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7 Best Coco Zurita BMX Videos (2022)

coco zurita

For everyone who is in the BMX space long enough, these Coco Zurita BMX videos will not be new to you.

However, for all the new guns, you may be hearing of Coco for the very first time.

The question you will ask yourself will be, “Who is Coco?”

This short bio and all the amazing videos that he filmed to date reveal it all.

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Coco Zurita Biography

It all began when he was fourteen years for Francisco “Coco” Zurita.

But his official career as a pro started in 2009. At this age, some of the pros are already racing, even up to ten years or so.

Does this mean that Coco had a somewhat late start? To some extent.

Anyhow, Coco was born on April 15, 1984, in Santiago, Chile.

The streets of Chile did not suit his vision, so he made the move to the United States in 2003. At the time, he only had $800, a suitcase and a dream.

But that was more than enough to make it happen.

Coco only had $800 and a pro BMX dream.

Indeed, Coco’s passion for BMX was too strong, and it just made perfect sense to move where BMX is the strongest.

P: Alex Leo Landeros

But Zurita is not just any BMX rider, he specializes in vert and mega ramp.

Not just that, Coco has a very unique style, which makes him stand out from the crowd of fellow pros at every contest.

Coco is a two-time X-Games and a one-time world championship medalist.

He is just one of those dudes who shows the world that if you want something strong enough, you will get it – no matter what.

Moreover, Coco is doing it for Red Bull, Vans and Subrosa.

Do not forget to follow Coco on Instagram, as he posts a ton of great content for you to enjoy daily.

Featured photo by: Coco’s IG.

Best Coco Zurita BMX Videos

Even though Coco does not focus on filming videos as much as other riders do, here are still some very good ones for you to enjoy.

Coco Bros – A trip to Salt Flats

The Zurita brothers on a trip in a G wagon – what else do you need in life?

This is such a fantastic watch that I highly recommend you treat yourself to.

Even though they rode parks and bowls, for the most part, they also hit some street and – wait for it – Salt Flats.

They even built a wooden ramp where Coco did his magic.

I also love how Coco (always) promotes hard working and living the dream (your goal!) you deserve. Go for it!

Coco and Vans crew in Chile

Back in 2013, Coco invited some of the Vans guys over to Santiago, Chile to enjoy riding some of his local spots.

And those were no random guys; they were Colin Mackay, Dennis McCoy, as well as Vans’s team manager, Jerry Badders.

They were doing different demos for the whole weekend, getting kids all around the place excited for BMX.

From watching guys bomb bowls to jumping over kids lying on the floor, signing hats and giving away free stuff, check it all in this one.

2015 Gumball 3000

It is no secret that Coco Zurita is a huge fan of cars for a very long time.

In 2015 he was invited to Gumball 3000, and here is a quick video of him talking about BMX and cars.

Along with all that, you can see him ride the Woodward ramp, where he trains most of the time.

It’s crazy seeing Coco go so insanely high on a vert ramp.

Not just that, but pulling all sorts of tricks, like no-handers, with butter smoothness.

Also, you will see some of his friends rip the skatepark, too, so you get to witness a variety of riding that will get you hyped.

2017 X Games bronze run

If you ever attend X Games or any other vert contest and see Coco Zurita compete, you need to watch all his runs.

This dude can go extremely high, blowing everyone away with his outstanding style and bag of tricks.

When it comes to vert riding, it is not the easiest to maintain the height after pulling tricks, but that is not a problem for Coco.

No-hander, tabletop, flair, x-up, toboggan, double tailwhip, all this and more in just thirty seconds.

Francisco knows how to go hard extremely well.

A day with Coco in Santiago, Chile

This short video for AlliSports is especially important because you will get to see Coco ride streets.

Yes, you read that right, even though he is not really a street rider, he can still pull some nice tricks, like 180s, turndowns and more.

Moreover, that concrete pool also looks a ton of fun.

Also, it seems Coco is pretty famous in Chile, as he even attends a live TV show for an interview.

He is no joke.

Coco rides his favorite bowl at Woodward West

The flowing style, the simple tricks and just the cruising around, whatever Coco does in here is real eye candy.

By now, you are very well familiar with Coco’s style of riding, and it’s amazing.

For this Woodward West feature, he tells you about his favorite spot at the park, the bowl section.

He is a local at that skatepark and part of the WW family as well.

Enjoy watching Zurita do his thing on a BMX bike – a vert rider who can shred anything.

I particularly liked the tire slide on the coping to manual to the little gap into the bowl.

Car tricks instead of BMX tricks

I am not really a car guy, so I do not know what is going on in the drifting space, even when it comes to Hoonigan.

It looks like Coco is a pretty big deal when it comes to cars, too, with his Nisan GTR, which just happens to have 700whp.

And if you would like to see how good Coco is at drifting and scaring the crap out of the crew, well, here you go.

Pretty. Badass.

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