans tire.

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