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Ruben Alcantara Profile (2024)

ruben alcantara

Do you want to watch the best (legendary!) Ruben Alcantara BMX videos and check his profile?

These are great to watch, re-watch and then watch again.

I’m enjoying them, probably for the 100th time.

As a legendary rider as Alcantara is, he has been in the BMX game for a very – very – long time.

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When he was about six, Ruben got his first bike. He transitioned to a 20″ bike when he was nine and took things very seriously at around sixteen.

Over his successful career, Ruben Alcantara traveled the world, participated in many contests, and rode street spots, bowls, skateparks, dirt jumps, you name it.

Even though Ruben is now considered an “old” BMX rider, you will not see him stopping any time soon.

As a matter of fact, he is now taking things to an entirely different degree with his Fingers Crossed project. In short, it’s a BMX bike with suspension, and it looks way too fun to ride.

This post covers:

Ruben Alcantara Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: September 13, 1974
Place of birth: Malaga, Spain
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @rubenalcantara

2. Sponsors

Etnies, FlyBikes, Terrible One and Fox Head.

3. Bike Check

ruben alcantara bmx bike check

Featured photo by: TRAXX MEDIA.

4. Best Ruben Alcantara BMX Videos

NORA Cup Legend Tribute

In 2017, Ruben was nominated for the NORA Cup Legend Award. This was a simple choice for everyone. Ruben is such a legend in our sport that everybody should know his name.

His seamless style and creativity have changed everything in BMX. Ruben has done/invented some tricks which are done by many riders to this day.

He has altered how BMX bikes are these days, and the list goes on and on. This is a little tribute to what he has done for BMX.

You will hear what the biggest names in BMX think about him. Ruben has changed and improved BMX, period.

Etnies “Forward” Ruben Alcantara Part

Etnies Forward was released in 2002 as DVD and VHS tape. If you want to know what a VHS tape is, please Google it.

This was one of the biggest BMX videos released in 2002; to this day, it’s still a masterpiece.

Ruben’s part was the last in this video. It was filmed in the skateparks and on the streets around the world. Everything in here was innovative for all of us watching it.

The world finally saw what is possible on BMX. Ruben’s part is truly one of the best video parts – like, all time.

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Ruben Alcantara by FOX

This is the third installment of Fox Head Europe of their BMX series from 2015. Will Evans does all the cinematography. For this episode, they have chosen legend, Ruben.

This is the kind of day in Ruben’s life where he speaks about his inspiration to ride BMX and more.

You will see some unique spots in Malaga, where Ruben lives. He rides these spots every day and can still find lines that are impossible to do for most of us.

Ruben is still one of the biggest inspirations to all the riders, no matter the age.

A moment in BMX

Do you want to see what it takes to make a magazine cover? If yes, hit the play button above. So this is sort of behind the scene how to make a cover for a magazine by Ruben Alcantara and Dennis Enarson.

They have shot this cover in Malaga, Spain, in Ruben’s bowl.

The whole mission took a night to get the perfect shot, and yes, they added a little fire to spice things up.

It takes some courage to air over another person at night and with some fire at the spot. But the final shot for the cover is sick, as you would expect.

Distractions by FlyBikes

We all know that Ruben is the guy who puts style over the tricks, but at the same time, he invented so many tricks that are still used among riders.

Everybody needs to see this clip. He speaks about his feelings when he touches his bike.

I think all of us have the same feeling every time we touch and ride our bikes. It is hard to explain why we ride BMX and love it so much.

For him, BMX is the way of living. He enjoys traveling, searching for new spots, visiting new countries, and meeting new friends – that’s what BMX is all about.

6400 Miles by Etnies

Ruben has been riding for Etnies for a long time. We all know that Ruben likes to travel a lot. He was around the world with his Terrible One team.

This edit is made for a collab shoe called RVM between Ruben, Etnies, and Terrible One.

Ruben visited some of the unique bowls in the US. Some of these bowls are pure art and he rides them with such a style and flow.

Ruben doesn’t do many tricks at this point, but he still destroys all of these bowls.

The Story Of the Malaga Skatepark

Do you want to see how Malaga got such a nice skatepark? This is the chance where you will understand how everything began.

Ruben tells about the first Malaga skatepark, which you can notice was not much. This is all they had, and they spend a lot of hours riding this little skatepark, but they had fun riding it.

Over the years, the City Of Malaga decided to build a new modern skatepark, and the first guy they contacted was Ruben Alcantara.

He designed the park with his riding experience and was also there every day to check if everything went to plan.

In the beginning, this park was meant to be private; however, things did not go by plan and it ended up as an abandoned project. After a couple of years, they have found the solution to open this park to the public.

The Lost Bowl by Fox

The story about the lost bowl is a must-see video. Ruben just heard some rumors about this big bowl, and he decided to go with his friend Hugo Almeida to find this bowl.

The bowl was supposed to be located in Portugal in Belmonte’s tiny town. The town was so small that Ruben had some second thoughts about these rumors.

They have asked people living in the city about this bowl, and nobody knew anything about it.

But after some research around the city, they have found a big bowl in the middle of nowhere. Even Ruben thinks this is one of the craziest bowls he has ever seen.

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