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7 Best Bjarki Hardarson BMX Videos (2022)

bjarki hardarson

I’m really stoked to bring you this collection of the best Bjarki Hardarson BMX videos.


Because he’s on fire and deserves the extra shine for all the hard work he puts into making his epic videos a reality.

Bjarki is from Reykjavik, Iceland but he spends a lot of time in Orlando, Florida for school.

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(Yes, that’s where the American accent comes from.)

Bjarki is doing it for Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy and SkatePro.

In a Fat Favorites interview, Bjarki says that his favorite video is Deadline, street rider Simone Barraco and fav travel destination BCN.


Do not forget to follow Bjarki on Instagram for a bunch of wild stuff that he does regularly.

Featured photo by: Ómar Sverrisson.

Best Bjarki Hardarson BMX Videos

The Shadow Conspiracy – 4DB

Bjarki hit spots around Florida, Georgia and in between for his new Shadow web video called 4DB.

This dude always knows how to surprise us with new material and this one is no exception.

While Bjarki is more on the technical side, you can always expect some big moves from this dude, too.

But I still enjoy the banger the most. Here you go: It’s feeble to manual to barspin on a rail! (Oops, I said it.)

Bjarki’s Barcelona Vacation

Anything that says Barcelona still grabs my attention the most.

Skatepro flew Bajarki Hardarson to Barcelona, Spain for two weeks where he coursed the famous spots with the homies, capturing a ton of good riding clips.

I don’t necessarily need to go into details because you already know this is a GOOD watch.

Guest clips from Jaume Sintes and Joram Van Dijk. (And you can also spot Simone Barraco giving you the finger.)

Shadow – Just Can’t Do It

Bjarki’s riding is bold and steezy, full of technical lines with burly moves in between.

Yup, you never know what’s coming next from this Icelander.

I’m not really sure where all this was filmed, but I did spots a Barcelona clip. All the rests are US and Iceland, I guess.

The rail ride to truck driver and the last opposite double peg to 180 on the curved rail were nuts.

But all the other stuff is equally epic. Don’t miss it!

Welcome to Subrosa

This is Bjarki Hardarson’s official welcome to Subrosa video.

He went hard for this one, murdering spots around Orlando and Atlanta and anywhere else he found stuff that fits his style.

And there’s a ton of it.

Plus, when you think the action will stop it only gets better.

A BMX video you want to rewatch a few times because it’s just really damn good.

Congrats, Bjarki!

Just Can’t Do It (Rough Cut)

If you enjoyed the original “Just Can’t Do It” video from Bjarki, then the rough cut version is A MUST.

It starts with Bjarki falling into the water after a successful trick pull. No panic!

But overall, this one shows all the hard work that Bjarki Hardarson puts into making his wild videos happen.

This dude is on fire and that’s a guarantee.

I always enjoy raw and BTS clips the most, and this one is no different.


I’m not really sure why, but this is still one of my favorite Bjarki videos.

Three minutes of crazy good stuff, including some really technical street wizardry that you don’t want to miss.

I definitely gained some inspiration for my next session.

And yes, the banger is mad but there’s so much other goodness I cannot really tell what’s my favorite stunt – all of them!

Street (2015)

This one goes back to 2015 when Bjarki was only sixteen years old.

Bjarki went heavy then just like he is now, but he’s already 10xing things!

Everyone who saw this one in 2015 knew that Bjarki is onto something. And at the time of writing this, the prediction couldn’t be more right.

Enjoy young Bjarki killing it in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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