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Angie Marino Profile (2024)

angie marino

Everyone knows that Angie Marino is one of the best female BMX riders out there.

But what’s even better, there are so many other fantastic BMX girls worldwide, and the scene keeps on growing.


It all started at the age of seven/eight for Angie.

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Thankfully, her brother wanted a BMX, and since she’s looking up to him, she wanted one, too.

From then on, Angie first started racing and transitioned to skateparks and freestyle when she was about 15.

Nowadays, Angie is killing it for Cult, Vans Shoes, and Fuse Protection, regularly releasing dope videos for all of us to enjoy.


This post covers:

Angie Marino Profile

1. Angie Bio

Date of birth: March 27, 1990
Place of birth: Buffalo, New York
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @a_ngiemarie

2. Angie Sponsors

Cult Crew, Vans. She’s also the founder of The Bloom BMX.

3. Angie Bike Check

angie marino cult bike check

Frame: Cult Crew signature pink colorway
Bar: Cult Crew bars
Stem: Cult Redemption top load stem
Fork: Odyssey R25 forks
Headset: Cult
Grips: Cult
Seat: Cult X Vans seat
Seat Post: Cult seat post
Cranks: Cult Hawk cranks
Pedals: Cult Dak pedals
Sprocket: Odyssey Boyd sprocket
Chain: Cult half link chain
Front Wheel: Alienation Mischief rim, Profile Mini front hub, titanium spokes
Rear Wheel: Alienation Malice rim, Profile Mini cassette hub, titanium spokes
Pegs: Cult Butter plastic pegs
Tires: Cult x Vans foldable tires

4. Parts Angie Rides

Featured photo by: Jacob Alexander Messex.

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5. Best Angie Marino BMX Videos

1. Vans – Enjoy The Ride

In mid-2021, Angie came out with a fantastic video that featured her killing it in the streets and skateparks.

You can find tuck no-handers, tabletops, curved wallrides, rails/ledges down stairs, and even some technical grinds throughout this one. It is solid from start to finish.

There’s a reason this one is called “Enjoy The Ride.” This video will go down as one of the best lady shredder videos ever made!

2. Guest List – Maca & Angie

I’m sure you’ve already seen the Guest List episodes By Sunday Bikes. No?

Okay, here’s how it goes: They have one of their team riders invite whoever they want for a day-long session at the Ful Factory ramps.

Maca Perez Grasset invited Angie Marino, and the due had plenty of fun shredding the ramps and nailing down some really awesome tricks and lines. And the final train line was a nice icing on the cake.


3. Cult – It’s a woman’s world

Angie Marino and Perris Benegas have been some of the best women BMX riders in the world for years now and they are also teammates on Cult.

With that, awesome videos like this from early 2018 titled “It’s a woman’s world” can easily be made.

As always, Veesh did a fantastic job bringing a vibe to this one, and seeing these two ladies vibe the way they do as friends makes the video that much better.

Angie and Perris cruise skateparks together and get flowy, then take things to the streets where Angie does a sick roof drop.

The vibes in this one are off the charts and worth a watch for anyone!

4. Angie Marino video bike check

Angie Marino has been killing it for years now and being in the spotlight of lady shredders for so long means she has older projects like this video from 2013 with Fit before she moved to Cult.

This is a quick minute-and-a-half video where Angie rides a bunch and lists the Fit parts on her bike.

Some riding highlights include Angie’s signature tabletops, long grinds and the rail down the stairs at McBride Skatepark in Long Beach!

5. E-Fise BMX Street Pro 2020

With the crazy year 2020 was and the almost complete disappearance of BMX contests, Fise put on a digital video contest called E-Fise.

With that, Angie Marino participated and made it to the finals; this is her entry. This one-minute video is upbeat and packed with a variety of riding.

From gaps and grinds to jumping-type tricks, it’s all here and the last clip is a pretty big feeble grind!

This video landed Angie a second-place spot in the E-Fise 2020 Women’s street finals, so check it out!

6. Angie for Fuse Protection

Here we have a super quick one with Angie Marino for Fuse Protection. This video came out in early 2020 and is just over a minute long.

After a quick intro with some b-roll of Fuse products Angie uses, we get to a session at a concrete skatepark with some airs and grinds.

If you’re a fan of Angie’s riding and haven’t seen it yet, this one has everything you love in one quick package, so definitely check it out.

7. Welcome to Vans

In August 2019, Angie Marino was officially and publicly welcomed to the Vans family/team with this Welcome to the Family video.

This is another quick one at less than a minute, but it has some nice input as Angie talks about her thoughts on riding while clips of her riding play.

It may be short, but it is a message we could all benefit from and the riding is on point as always!

8. E-Fise BMX Street Pro Finalist 2020

With a lack of contests in 2020 due to the insanity of the world, Fise took their normal contest series and made it into something that was actually possible at the time.

This means that it was a fully digital video contest with classes for professional and amateur riders, both men and women.

With that, Angie Marino entered the Women’s street class with this video. This video would land her a spot in the finals, making another video for the finals.

This one is only a minute long, but that doesn’t change the fact that Angie kills it here.

The video starts with a nice line on some ledges, then moves throughout many different spots, and one highlight aside from the extremely long grind at the end was the lookback she did over the hip.


9. Cult Women’s Tee

Although this one is super short, Angie shreds to promote Cult’s women’s tee, and that’s what matters. She hits streets, bowls and parks and makes everything look flawless.

The icepick was really dope but other stunts were just as well. Angie kills it and you know that, so sit back and relax yourself for fifty seconds.

10. Urbanity With Angie

This is such a fantastic peek into Angie’s life in Los Angeles, from hitting the local skatepark to riding streets and even pulling smooth lines at the trails.

Moving to California was a big thing for Angie because Cali meant riding outside 365 days a year, which is unlikely to happen in New York.

Also, while she was mainly riding skateparks, the move to California made her realize how much fun street can be.

And today, Marino is riding everything!

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