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Kevin Kalkoff Profile (2024)

kevin kalkoff

Are you ready to enjoy the best Kevin Kalkoff profile and BMX videos because he’ll take your breath away with his stylish shredding?

This French dude is on another level, and he has been that way for a very long time.

What I especially like about Kevin is his versatility.

He can ride whatever he wants. And what’s even better, he always kills it.

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Whether it’s trails, skateparks or streets, Kevin has it all under control.

But there is another thing that Kevin is also excellent at – MTB. For as long as you give him two wheels to play with, Kevin Kalkoff will do magic.

He has been doing BMX for years and has even changed multiple sponsors.

Growing up, some of his biggest influences were Garret Byrnes, Mike Aitken, Sergio Layos and Ruben Alcantara. You could tell from his style.

Some of his past sponsors were Monster Energy, The Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa, Vans Shoes, to name a few.

Even to this day, Kevin is still killing it on his bike, being as active as ever.

This post covers:

Kevin Kalkoff Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: February 18, 1987
Place of birth: Annecy, France
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @kevinkalkoff

2. Bike Check

kevin kalkoff bmx bike check

Featured photo by: Scott Goedkoop.

3. Best Kevin Kalkoff Videos

Monster Energy “ESTHETIQUE”

Here is a video with Kevin for Monster Energy called “ESTHETIQUE.”

This one is about how spots are ridden versus how many tricks can be done and perfectly demonstrates it.

The lack of music and accentuation of sounds from the video combined with the camera world and b-rolls makes for something totally different.

It almost feels like this video is meant to be a string of thoughts in Kevin’s head.

Kevin rides a huge range of spots here and many unique street transitions, including one sculpture toward the end that looks like a straight-up skatepark.

Kevin Kalkoff for Vans

This video with KK for Vans that came out in 2015 starts with a bang.

You will witness a few gnarly crashes, but the video then gets straight into Kevin’s signature unique approach to the spots and setups he rides.

The way he throws tricks like tabletops and turndowns is a really creative use of these spots/setups.

It is so satisfying to watch, and this video is definitely one that anyone could enjoy.

One spot here looks like a giant half-pipe on a roof. However, all the spots in here look absolutely amazing.

Kevin even does an up-rail double peg to turndown in here.

Shadow and Subrosa 2014 BMX video

In 2014, Kevin, Shadow and Subrosa released a video announcing his introduction to both teams.

This one is right at 4 minutes long and right out of the gate as an upbeat, fun vibe with the song combined with Kevin’s novel riding.

The 180 hand-plant over a railing out of the street satellite dish toward the beginning stood out.

Then Kevin goes fast and gets stylish on everything he touches throughout the rest of the video.

From actual skateparks to spots that look like skateparks in the streets, Kevin kills it as always.

Vans “By The Lake”

Throwing it back to 2012 in France, we have a video from Vans called “By The Lake.”

The video starts with a bunch of guys having a blast on a boat out on a lake, then transitions to a jam at a skatepark that looks like an amazing time.

The vibe in this one is so good, and it features many familiar faces.

From Matt Roe, Matt Priest, Kevin himself to people like Max Charveron and Ben Hennon, all absolutely shredding a bowl.

Then at the street section of the park we see Matthias Dandois, Joris Coulomb, Simone Barraco, Bruno Hoffmann, and many more shutting it down.

With the great overall vibe, this one is worth the watch.

Kevin’s BMX and MTB crossover video

Everyone following Kevin on Instagram knows that he is very into MTB. The style he has is unbeatable, whether it’s on 20″ wheels or larger.

No doubt, Kevin knows how to have fun on two wheels.

This is a super neat web video project from Hutchinson Tires, showing you both sides of Kevin, the BMX and the MTB.

It is all put together very cinematically, if you will, making for an end product that will wow you from start to finish. It is all about the style.

Kevin going “Full Speed”

Here we have the “Full Speed” video from The Shadow Conspiracy featuring Kevin Kalkoff.

“Full Speed” definitely describes it well as Kevin flies around skateparks, ditch spots, pools, and other amazing locations.

All with this style and distinct approach to riding.

The video has a pretty chill vibe with the song, even though Kevin is flying in just about every clip.

In the end, we see a quick ad for his signature shadow seat from the time, which was a nice throwback to see as well.

MArieJADE “NO FUTURE” split video

In this more recent early 2020 upload from the MArieJADE “NO FUTURE” DVD up, we have a section with shredders, including Kevin Kalkoff, Arnaud Wolff, Nicolas Terrez, and Tommy Lauque.

From going fast to different street setups, this one is a nice break from what we’re used to seeing in BMX daily.

One clip that really stood out was the ride up the steep bank to caveman across a roof, then jump over a stair set back onto the bike and into the bank’s continuation.

Do yourself a favor and watch this video part to see it.

Old Vans edit

Skateparks, trails, an indoor mini ramp, and a street quarterpipe in a ditch with the exact type of riding we all loved from the time are exactly what you’ll find in here.

The nostalgia is strong, so hit the play button and enjoy a slice of BMX from a long time ago.

Kevin back then and Kevin today, it does not matter; he shreds all the time.

KK for Vans (in France & Spain)

Oldie but goldie, that’s what’s up with this web video from 2012.

Kevin’s style is timeless. It’ll excite you no matter when you watch any of his videos.

All the clips were shot over a few months around France and Spain, including street riding with a few park stunts here and there.

Yeah, the banger is definitely something else, but Kevin’s other stuff is pleasurable to watch, too.

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