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Joe Battaglia Profile (2024)

joe battaglia

Are you ready to enjoy Joe Battaglia‘s profile and collection of the best BMX videos?

Are you ready for the human tornado?

It was so much fun re-watching all these because JoeyBags really knows how to put a show on.

Joe has been in the BMX space for a very long time, and there’s no sign of stopping for him any time soon. Go forever, Joe!

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He is riding for Colony, Dan’s Comp, The Space Brace and DeadkrowarmyBMX.

Joe’s spinning tricks make me wanna do more spins.

That’s it. Enjoy!

BTW: That black and chrome bike looks so dope, Joe!

This post covers:

Joe Battaglia Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: February 16th, 1988
Place of birth: Palatine, Illinois
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @joey15bagz

2. Sponsors

Colony, Dan’s Comp, The Space Brace and DeadkrowarmyBMX.

3. Bike Check

joe battaglia bmx bike check

Featured photo by: Joe’s IG.

4. Best Joe Battaglia BMX Videos

Welcome To Stolen

Joe comes out with a fresh welcome to the Stolen Brand video right after a pretty nasty wrist injury.

Before we continue, you need to know that all this was filmed in just around a month. Yes, that’s one month!

Joe kills it on his bike with his insane technical wizardry that includes a ton of high-speed spinning.

I pretty much don’t get half of the stuff he pulls because everything is so next level.

Just was such a fun watch that definitely deserved a few rewatches – some stuff happens so fast you need a second watch even to notice it.


Strada Suburbana

While we’re used to seeing Joe do insane (spinning) stunts around parks, this is an all-street video for Dan’s Comp called Strada Suburbana.

He is bringing his originality and unique approach to walls, roofs, ledges, stairs, and more for your viewing pleasure.

What’s best is that you never know what to expect next from Joe, like that mad 720 at the end. That was nuts, dude!

But you need to see so many other epic things in this one. Plus, the spots are TOO much fun.

Colony BMX 2022

Joey coming out with more fresh heat for his sponsor, Colony. This dude is on an absolutely different level regarding spin tricks.

I don’t even know how most of the stuff he does is possible. And then he surprises us with a nose manual combo and a whip – SO good!

You can enjoy watching this spinning machine for more than five minutes, and then you’ll wanna watch the video again.

I’m sure you’ll notice stuff you didn’t catch on the first watch, so do it. I’m on my fourth watch already.


Colony – Frequently Stopping

If there’s one thing that’s for sure, it’s that Joe is a human tornado.

If you somehow have never seen JoeyBags ride, this video called “Frequently Stopping,” which came out on the Colony BMX YouTube channel in early 2022, is definitely a great introduction.

Joe makes tricks like hurricanes on slanted walls and 720 hurricanes look easy. Joe also hits every back rail in sight with awesome fufanus.

There also just happens to be the world’s first 900 hurricane in this video. It was done on a huge ramp at that!

Welcome To DansComp Pro

DansComp welcomed Joe Battaglia to the pro team in late 2021 with this welcome video that is full of his amazing signature brake and air tricks.

Joe does everything so well and so fast that even just in the first 30 seconds of the video we get like 10 tricks!

The x-up nac-nac over the hip at the beginning to 360 nac-nac over the box jump was an amazing start to this one.

Of course, we have the human tornado tricks in here as well with hurricanes, 5 taps, and 540 to disasters.

This is a great watch!

Colony (2021)

Joe Battaglia has been on an absolute tear in the past few years. From being put on the Dans Comp pro team to being added to the Colony team – CONGRATS!

Here we have his Welcome To Colony video which came out in mid-2021.

This one opens with a crazy 1080 tap to fakie on a sub box then goes straight into a long line that has a 540 tap to fakie on a double coping spine.


Joe has killed it for years, so it is super rad to see all of this happen to him!

Fit – iStreet

Back in 2019, Joe Battaglia rode for Fit and released this video called iStreet. This one is full of dialed riding in the streets.

There are so many rad spots in this video and Joe handles them well with a huge variety of stunts.

If you’ve seen Joe’s riding in recent history, this is definitely a different take on that being street only.

There are more curved wall rides than you can shake a stick at and a ton of street subs in here!

Self-Filmed (2016)

Aaand Joe Battaglia is also very good at self-filming web videos!

This one has a pretty chill vibe with the song but Joe brings his signature tricks that we have come to know and love.

A few standouts were an alley-oop 540 hurricane on a slanted wall and a beautiful 360 turndown on a spine.

Joe shreds skateparks and the streets in this one and it definitely doesn’t feel like it’s only a minute and a half long!

Lift Off

Battaglia has absolutely killed it for years! This video from mid-2016 shows it with Joe shredding everything he touches whether it’s at a skatepark or in the streets.

We get one of Joe’s signature sub fufanus, a 360 turndown, a 720, and more! One standout clip that was pretty amazing was the turndown off of a roof into what appears to be an asphalt berm at a BMX track.

If you’re a fan of Joe’s riding today, definitely hit play and check out this chapter in his riding from the past!

End To Fall

Here we have a video with Joe Battaglia called End To Fall which came out in early 2016.

It’s always awesome to take a look into the riding history of people we see on the regular today and this is definitely an example of that!

Joe shreds skateparks and the streets in here with a ton of dialed riding no matter what touches.

Naturally, we have a back rail fufanu and a few turndowns in here, with many other goodies for a great vibe.

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