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Jordan Hango Profile (2024)

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I’ve compiled a list of the best Jordan Hango BMX videos, an underrated rider who won X Games Real BMX in 2019.

Jordan is a Canadian BEAST.

Watch one of Jordan’s videos if you find yourself lacking inspiration and motivation to ride BMX.

Everything. Changes. Immediately.

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In short, Hango is a rider with a completely different – MORE CREATIVE, if you will – approach to riding. And what’s even better, he primarily focuses on street riding.

Jordan is riding pro for Fit and has signature Raw Deal bars and Hango street frame. His bar even comes in a 10-inch rise.

Note: See my full review of best Fit frames.

To be 100% candid, after researching the web, there’s not as much information about Jordan than some other riders.

Sadly, I don’t know Jordan personally to share any interesting stories with you.

That said, I will let his amazing web edits and video parts do all the talking.

This post covers:

Jordan Hango Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: /
Place of birth: Vancouver, British Columbia
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @un_unofficial_jordanhango

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3. Bike Check

jordan hango bmx bike check

Featured photo by: Jeff Zielinski.

4. Best Jordan Hango BMX Videos

Unlock the Spot

This is such an epic collection of raw clips from the one and only Jordan. I wish this was longer than fourteen minutes because you know how much I like the “behind the scenes” stuff, without music, just riding.

If you’ve never seen Jordan work hard for a clip, this collection reveals it all for your viewing pleasure.

That nollie to smith was insane, dude!

You’ll also see clips from Matt Nordstrom, Tom Dugan, and others along the way to spice things up.

Fictional Finalism video

Here we have Hango’s section from Andrew Schubert’s full-length video Fictional Finalism uploaded to the Fitbikeco YouTube channel in late 2019.

Jordan and Andrew worked together to take the X Games Real BMX Gold medal in 2019 as well.

You know that this one brings the HEAT.

This is confirmed just in the first two intro crash clips of an absolutely massive wallride to hop out over two rails.

Jordan has a style of his own, doing things that no one would think of or no one else would do on just about any setup!

One example of this was a wild footplant to over ice pick grind on a rail. This one is worth the watch!

X Games Real BMX 2019

In 2019, Jordan Hango and Andrew Schubert worked together to win the gold medal in the X Games Real BMX video contest.

Jordan Came through with an absolutely amazing part full of burly riding and zero filler. It is so easy to see why this one deserved gold even years later.

The setups Jordan rides and tricks he gets done on those setups are NOTHING SHORT of amazing.

So many clips are ender-worthy before we actually get to the real ender. A gap to feeble on a ledge to drop directly into a double peg on a rail.

Must. Watch!

Note: Jordan competed against Simone Barraco, Dan Coller, Brad Simms, Greg Illingworth and Corey Martinez.

Fit “Fall Drop” video

Here we’ve got a video with Jordan Hango for Fit from 2017 called Fall Drop. It starts burly and creatively straight out of the gate.

With Jordan’s eye for setups and how he uses them, his riding is CREATIVE in its way, which is always so awesome to watch.

How many other people are doing a 360 down a stair set to ice bonk on a vertical pillar at the bottom of the stairs?

Not many, if ANY!

Definitely check this one out because it is worth every single second.

Atlantis Vancouver “Spyglass” part

Atlantis Vancouver is a British Columbia-based bike shop. In 2017, they released their second full-length video titled Spyglass.

In this, Jordan Hango has a full section which also was the ender-part.

Set to an EPIC soundtrack, Jordan’s section is full of heat. The video starts somewhat mellow and chill, then gets HEAVY as Jordan bump jumps off of a stair over a rail hop.

Every single clip after the song picks up is something wild or awesome and USUALLY, it’s both!

Jordan Hango is definitely an amazing rider to watch. His video sections are always noteworthy.

Fit “Holy Fit” part

Here we have Hango’s section from the full-length Holy Fit video that dropped on the Fit Bike Co YouTube channel in early 2015. We all remember this one!

It is almost 5 minutes of straight fire from one of BMX’s most underrated riders at the time!

This all changed when Jordan won X Games Real BMX in 2019. This section goes so hard from beginning to end.

Jordan’s eye for setups and lines using a different approach is second to none. The guy does a footjam to fakie on a tree ride using a KNOT in the tree as a place to footjam.

He also handles some of the gnarliest rail setups around, making his section timeless and enjoyable for anyone!

Real BMX 2019 BTS

We all know that Jordan won Real BMX gold in 2019. Well DESERVED. This is awesome behind the scenes for Jordan himself and his Real BMX section.

Hearing people like Chris Moeller and Van Homan talk highly about Jordan is awesome.

A fun fact about this is that Jordan actually turned down the invite for it before ultimately accepting and winning the whole damn thing!

After the video plays, we hear a few dudes talk about and break down the section itself, which is really cool.

“Live From Vancouver” web video

Live From Vancouver is Jordan Hango’s first video from 2020 after winning X Games Real BMX gold in 2019.

This one is one minute thirty seconds of SAVAGERY from a rider who will surely go down in history as a legend.

Jordan uses every setup here in ways that most wouldn’t take the time to think of. That freestyle element of his riding helps make it SO GREAT.

The last clip is a perfect example in that he uses a natural transition near a wall to blast a wallride to x-up to fakie, landing flat in the process.

Fit 2013 video

Here we have one from way back with Jordan Hango for Fit. This one was filmed in Vancouver, B.C., entirely.

The video WASTES no time getting into things where we learn that Jodan’s style has always been burly, fast, and awesome. Everything about Jordan’s riding screams freestyle and fun.

He always finds a tree to ride, something insane to hop over, a wild grind setup and makes timeless videos in the process.

The last clip is a massive rail hop wallride to flat on a setup you just have to SEE to BELIEVE! It’s insane to think that this one is from 2013!

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