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4 Best 22-Inch BMX Bikes (2024)

22 inch bmx bikes

Are you trying to find the best 22-inch BMX bikes?

Whether you’re a taller person or you’re just looking for something larger than 22″ (for stability and speed), then these bikes are the perfect, super fun solution to opt for.

Even though there aren’t that many options available on the market today, the four completes I included below ARE.

Personally, I think that the WTP Audio bike is the top-tier 22″ BMX bike you can use for cruising around or treating yourself to a good street, park or trail session.

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But the other three are almost equally high-quality but cheaper for you to pick and have all the fun you deserve.

Best 22″ BMX Complete Bikes

1. WeThePeople Audio BMX Bike

wtp audio 22 bmx bike
After looking around to find the best bikes with 22″ wheels, The WeThePeople Audio is the one that kept coming up.

So many dudes mentioned how awesome this bike is, not just riding-wise but material-wise (and the overall build).

The frame has a 21.9″ top tube (only 0.3″ longer than my 20″ frame!), with tapered chainstays and seatstays and invest cast dropouts for extra strength.

It also has a mellower (but not too mellow) headtube angle at 74.5° and a chainstay length of 14.2″ (see what’s the ideal BMX chainstay length).

Audio’s forks have a traditional 32mm offset, which is an all-around solution (yes – while it does require some getting used to it – you can still nose manual it!).

From the specs above, you can see that, although it’s a 22″, they still made the Audio bike somewhat responsive (considering someone taller will ride it). Street-friendly, if you will!

(But if you’re looking for a serious street machine, I also have a collection of the best BMX street bikes.)

Moreover, this 22″ bike has a wide selection of WTP, Eclat and Salt products, ensuring a top-notch ride straight out of the box.

From WeThePeople Logic stem, rim and sprocket to Eclat Bios BMX seat, SaltPlus Pro cranks and Eclat Slash plastic BMX pedals – you get it all and then some. Brakes are included, too.

But in my opinion, going brakeless and putting on the bike two or four pegs (I recommend plastic BMX pegs) is the MOST fun thing you can do. But still, adjust the bike so it feels right for you.

And out of all these four bikes, Audio is the lightest (only 26.53 lbs).

Keep in mind, Scott reported that he found the seat post slightly too short for how he likes to ride his seat. But he replaced it (see my collection of the best BMX seat posts) and couldn’t be happier with how the bike rides.

Note: You can always upgrade the Audio bike with aftermarket parts, building a unique 22″ ride for yourself.

Bike specs:

  • Frame: WTP Audio frame
  • Top tube: 21.9″
  • Headtube angle: 74.5°
  • Forks: WTP Audio forks, 32mm offset
  • Bars: WTP Audio bars, 9″ rise
  • Stem: WTP Logic stem, 50mm reach
  • Front wheel: WTP Logic rim, Salt EX front hub
  • Rear wheel: WTP Logic rim, Salt EX cassette hub
  • Cranks: SaltPlus Pro 48 cranks, 175mm
  • Sprocket: WTP Logic sprocket, 25T
  • Tires: WTP Overbite tires, 2.3″
  • Pedals: Eclat Slash plastic pedals
  • Seat: Eclat Bios mid seat
  • Brake Mounts: Removable
  • Weight: 26.53 lbs
  • Price: $839.99 (may vary)

2. Stolen Spade 22″ BMX Bike

stolen spade 22 bmx bike
But if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option (although I highly recommend Audio) or a 22-inch BMX bike with a longer top tube, Stolen’s or the two below WILL meet your needs.

The Spade bike features a 22.25″ top tube frame (the longest of all four) with s-bend chainstays that fit fatter tires (find out if BMX tire width matters). By the way, you get Fiction Troop tires in 2.3″.

Moreover, the chainstay length is 14.1″, and the headtube angle is 74.25°.

The Stolen Spade bike uses only the most high-quality materials to ensure reliability and longevity. Yup, I’m speaking about the trustworthy Chromoly.

Spade bike has the tallest handlebar of the bunch at 9.25″ rise, held by Fiction’s Spartan top load BMX stem and equipped with Stolen’s Team flanged grips (flanged vs flangeless grips, find out which are better).

The other GOODIES you’ll find on this bike are Stolen’s Rampage rims, Talon BMX cranks, Throttle aluminum pedals and Rampage front hub and Rampage cassette hub.

What I also really like about Spade are forks with a 28mm offset, making the bike more responsive and easier for nose manuals.

Go with Stolen’s Spade if you’re looking for a 22″ bike with the longest TT and the mellowest headtube angle.

Bike specs:

  • Frame: Stolen Spade frame
  • Top tube: 22.25″
  • Headtube angle: 74.25°
  • Forks: Stolen 100% Chromoly fork w/ tapered Legs, 28mm offset
  • Bars: TallBoy bars, 9.25″
  • Stem: Fiction Spartan topload steam, 52mm reach
  • Front wheel: Stolen Rampage rim, Stolen Rampage front hub
  • Rear wheel: Stolen Rampage rim, Stolen Rampage cassette hub
  • Cranks: Tubular 4130 Chromoly, 175mm
  • Sprocket: Stolen sprocket, 25T
  • Tires: Fiction Troop tires, 2.3″
  • Pedals: Stolen Throttle alloy pedals
  • Seat: Mid-size padded railed seat
  • Brake Mounts: Welded
  • Weight: 27 lbs
  • Price: $574.99 (may vary)

3. Subrosa Malum 22″ BMX Bike

subrosa malum 22 bmx bike
I’m sure you’ve heard of the Subrosa Malum bike already. This one’s been around for a while and gets better and better with each passing year.

Since you’re looking for 22″ bikes, you’re looking for a little EXTRA stability, which is precisely what Malum provides on all terrain, parks, streets and trails.

However, at a headtube angle of 74°, I’d say Malum is the least street-friendly bike on this list. Aim at a bike with a 74.5° headtube angle if you want something more responsive.

Malum is a collection of Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy and Rant parts, meaning, you can go hard, fast and tech as you wish. YUP, because of the excellent quality these parts guarantee.

Surprisingly, the rise of the handlebar is “only” 8.5″, but Malum rocks the Subrosa Rose top load stem, which raises the front end nicely.

Some other Malum specialties are Rant’s Bang Ur headset, Bangin’ cranks, Party On V2 front and rear (cassette) hubs and Squad rims, to name a few.

Important: Subrosa’s Malum 22″ bike has the trustworthy Shadow Interlock V2 half link BMX chain! (My favorite to date.)

The only downside of Malum is that it’s on the heavier side. (But hey, strong, lower-priced products are usually slightly heavier.)

Bike specs:

  • Frame: Subrosa Malum frame
  • Top tube: 22″
  • Headtube angle: 74°
  • Forks: Subrosa 100% Chromoly tapered legs forks, 30mm offset
  • Bars: Subrosa 100% Chromoly bars, 8.5″ rise
  • Stem: Subrosa Rose topload stem, 48mm reach
  • Front wheel: Rant Squad rim, Rant Party On V2 front hub
  • Rear wheel: Rant Squad rim, Rant Party On V2 rear hub
  • Cranks: Rant Bangin’ cranks, 175mm
  • Sprocket: Shadow VVS sprocket, 25T
  • Tires: Subrosa 2.30″ tires
  • Pedals: Shadow Surface plastic pedals
  • Seat: Shadow Heritage slim seat
  • Brake Mounts: Removable
  • Weight: 28.6 lbs
  • Price: $659.99 (may vary)

4. Fit Bikes Series 22 BMX Bike

fit series 22 bmx bike
Fit Series 22 is another fantastic all-around complete bike solution for everyone who needs something above the 20″ wheel mark.

The 100% Chromoly frame has a 22.125″ top tube, 74.5° headtube angle, and 14.1″ chainstay length. These specs will feel quite responsive for someone taller.

Fit’s Series 22 bike has sealed bearings throughout for a SMOTHER ride, with S&M Speedball tires (2.4″ in the front and 2.25″ in the back).

Besides the S&M tires, the bike also comes with S&M’s Sharpie Shield railed seat (remember, only Audio has a pivotal seat and seat post system).

You’ll get it with Fit’s top load stem, Longtech BMX grips, alloy pedals and OEM double-wall rims, front and back.

The Fit Series 22 bike is ready for all your freestyle BMX riding intentions, keeping you rolling on the streets, at skateparks and on dirt with nothing but a big smile on your face.

Bike specs:

  • Frame: Fit Series 22 frame
  • Top tube: 22.125″
  • Headtube angle: 74.5°
  • Forks: Fit tapered forks, 33mm offset
  • Bars: Fit bars, 9″ rise
  • Stem: Fit topload stem, 51mm reach
  • Front wheel: Fit OEM rim, Fit sealed front hub
  • Rear wheel: Fit OEM rim, Fit sealed cassette hub
  • Cranks: Fit tubular cranks, 175mm
  • Sprocket: Fit Tri sprocket, 25T
  • Tires: S&M Speedball (2.25″ in the back, 2.4″ in the front)
  • Pedals: FIT Alloy pedals
  • Seat: S&M Sharpie Shield railed seat
  • Brake Mounts: Welded
  • Weight: 28.5 lbs
  • Price: $689.95 (may vary)

Conclusion: What Is A 22-Inch BMX About?

If you’d like to experience new FUN or you are a taller rider who finds a 20″ bike too small, these 22-inch bikes will do the trick.

While those 2″ larger wheels will keep your ride faster, you’ll also enjoy more stability, but at the same time, the exciting element of a BMX bike is still there.

You’re free to use these bikes for any style of riding.

(But if you’re mainly looking for a 22″ street machine, I recommend picking WTP’s Audio bike.)

You can put two, three or four pegs on them, take brakes off, change bars, grips, add a front load stem – HEY, you’re the boss!

But MOST IMPORTANTLY, whether you pick Audio, Spade, Malum or Series 22 bike, they will all keep you rolling smoothly out of the box!

FAQs About 22-Inch BMX Bikes

What is the main advantage of a 22-inch BMX bike compared to a 20-inch?

The main advantage of a 22-inch BMX bike is its larger frame and wheel size, which offers greater stability and smoother riding, especially for taller riders or those who feel cramped on standard 20-inch BMX bikes. It bridges the gap between 20-inch and 24-inch (cruiser) BMX models.

Can 22-inch BMX bikes be used for the same tricks as 20-inch bikes?

Yes, 22-inch BMX bikes can be used for the same tricks and stunts as 20-inch bikes. The larger size may require some adjustment in riding style, but it doesn’t significantly hinder the ability to perform tricks.

Are 22-inch BMX bikes suitable for beginners?

Yes, 22-inch BMX bikes can be suitable for beginners, especially if they are taller or prefer a bike with more stability. The larger size can make the bike easier to control, which might be helpful for new riders.

Is there a significant weight difference between 22-inch & 20-inch BMX bikes?

There is typically a slight weight increase in 22-inch BMX bikes due to their larger frames and wheels. However, modern designs and materials often minimize this difference, making them comparably lightweight.

Are parts for 22-inch BMX bikes widely available?

Yes, parts for 22-inch BMX bikes are widely available because most of the 20-inch BMX parts fit these bikes, except for the wheels and forks. You can get all the rest from your favorite 20″ BMX brands.

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