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JJ Palmere Profile (2024)

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This is a collection of the best JJ Palmere BMX videos for your viewing pleasure.

From riding BMX professionally for well over a decade to being an entrepreneur, JJ is one hell of a personality who deserves all the shine.

JJ evolved over the years heavily. His style changed drastically, going MORE modern and MORE tech.

If you are ready to move on with some of the most incredible web edits and parts that JJ ever released, you are welcome to do it.

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His style of riding consists of highly technical grinds to some really big rails down massive sets of stairs.

Needless to say, JJ is no stranger to impressing us with his skills and talent.

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), a back injury almost kept him away from riding. However, we all know what it means to be passionate about BMX.

However, he did not want to go under the knife but decided to heal himself naturally. And that’s where the idea for starting Plants Basically came from.

His own supplement company that he is running with his wife, Colleen Hug. They turn it into a booming business.

But let’s go back to JJ Palmere now.

He is riding since he was 13, and he was born in 1987. Five years later, at the age of 18, JJ turned pro with Premium.

Everything pretty much grew from there. Different events start to unlock for him, taking JJ on a wild adventure.

As for everyone one of us, starting off, it was all about having some fun for JJ, filming clips and enjoying everything that BMX has to offer.

This post covers:

JJ Palmere Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: 1987
Place of birth: San Diego, California
Height: 6′
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @jjpalmere

2. Sponsors

Plants Basically.

3. Bike Check

jj palmere bmx bike check

4. Parts JJ Rides

Featured photo by: Kevin Conners.

5. Best JJ Palmere BMX Videos

JJ in “Fiending” (2014)

Whatever Fiend guys put out, you know it will be a must-watch. And this one is no different.

And even if you watched it and you know every street line in here, man, give it another go. JJ deserves it, and you do, too.

Tons of technical moves that will keep you hyped through the whole part. By the way, this is from 2014, and the riding is just outstanding.

If you are ready to watch Palmere putting his signature street frame to some serious test, sit back and enjoy yourself.

JJ Palmere’s Deadline DVD part

This is easily JJ’s video that I watched too many times. However, what really means “too many?” 5, 10, 100 times? Well, it does not really matter.

With every new watch, you will enjoy it even more. JJ went all in for his Deadline part, and here it is now, for your viewing pleasure.

I lost count, but many outstanding grinds will help boost your inspiration. The super long double peg on that kinked rail is WOW material.

Fun fact: you will probably notice how, on some older clips, JJ looks almost like Garrett from back in the days.

They sure did have very similar styles clothing-wise. More on this below.

Welcome to Lotek web edit

I still remember the Lotek days and the Edwin shoes. I took a 500 km long trip just to get myself a pair – can you imagine? But those were one of my favorite pairs of shoes to date.

Not only is there a ton of great riding in here, but the entire edit is laced to a The Doors song. Well, this makes it more than perfect for me.

Moreover, another super old clip with shredding that we could easily expect in a clip from this year.

The end move is definitely something; feeble to wall tap to backward double peg – a very unique stunt if you will.

Singature Fiend V2 frame promo

To announce the release of a new model of his signature frame model from Fiend, the guys decided to shoot a short promo. It came out amazing.

It is now an old frame, but we are not really here for the frame; it’s the riding that matters.

A chill song, but the stuff that JJ does is not that chill at all. A great contrast, indeed.

Comparing this one with some of the older clips, you can definitely spot the change in his riding, although you can still tell it’s JJ’s style from miles away.

Primo The JJ Pedal promo

Okay, I am only adding this one because it’s from 2014, and the clip is still relevant to this day.

This is a quick one-clip promotional video for JJ’s signature plastic pedals from Primo.

The trick combo is a fakie manual to nose manual straight into a fakie barspin down three stairs.

To be honest, I thought there would be some pedal grinding moves in here, but hey, you need pedals to ride BMX anyway, so any clip is relevant.

Enjoy the smoothness.

JJ in The Come UP DVD

This is something completely different if you compare it with JJ today.

Turndowns, no-footed can-cans, topside icepicks, skatepark and street riding, you name it, JJ covers it.

Not to mention, skinny jeans, two metal pegs and a back break, yes, that was his setup. Those were the days when everyone thought JJ is Garrett and vice versa.

Well, they were definitely spending a lot of time together, destroying every spot they came across.

Three minutes of heavy riding leaves you in amazement for hours to come.

Split part feat. JJ Palmere and Miles Rogoish

Even though I enjoy watching the new stuff a whole lot, the older edits still get me pumped to go ride.

And this one with JJ and Miles shredding the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is no different. Both are killing it, that is for sure.

JJ with barspins, 180s and peg stuff, and Miles with his smooth turndowns.

Get ready for two riders making some noise, and even if this was published many years ago.

This is only 15 seconds long

Why am I even including such a short clip? It’s simply this – JJ deserves it. A short line at the LA plaza with JJ for Primo just after he had a delicious and very healthy launch.

A feeble to hop over smith on a flat rail straight to a hard 180 into a smith on a ledge with a nose bonk. Smooth.

Peep Game/Fiend SD jam

Even though there is only one clip from JJ Palmere, I still wanted to include it in the collection.

After all, there are tons of shredders in this short web clip from pros to amateurs who are absolutely killing it.

I would not mind if this lasted five minutes or so. So many riders gathered, so you know a lot of good stuff went down over the course of the day.

JJ Palmere on The Rollback BMX podcast

You already have one interview with JJ above with Bobby Kanode, but I decided to include one more.

Since this one is a little older, you will find much additional information that JJ and Bobby did not get to cover.

However, for the most part, you will learn about his engagement, BMX roots, back injury, his brand and many more other details in between.

Kanode Knows interview with JJ

Slowly, things moved from there, meeting local pros, like Garrett Reynolds. That was also somewhat the beginning of Garrett’s Deadline project.

JJ lived in Philly, moved to New Jersey, and then the opportunity came to transit with Garret to the West Coast to start Fiend.

JJ was also on Road Fools 18 – the last Road Fools. That’s definitely a big accomplishment.

When he was 22, JJ moved to California, where everything took off. Deadline, Lotek, Primo, taking trips, doing web videos and all the fun stuff.

One of the first tricks that JJ learned was an X-up on his old Walmart complete over a launch he built.

Moreover, one of the proudest clips that JJ Palmere ever shot was the insane longe icepick grind on a rail from the Fiend promo.

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