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Kenneth Tencio Profile (2024)

kenneth tencio

Are you for the best Kenneth Tencio profile and collection of his ultimate BMX videos?

I’m always down to watch this dude shred because of his versatile riding approach.

He even says he divides his week into park, street and trail riding.

Still, Kenneth is more park-oriented, pulling insane trick combos.

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But he MASTERED backflips to the point that he can now pull them on the street, over a set of stairs.


Yup, Pollis is insane!

Moreover, Kenneth also has a training facility called 10cio, operates a bike shop, and is an Olympian. By the way, his mentor was/is Daniel Dhers.

This post covers:

Kenneth Tencio Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: December 6th, 1994
Place of birth: Cartago, Costa Rica
Height: /
Stance: Left foot forward
Instagram: @kennethtencio

2. Sponsors

Eastern Bike, Red Bull, Fox, Toyota and BAC.

3. Bike Check

kenneth tencio bmx bike check

Note: Since we’re on the topic of skateparks, you may also be interested in checking my best BMX park frames collection.

Featured photo by: Claudio Ugalde Cardoce.

4. Best Kenneth Tencio BMX Videos

Flip Whip Drop?!

While this one is originally titled “3 New BMX Tricks Done For The First Time Under An Active Volcano,” I needed to put an extra shine to the flip whip drop.

BMX is getting ridiculous, and Kenneth’s riding is proof of that.

Don’t get me wrong, all the riding in here is absolutely bananas – and even starts with some downhill BMX.

The other two tricks mentioned in the title are 360 one hand to tailwhip to downside tailwhip and fakie backflip drop to fakie.

You should see all this madness to comprehend it fully.

Tropical BMX adventure

Kenneth is no stranger to producing epic content, especially with Red Bull. And this one is my favorite!

He went on a road trip from the Caribbean to the Pacific coast, finding and building spots along the way to show what BMX freestyle is all about.

This is an epic watch, from riding ships and trails to random street backflip drops and more.

Plus, Kenneth shares a little back story behind some of the spots and creations to make it even more exciting.

Building a tropical backyard park

Can you imagine buying a property that already has an epic bowl on it?

That’s what Kenneth Tencio did when he heard that one of the Argentinian skaters was selling his house in Jacó, Costa Rica (with the bowl!).

Kenneth took the opportunity and turned his home into every BMX rider’s dream.

Here’s an awesome crib look showing you where Kenneth lives. He also has a gym area and a little farm where he raises chickens.

But this is just the beginning.

Kenneth’s skatepark is just two miles from his home, where he’s usually training and learning all his insane trick combinations.

Of course (!), he also treats us to many great riding shots to get us stoked.

Hard work pays off

Do you still remember Red Bull’s “Raditudes” series?

Here’s an awesome look, an example of what the saying “hard work pays off” means.

Kenneth takes you on a little excursion around his home country of Costa Rica.

You get a dose of all-around riding, including street! This was also when Kenneth just purchased the lot with the private bowl, so you get a look at that, too.

Tencion always pushed the limits on a BMX bike and keeps taking things to the next level to this day.

Costa Rican jungle becomes BMX playground

I firmly believe that everything is and can be a spot; you just need to look outside the box sometimes.

But Kenneth takes things to the next level with this epic Red Bull video, turning Costa Rican jungle into a BMX playground.

Many would ride these spots with an MTB or a DH bike, but not Kenneth.

He kills it with some really sick riding shots that you don’t want to miss in your lives.

Game of BIKE: Kenneth Tencio vs Stephan Atencion

What happens when you challenge a street and a park rider for a game of BIKE? This!

Check out Kenneth Tencion and Stephan Atencion doing wild moves at an indoor skatepark.

But there’s only one winner. Who?

Kenneth in Mexico City

This one takes us back to 2013 when Kenneth visited Mexico City, filmed and edited by JC Pieri.

Kenneth and JC only needed two sessions to stack enough skatepark and street clips for this web video. Yup, that’s 2!

It just shows how good Kenneth already was in 2013.

Note: You’ll also notice that Tencio is no stranger to effortlessly doing regular and opposite tricks.

2015 BMX videos

Most of Kenneth’s videos are timeless. Why? Because he has been CRAZY good on a bike for a very long time.

Take an old or new video, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy watching it.

Even though this one is from 2015, it’s a mad collage of park and street stunts that need a second or a third watch to understand them.

At least some of them!

But as a street rider, I’m still impressed by that giant whip and truck driver over the stairs.


2020 E-Fise park finals

What can Kenneth Tencion do in a minute? A LOT!

Here’s his entry for the 2020 E-Fise park finals competition, and it’s absolutely insane.

All the stuff is shot at his skatepark facility in Costa Rica.

I can imagine that filming a video at your (local) skatepark is a bit easier because you “know” it.

Still, shooting clips at this level is insane.

Kenneth absolutely murdered it with some of the stuff I needed to watch a few times to figure out what he did.

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