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10 Best Liam Zingbergs BMX Videos (2024)

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Do you want to treat yourself to the best Liam Zingbergs‘s BMX videos?

Get ready for some solid Australian street shredding!

This dude is a beast, and you know it.

Liam was born in 1992, and he started riding at the age of thirteen.

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He was always into bikes growing up, but his friend was particularly interested in BMX which made Liam fall in love with the sport.

Along with still doing a lot of bike stunts and whatnot, Liam is also very into photography.

I still remember seeing a web edit from years back and immediately knew that this kid had potential. To this day, Liam Zingbergs is still crushing it for brands like BSD.

Speaking of BSD, Liam’s entire bike setup features only one bike brand – BSD.

Since we are submerged with the Down Under vibe, you better go and watch some Lewis Mills street craziness as well.

Also, do not miss BMX videos from some of Liam’s team members, like:

Treat yourself right to a ton of great BMX and non-BMX photography and riding from Liam by hitting the follow button on his Instagram.

Featured photo by: Liam’s Instagram.

Best Liam Zingbergs BMX Videos

1. BSD’s “Kicked Out Of Cali”

Liam’s “Kicked Out Of Cali” video from BSD may have something weird going on with the audio on youtube due to copyright issues, but that doesn’t change how much Liam shreds in this video.

From a big 360 gap to tricks like a 360 toothpick and an ice to hard 180 down a kinked handrail, the riding is different and entertaining throughout.

There’s even a guest clip from Reed Stark in this one.

All in all, this video is enjoyable to watch and if you’d like to see it with music, there is a version BSD has on their Instagram account.

2. Flat rail challenge by Liam

Zingbergs goes to work on the fantastic flat rail at the famous Gumbiner Skatepark in Long Beach, California.

The concept here is for Liam to do as many tricks as possible on this flat rail, and he does not disappoint.

The first 12 tricks in this video are all the same tricks done, both regular and opposite, showing just how dialed Liam is on his pegs.

Opposite pegs to hard 180? Awesome!

After that, it’s an all-out flat rail assault resulting in Liam doing over 35 tricks on a single flat rail in a single session. Try to beat that!

3. Liam Zingbergs’s “Ender Ender”

This video is LZ’s chapter in the “Ender Ender” series from DIG BMX. Ender Ender is a series in which a rider gives some insight into an ender clip from a previous video project.

In this one, Liam goes over his ender from his section in the BSD Transmission DVD from 2016.

Liam takes us back to the day and tells the entire story behind the absolutely insane kinked handrail double peg that was his ender.

We even find out that doing the rail started as a joke, but as the video progresses, it is clear that this rail and grinding it was no joke.

So much so that he gave up on it for 6 days before returning for another absolute battle to make it happen finally.

Liam handled it like a champ and ended up nailing the grind with an ice pick down the final part of the rail.

4. Liam for Afray

A solid mixture of street and skatepark riding from the one and only Liam for Afray. Unfortunately, the clothing brand is not around anymore, however, the video still is.

It is one of those pieces that we will love coming back even ten years from now.

Along with Liam, you will also witness other dudes shredding here, like Raph Jeroma-Williams, Jerard Vandervalk, Chris O’Donnell and others.

Not just that, but Afray also decided to share a quick behind-the-scenes look at one of their photo shootings.

That long nose manual to barspin and up toothpick grind to barspin were solid.

Also, that indoor park looks too fun to ride.

5. BSD “Transmission” DVD part

Here is Liam Zingbergs “Transmission” DVD part from BSD (2016).

The video opens with an incredibly long ice pick grind down a handrail.

You immediately know it is going to be good. The song’s vibe and the riding and editing make for a video part with such a good feel to it that glues everyone to the screen.

There is also quite a bit of variety, making it easy to enjoy all the way through.

From street quarter pipes to rails/ledges and the absolutely mind-blowing kinked handrail at the end, this is definitely a video anyone will appreciate.

6. “Daze Off” by BSD feat. Liam

This video greets you to an intro of crashing and attempts set to a spoken word motivational speech that fits the video and BMX riding in general so well that we can only get hyped for what is going to come.

When the riding starts, a technical onslaught is what you are in for with this one.

Every single clip is something extremely technical and just plain wild.

One thing that stands out is Liam’s ability to ride setups that involve grinding one rail or ledge, then end up on another close by.

One clip that really stood out was the long hang five to manual to 180 down a pretty big stair set.

7. BSD – Welcome to the team

A welcome to the team video for Liam’s debut on the BSD team came out in January of 2014. However, even by today’s standards, the hammers it contains still hold up.

This video was filmed in Glasgow the previous summer, and Liam put in the work to deserve his spot on the team.

The personality that shines through, even if just in the video’s intro, is welcome as well. The manual and nose manual clips are strong and on point.

Going from a one-footed nose manual at the beginning of one clip to a lengthy cassette fakie manual all within the same clip.

Liam knows how to push the boundaries by murdering different spots.

8. How-To toothpick grind hard 180

Want to learn how to toothpick hard 180? Or just marvel at how easy someone can make this trick look?

Liam goes through things to learn first, which setups work best to learn the trick on, and the importance of body positioning.

One key thing he goes over in the video is his struggles and challenges in learning the trick.

Ultimately, he thoroughly covers all bases you need to know about to learn the toothpick to hard 180.

9. Colony web edit from 2013

Before the days of being on BSD, Liam Zingbergs was on the Colony team.

Early in 2013, The Come Up dropped a video with Liam for Colony on their youtube channel that, in hindsight, really showed what the BMX world was in for in the coming years from Liam.

The classic manual and nose manual and the technical grind combos that we’ve come to know and love are ever-present throughout this BMX video.

A few clips that really pop were the toothpick pole jam to tuck no hander and the last toothpick pole jam to tailwhip. Liam is one wild dude.

10. The Colony DVD – Liam & Brock Olive split

This is old stuff but at the same time GOOD stuff. The split part features Liam Zingbergs and Brock Olive for The Colony DVD from 2011, full of wild street riding you don’t want to miss.

Even though skinny jeans aren’t as popular today as they were back in the days, riding is very new-age and modern.

Liam linked some nice tricks together for must-see lines and put those steel pegs to excellent use.

If you missed it, watch it now. And if you didn’t, just treat yourself to a rewatch – you know it’s good already.

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