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Chris Childs Profile (2024)

chris childs

Everyone knows that Chris Childs is a beast on his BMX bike, and that’s why I’m such a huge fan of his.

What’s so special about Chris?

This dude can ride everything. And not just ride; he MURDERS it!

Chris was born on February 9, 1990, in Attleboro, Massachusetts. He was first introduced to BMX at around seven by his older brother, Mike.

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Watching Mike and his friend shred doubles, ride kickers and have fun on curbs triggered Chris’s attention, and the rest was history.

Over his rich BMX career, Chris Childs changed multiple sponsors. Currently, he settled with S&M Bikes, Profile Racing, and Circuit BMX Shop.

No matter what spot Chris rides, he WOWs everyone watching him. And the videos below are proof of that.

This post covers:

Chris Childs Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: February 9, 1990
Place of birth: Attleboro, Massachusetts
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @chrischildss

2. Sponsors

S&M Bikes, Profile Racing and Circuit BMX Shop.

3. Bike Check

chris childs bmx bike check

Featured photo by: John Capps.

4. Best Chris Childs Videos

S&M Built Different Part

If you’ve been craving some Chris material to get hyped for a street session, here you go. This is his S&M “Built Different” part, and it’s just epic.

The video is full of amazing, burly and unique street riding that Chris Childs is known for. There’s even a street flip!

But I also really enjoyed the opening clip, the up-ledge ride to 180 to the other side to a feeble down a skinny rail and the too-smooth-to-be-true gap to double peg on a kinked rail.

However, there are too many other goodies in here, plus, hearing Ozzy Osburne in the background is a nice icing on the cake.

Welcome to S&M Bikes pro

When Chris Childs left Sunday bikes in early 2020, there was little doubt that another frame sponsor would soon pick him up. More toward the end of 2020, we would find out who that might be – S&M indeed.

Chris’s riding is always full throttle and also unique at the same time.

Chris has an eye for burly setups like an uprail kinked handrail which he went over that was followed up by a unique setup in a cellar door rail hop to grind that can only be truly understood visually!

The last two clips in here are completely mental DEADMAN-TYPE setups and deserve your time.

Video bike check

Being announced to the S&M Bikes Pro team in 2020 meant a mostly new bike for Chris Childs. While we awaited his welcome video, S&M treated us with a video bike check!

Chris gives the rundown on which parts he chose for his new build. There is a bit of riding in here as well before Chris talks about his bike.

Chris’s bike is mostly made up of S&M and Profile parts, making a mostly made-in-the-USA bike which is pretty awesome to see!

Chris also lets us know that he is riding the V1 BTM frame, not the larger V2, because he “ain’t that tall.”

Wanna watch more S&M dudes shred? Then watch the best videos of Clint Reynolds, Charlie Crumlish, Craig Passero and Mike Hoder.

Sunday Bikes “Grow Up” part

Before Chris Childs rode for S&M, he rode for Sunday for years.

With that, he had a part in the full-length Sunday Grow Up video. This one starts with Steve Crandall interviewing a young Chris about landing on a dead animal.

Chris’s part is just under six minutes of full-throttle balls to the wall shredding opening with a wild double rail hop T-Bog in what looks like the hills of California.

From there, every single clip is some BURLY setup and the ones that aren’t super burly are awesome in their way.

The vast majority is burly, though; if you haven’t seen this video, you’re missing out!

“Running Out Of Daylight” video

This one is just 2 minutes 5 seconds of FAST-PACED BMX badassery with Chris riding spots only during the nighttime.

Some of the spots Chris hits in the video that are insane in the daylight are made completely insane because this video was shot entirely at night.

For example, some of the rail tricks he does as well as the bomb drop into the super steep bank after an x-up manual.

Chris Childs – The Ramp

The Ramp II is the follow-up series to the original The Ramp series put out by Monster Energy.

The concept is to take a kicker ramp around in the streets to different spots and make a video with clips that utilize the kicker ramp.

Chris Childs is the subject of this episode and it is not for the faint of heart. Chris already goes all out with his riding, so adding a kicker ramp to this is a recipe for a mind-blowing video.

This one is kicked off with a gap into a giant drainage ditch GONE WRONG and when the video heats up – It. Really. Heats. Up.

A canyon gap that made a cover of Ride BMX… A monstrous gap to the roof… And a backflip to smith on a ledge to end it off.

This video is NUTS!

Welcome to Merritt

Merritt officially welcomed Chris Childs to the squad with this welcome video back in May of 2014.

The video starts with a couple of gnarly crashes before getting into things from concrete skateparks to the streets. Chris has a mean tabletop and can ride a skatepark with the best of them.

His dipped 360’s like the one in this video, is a THING OF BEAUTY as well.

Chris definitely showed why he deserved to be on the team with this one and although he no longer rides for the company, this video still stands up today!

Sunday “I’m Milwalkin’ Here” edit

Here we have a video from early 2019 called I’m Milwalkin’ Here featuring Chris Childs, Mayo, Jeff, and Dustin of B-CAVE.

There isn’t a much better thing than riding BMX with your friends and taking trips.

What do you say?

This one follows the group on a trip out to MKE, starting with a stop in Chicago. All of these dudes shred.

You can certainly tell from the audio in the clips that they HAD A BLAST filming this one!

A few standout clips are the x-up double peg down a legit rail from Mayo, as well as Chris’ rail hop gap to second stage ice pick grind, and car jump toboggan!

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