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3 Best 22 Inch BMX Forks (In 2024)

22 inch bmx forks

I’ve talked to many dudes who were seeking a new pair of solid 22 inch BMX forks, and these are the ones I recommended to all of them.

Unfortunately, there aren’t yet many fork options for 22″ wheels on the market, but you cannot go wrong with these.

And if you want to save money on forks by going with a high-tensile steel version – please DON’T!

ALWAYS go with heat-treated Chromoly forks – you’ll thank yourself later!

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They are MUCH safer because they are nearly impossible to break.

I vouch for these 100%!

Not only are they strong AF, but they are an excellent upgrade that will contribute to your faster progression.

Take your BMX riding skills to the next level with absolute confidence, thanks to solid forks you can trust.

Best 22″ BMX Forks For Street, Park & Trails

1. S&M 22″ Widemouth

sm widemouth 22 fork
I’m sharing The S&M Widemouth forks first because they offer the most options for every rider.

And they are called like that for a reason – because they fit the fattest tires you can get, thanks to the larger curve radius.

(By the way, you may also be interested in learning whether or not BMX tire width even matters.)

More often than not, riders prefer a thicker tire in the front and a slimmer one in the back, especially when it comes to 22″.

Even if you like to switch tires, going from fat to slim occasionally, Widemouth forks unlock all THE FUN of doing so.

What I also like about these 22″ forks is that they come in 26mm and 33mm offsets.

If you want a more responsive bike, go with the shorter one, and for a more stable bike, go with the longer offset.

But you can learn more about that in my beginner’s guide on BMX fork offset.

Many 22″ bike riders out there prefer responsiveness (26mm) for technical street riding. And then there are those riding trails and transitions that need extra stability (33mm).

You see, Widemouth forks have something for EVERYONE.

Another benefit is the 173mm steerer tube (which S&M beefed up to make it even stronger).

Why? Because you can have an 11mm higher front end compared to the other two forks on this list. But you can also raise it with a top load stem or a 10 inch bar.

If I were to pick forks for a 22″ wheel BMX bike, I’d go with Widemouths every day!

Widemouth fork specs:

  • Steerer Length: 173mm
  • Offset: 26mm, 33mm
  • Max Tire Clearance: 2.45″
  • Weight: 37.4 oz
  • Price: $209.95 (may vary)

2. S&M 22″ Pitchfork

sm 22 pitchfork fork
The S&M Pitchfork forks are around for a LOOONG time – we could almost call them the staple forks of BMX.

It’s definitely one of the more recognizable forks in the BMX scene.

And all for a good reason – because they are strong and long-lasting.

They were first available for 20″ wheels, but S&M later made them available in various sizes, including 22″.

I had the 20″ version for a few years, and even when I gave them away, they lasted for another few years.

They are slightly heavier, but this only means one thing – LONGEVITY!


Pitchfork offers enough clearance for the modern tires (but I don’t recommend lacing it to the thickest ones – go with Widemouths instead).

The offset is 33mm, which gives you all the necessary stability you want.

But this doesn’t mean you cannot do any technical stunts because you can – they may just require a little extra effort.

The Pitchfork is meant for you if you want a classic fork.

Pitchfork fork specs:

  • Steerer Length: 162mm
  • Offset: 33mm
  • Max Tire Clearance: 2.4″
  • Weight: 38.4oz
  • Price: $209.95 (may vary)

3. S&M 22″ Pitchfork XLT

sm 22 pitchfork xlt fork
If you care about your bike’s weight, I have a solution for you – The S&M Pitchfork XLT forks.

While the general specs are the same as the original Pitchforks, the tapered legs are one of the main differences.

These allowed S&M to reduce the weight by around 2.5oz, which is a big deal for someone looking at the overall bike weight.

But for this reason, Pitchfork XLT forks aren’t as strong, so I’d avoid using them for any type of burly riding.

But if you’re into riding parks, trails and transitions (even light street), then these are a FANTASTIC investment.

You can also go really fast with them, thanks to the 33mm offset, which equips you with more stability.

Pitchfork XLT fork specs:

  • Steerer Length: 162mm
  • Offset: 33mm
  • Max Tire Clearance: 2.4″
  • Weight: 35.9oz
  • Price: $169.95 (may vary)

FAQs About 22 Inch BMX Forks

What are the key features of 22-inch BMX forks?

22-inch BMX forks are designed to accommodate 22-inch wheels, providing the necessary clearance and support. They often feature robust construction for durability, a suitable offset for stability and responsiveness, and are made from materials like chromoly steel for strength.

Can I use 22-inch forks on a 20-inch BMX bike?

Using 22-inch forks on a 20-inch BMX bike is not recommended as they are designed for larger wheels and can alter the bike’s geometry, affecting handling and stability. Always match the fork size with the wheel size for optimal performance.

Are 22-inch BMX forks heavier than 20-inch forks?

22-inch BMX forks may be slightly heavier than 20-inch forks due to their larger size and the additional material needed for strength.

What should I consider when choosing 22-inch BMX forks?

When choosing 22-inch BMX forks, consider the fork’s material (always chromoly!), steerer tube length, offset (which affects handling and responsiveness) and whether the forks are compatible with your BMX frame and wheel size.

How does fork offset affect the performance of a 22-inch BMX bike?

Fork offset in 22-inch BMX bikes affects how the bike handles. A smaller offset makes the bike more responsive and better for technical tricks, while a larger offset offers more stability at high speeds and is preferred for riding transitions or dirt jumping.

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