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9 Best Female BMX Riders (2024)

female bmx riders

I’ve been getting myself ready to create a list of the best female BMX riders for a while now.


Because it’s so hard picking only a selected few – there ARE TOO MANY killing it really hard.

While only a few women were riding BMX not long ago, things started to change rapidly.

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It don’t know how many female BMXers are there, but there sure are lots. In other words, this list is only a tiny glimpse into the women’s BMX scene.

So many ladies are riding dirt, parks and streets, and even competing at the Olympics!

Let’s together celebrate their strong spirit and highlight their extraordinary impact on the BMX world.

All these girls are inspiring a new generation of female shredders to pursue their BMX dreams fearlessly.

Let’s GOOO!

Featured photo by: Naoki.

Best Female BMX Riders

Note: I listed the girls in no particular order because, in my eyes – they are all the best, all winners.

Plus, I’ll be adding more girls to the list, so stay tuned.

1. Nikita Ducarroz

Nikita was born on August 12, 1996, in Nice, France, but grew up in Glen Ellen, California.

She did soccer first, but anxiety made her quit the sport. But that didn’t mean Nikita stopped sport. In fact, her mother wanted her to find another sport.

Which she did. MTB.

But through watching YouTube videos, she discovered BMX and the rest was history.

Nikita has been making heavy moves in the BMX scene for a while, and she keeps progressing day in and day out.

Nikita rides for Red Bull, Mongoose, Tioga, Troy Lee Designs and Omega.

Watch the best Nikita Ducarroz BMX videos now.

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2. Angie Marino

Whether you’re new to BMX or not, I’m sure you’re all very well familiar with Angie.

Angie was born on March 27, 1990, and grew up in Buffalo, New York.

The person who introduced her to BMX was her brother (cheers, dude!), but Angie didn’t go straight to riding freestyle.

First, she did racing, and when she was about fifteen, she started riding skateparks and enjoying the freestyle side of BMX.

Angie is riding for Cult, Vans Shoes and Fuse Protection. She also runs a YouTube channel where she regularly publishes new and exciting content for the community to enjoy.

Watch the best Angie Marino BMX videos now.

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3. Perris Benegas

Perris was born on July 22, 1995, in Reno, North Carolina, but she’s currently living in Raleigh, NC.

She has a background in Muay Thai, which is definitely a solid foundation for a sport like BMX. I did Judo for around seven years, and it benefitted me tremendously.

Perris was named 2020 Bloom BMX Freestyle Rider Of The Year – well deserved!

She won lots of podiums in her career, and she continues turning our heads with her excellent riding skills that are mainly focused on riding skateparks and transitions. But may that not fool you, Perris can shred everything.

Perris rides for Vans, Haro, Odyssey and Bobcat.

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4. Macarena Perez Grasset

Macarena aka Maca was born on August 12, 1996, in Santiago, Chile, where her BMX career began.

But she is now traveling around the world, competing at all kinds of globally-known competitions, like Vans US Open, FISE World Cup, and the like. By the way, she’s no stranger to winning medals, too!

Macarena is a park heavy-hitter where you can see her pull all sorts of wild and crazy BMX stunts. Plus, Maca enjoys herself a good trails session as well.

Macarena rides for Vans, Monster Energy, Sunday Bikes and Oakley.

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5. Lara Marie Lessmann

Lara is a German park BMX rider, born on February 10, 2020, in Flensburg.

However, Lara later moved to Berlin because of better riding conditions (thanks, Mellowpark!), where she progressed into one of the world’s best female BMX riders.

Moreover, Lara started riding BMX back in 2010, which she calls more than a freestyle sport – a passion and “my life.”

And now, Lara has been traveling all over the world with her BMX, achieving her goals and getting better and better at it.

Fun fact: Lara is afraid of flying. But she definitely isn’t afraid of flying high on her BMX!

Lara rides for Red Bull, Vans, Oakley, Total BMX, TSG and Kunstform.

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6. Hannah Roberts

With many gold medals (three-time world champion!) in her pocket, Hannah really is on top of her game.

She was born on August 10, 2001, in South Bend, Indiana but grew up in Buchanan, Michigan.

Hannah started riding BMX pretty early, at nine and entered her first competition when she was about eleven. I wasn’t even familiar with BMX at that age.

At the 2020 Summer Olympics, Hannah nearly took home gold but landed roughly on her second run and decided to stop her run and celebrate a silver medal. Congrats!

Hannah rides for Hyper BMX, SNAFU, Alienation and Tioga.

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7. Linda Grabner

If the female BMX riders above are more into park and transition riding, Linda specializes in street.

Linda has a solid riding style, not at all scared of doing big stuff. But she also does plenty of magical technical stunts that are eye candy.

Linda rides for WeThePeople, Vans, Odyssey, Doomed, Fourpegs and CLICHÉ.

If you want to see her in action, you better check The CLICHÉ Crew video and let her amazing riding WOW you.

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8. Beatrice Trang

Beatrice is a Chinese, Vietnamese and Canadian-born actress (yes, really) from Hamilton, Ontario.

She is a post-grad in Business Analysis, but Beatrice decided to quit her corporate job in 2022 to take her creative career full-time.

Beatrice was a racer but later transitioned to skatepark riding. But she is still very into Muay Tai.

Beatrice is the co-founder (besides Angie Marino) of the amazing The Bloom BMX, where they cover all and everything about women’s BMX.

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9. Nina Buitrago

While Nina is in her 40s, you won’t see any sign of stopping for her.

In fact, Nina keeps riding frequently, progressing and making everything she does on a bike look beautiful.

Nina’s hometown is Port Washington, New York, and she started riding BMX around 2000. All she needed was that one trip to Darren Meenan’s dirt jumps, and she was hooked.

Nina rides for Empire BMX, Terrible One and Burn Slow.

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