18 Best Kevin Peraza BMX Videos (2023)

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Do you need a dose of Kevin Peraza BMX videos in your life?

It does not matter whether it’s big and death-threatening or tech and wizardry; Kevin’s riding covers everything.

The BMX dude with the biggest smile all the time, Kevin, is an all-around shredder that those it all with extreme style.

He goes by the nickname KP, but I would call him Smiley.

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You could be a street, a park, trail rider, or even a flatlander, and you will enjoy all that Peraza does.

What’s really cool is that KP’s whole family is a BMX family.

His dad rode BMX, and his brothers are involved, too!

This post covers:


Note: Don’t miss the most recent Kevin Peraza bike check.

By examining his Instagram profile, you would immediately understand that Kevin Peraza genuinely enjoys himself.

Moreover, he is a very humble guy, somewhat conservative (in a good way).

In other words, he will not simply go to Instagram and post stuff to brag – that’s not Kevin. He does his own creative thing, and that’s what’s unique about him.

Kevin’s Unclicked video interview

Enjoy this versatile and all-around rider on a regular by following him on Instagram and show him some love.

Featured photo by: Jeff Zielinski.

Best Kevin Peraza BMX Videos

1. Best Of Kevin Peraza At X Games California 2023

Usually, you won’t see me posting clips from contents in these epic riders’ videographies, but I just cannot not post this best of KP complication from the 2023 X Games California.

From killing it at the park (2nd place) and street (1st place) competitions to winning Dave Mirra’s BMX park best trick – YUP, Kevin is unreal.

Three medals at one X Games?!

I wonder what would happen if Kevin also participated in the dirt comp.

Anyways, enjoy these fantastic runs that each could be its own short video part.

2. Most memorable 2022 moments

Even though we’ve seen all of this already, it’s KP, so it’s worth a second, a third and a fourth watch! (Maybe even a fifth and a sixth.)

Juani Zurita put together this awesome collage of clips featuring the most memorable and biggest moments of 2022.

So let’s take these two-and-a-half minutes to enjoy the style, the smile and the insane riding stunts that Kevin’s known for.

3. Kevin Peraza Brussel’s Plaza Session

You don’t need a ton of insane street or park obstacles for Kevin to create a masterpiece of a video.

Peraza always comes out with something mind-melting as one of the best all-around BMX riders.

All this was shot after the Simple Session 2022 at the Brussel’s plaza. It’s an excellent combination of technical and wild riding, just like Kevin knows best. With OH SO much style.

And his signature smile is – of course – always present! 🙂

Filmed and edited by his bro, Juani Zurita.

P.S. I just watched it for the fifth time; it’s so good. (But that’s my situation every time KP puts out a new video project.)

4. Vans – Con Todo

If I never told you yet – YES, I’m a big fan of Kevin! Especially later, when he started doing a lot more street riding.

But Peraza can do it all, street, park and dirt. And he doesn’t have a problem going really big regardless of what his rides.

The dude’s a beast.

What’s even crazier is that I don’t even know what some of the stuff he does are called. (Or the trick is too long to describe, so I won’t.)

But that’s okay. I’ll just rewatch the Con Todo project for Vans one more time and try to figure it out.

But my favorite is probably the semi-180 to luc-e stall to 180 lookback out – what?

Just. Watch. It.

5. A day in the life of Kevin

If you’ve ever questioned what a day in the life of a pro BMX rider looks like, here’s a cool look into Kevin’s day. I don’t want to reveal too much, but you can tell that Kevin is living a very active and very healthy lifestyle.

He also works with a personal strength trainer between two daily bike sessions to keep his body in shape and prevent injuries. You’ll even see Chad Kerley joining him at the gym.

You’ll also see a sneak peek at his signature Mongoose La Familia V2 frame.

6. Mongoose Heritage series w/ Kevin

The Heritage series from Mongoose is a video series on their riders that “is an intimate look behind the scenes into what makes our riders tick,” or in other words, it’s an insight into who these people are beyond the riding.

This series installment is with the most smiling man in BMX; KP.

From the beginning, it is easy to see Kevin’s great outlook on BMX and life in general.

This series is extremely well made from the video side of things and it’s always great to see these types of things from riders we know and love.

7. E-Fise HONOR 2020 street finals

Kevin Peraza made it to the E-Fise digital contest finals in 2020, which, if you didn’t know, replaced the physical contest series because of everything going on in the world.

This was a digital street contest where the competitors worked with a filmer to create a one-minute video for qualifications and another one-minute video for the finals.

At only a minute long, Kevin comes out of the gate swinging with a massive gap barspin to wallride directly followed by an uprail to 360 downside whip.

The variety is great, with a little bit of everything from Kevin to make for a well-rounded and awesome video that also just happened to earn him the win!

8. E-Fise HONOR 2020 park finals

In 2020, Kevin Peraza was one of few riders who competed in the E-Fise digital contest’s park and street portions that replaced the year’s physical contest series.

With that, Kevin made finals in both categories with amazing videos.

Here we have his park finals video, which starts with an absolutely massive 360 no-footed can-can to tabletop in Pat Casey‘s backyard.

Kevin proceeds to throw down for a fantastic video that earned him fourth place.

9. E-Fise HONOR 2020 1st qualifier

Here we have Kevin Peraza’s E-Fise Street Contest qualifying video from 2020. This digital contest brought a street and a park category from men and women.

Kevin entered both men’s park and men’s street, with this video being his street entry.

These videos had to be just one minute long and in that minute’s time, Kevin kills it with quite a few wild nose combos to start it off.

One thing that makes this part really stand out is its mixture.

He does bigger tricks and technical tricks, and at the end, there is a massive 180 whip down a gap.

10. Vans “Illustrated” part

The Van’s Illustrated video came out in 2017 and featured parts from all of their pro BMX riders. Here we have Kevin Peraza’s part in the video.

One thing right off the back, aside from the massive 360 tabletop he does down a gap, is that you can easily see Kevin’s personality shining through in the b roll.

Another awesome aspect of this video is that Kevin is riding everything from skateparks to bowls, and the streets; absolutely killing it!

A few standouts were the 360 down whip gap out of a slide, the decade down a stair set, and the up rail to a decade!

11. Demolition’s Heat Wave promo

In 2020, Kevin Peraza made a move to San Diego, California. With that, Demolition made this video of him riding his new local skatepark all in one session.

The video promotes Kevin’s Heat Wave line from Demolition at the time.

The skatepark looks awesome, but Kevin also shreds every inch of it, from the transition elements to the street elements.

He even does a flair on what looks like the smallest quarterpipe in the park. Overall, Kevin rides amazing on anything and this video is no exception!

12. Monster Energy – Arizona Fire

Here we have a video from Monster Energy with Kevin Peraza called Arizona Fire.

The video starts with fire as Kevin lights up something on the ground in the shape of his initials just before seeing the riding fire.

When the first clip in a video is a 540 downside tailwhip or decade to 180 (depending upon who you ask), you know you’re in for a good one.

From there, the insanity continues with so many amazing clips.

Another standout was the one at 1:16 that appears to be a wallride to down whip to fakie and honestly, you just have to see it to understand.

13. X Games “Being”

Being is a World Of X Games series that looks at X Games athletes beyond whatever sport they compete in.

This episode is with Kevin Peraza, a two-time X Games gold medalist.

The video features people like Scotty Cranmer and others talking about Kevin and the first thing we hear is Scotty pointing out Kevin’s ever-present smile no matter what he is doing.

We learn about Kevin’s dad being his inspiration for BMX and his mom mentions his natural abilities for it.

It is always really cool to learn about riders and the BMX family.

14. Kevin Peraza at Premises Park

That’s a very fitting title for this video from Vital BMX that came out in February of 2018. Kevin’s positive attitude and smile he constantly has is one attribute that cannot be overstated.

This video reminds us of that very quickly as Kevin goes to work destroying this skatepark.

From the bowl to the street area and the box jump quarterpipe area, Kevin definitely demolishes it all in here. It is always truly a pleasure watching him ride.

15. Real BMX 2018 contest

The Real BMX contest from X Games pairs one rider with one filmer to work together in a set amount of time to produce around a minute and a half long video.

Peraza and Juani Zurita teamed up for the 2018 X Games Real BMX contest; this video is the result.

Kevin rides some amazing spots here, including a massive but perfect volcano at a playground that just so happens to look like it is meant to be a volcano.

There is no shortage of technical, stylish, and burly riding here, with an uprail to decade being the banger.

16. Mongoose 2013 video

Here we have a throwback for you from 2013! This is Kevin Peraza’s Mongoose edit at his local indoor skatepark Premises.

Kevin is so incredibly dialed in here with tricks like a superman cannonball and half cab downside tailwhips.

If you look closely, you can catch a glimpse of Kevin’s constant smile when he’s riding.

He is also using every inch of the skatepark in this one with so many wild transfers and tricks like the toothpick bonk 450 to fakie!

17. The Ramp w/ Kevin Peraza & Pat Casey

The Ramp is a series where riders use a kicker ramp to film a video.

Some seriously amazing things have happened using this ramp throughout the years, and this video from the second series with Kevin Peraza and Pat Casey is a great example.

The boys are in Sochi, Russia, with “The Ramp” for this installment. Beyond the riding, this one is also cool for the culture we get at the beginning of it.

There is also a Larry Edgar appearance in this one. How often do you get to say you did a wallride on a Russian tank, let alone a wallride to downwhip?!

This is an excellent watch.

18. Hot & heavy for Mongoose

I cannot believe this one is from 2014. So FIRE! Kevin hits Arizona’s Chandler Park on a scorching day (107 degrees), but that’s not something to stop him.

He has many insanely good riding clips that vary from big trick wizardry to technical combos.

Also, you get guest appearances from Eddie, David, Victor, and Papa Peraza! A BMX family that’s on a different level.

Although I’m a nose manual guy, I still like that 540 over the box jump the most. Clean, smooth, and just too good not to watch it three times.

I’m sure you’ll also enjoy watching videos from some of Kevin’s teammates:

Frequently Asked Questions About Kevin Peraza

How old is Kevin Peraza?

Kevin’s parents are from Mexico, but he was born and raised on September 2, 1994, in Tucson, Arizona.

Who does Kevin Peraza ride for?

At the time of writing this, Kevin is doing it for Monster Energy, Vans Shoes, Mongoose, Ethika, Demolition and Bell Helmets.

What bike does Kevin Peraza ride?

Kevin rides his signature Mongoose La Familia frame with Demolition parts.

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