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Sam Jones Profile (2024)

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Are you searching for the best Sam Jones profile and collection of BMX videos to enjoy a dose of incredible talent and insane bike control?

This dude can go SUPER TECH.

If you are NEW to Sam, you are in for a sweet treat. He shreds street with his original and wizardry approach.

But Jones knows how to surprise with burly stuff, too.

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According to a BSD interview, it all began for him when he was around nine.

Before the BMX, Sam was on a skateboard, but he transitioned to a BMX, thanks to his brother.

Growing up, Sam enjoyed watching Props Road Fools and kept himself hyped by watching Garrett Reynolds, Nathan Williams, Simone Barraco, and other street dudes.

Which he still does.

With BSD, he has signature Jonesin’ BMX street frame, BMX forks, BMX sprocket, plastic BMX pedals and a BMX seat. (The forks have a short offset, perfect for front-wheel tricks.)

This post covers:

Sam Jones Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: October 10, 1992
Place of birth: Helmshore, UK
Height: /
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @jam_scones_92

2. Sponsors

BSD, Etnies and Doomed.

3. Bike Check

sam jones bmx bike check

4. Parts Sam Rides

Featured photo by: Fooman.

5. Best Sam Jones BMX Videos

California Jonesin’

New Sam stuff means new tech lines and epic street riding. But not just technical combinations; we all know that Jones is no stranger to clearing BIG rails!

Sam went on a trip in early 2022 to California, where he teamed up with Grant Castelluzzo to film for his new BSD web video project.

Here you go. Four minutes of amazing street riding and some unique stunts you don’t see often.

While everything here is really good (I already watched it five times!), the lucky grind (on a down rail) to hang 5 is my favorite.

BSD VX Rated video part

Part 2 of BSD’s VX Rated Series brings us the part of “Jam Scones.”

This one dropped in November of 2019 and starts with a banger in a hang 5 whiplash to drop smith on a ledge.

As Sam goes WILD in the streets with his front-end balance and incredible technical riding, things don’t let up from there.

The video’s production quality is also great here, and the song goes well with Sam’s riding.

Make no mistake, though, with Sam’s technical riding. The end of this one gets super burly, with the last clip being completely mind-blowing!

Sam Jones at Junction 4 Skatepark

Even though Sam focuses on street riding the most, he still does a lot of skatepark riding.

It’s cool to see Sam doing the technical riding we know and love from him on ledges and rails, but it’s also awesome to see him ripping on skatepark setups!

The last clip in here is BONKERS! Sam does a 360 over a pyramid but lands in a crooked grind on a rail going down the other side.

Definitely, something you need to see to believe.

BSD Jonesin’ video

Sam Jones is a technical wizard on his bike. This video from BSD called Jonesin’, which dropped in late 2018, perfectly displays this.

Four and a half minutes of pure insanity from the BSD rider. The intro to this one builds intensity so well that once things get going, it is just awesome.

The first clip is a hang 5 down a massive down ledge. From there, the craziness continues throughout.

A curved wallride to hang 5?! What?!

And that’s just in the first half of the video. This one is worth the watch.

BSD Transmission DVD part

Sam’s section from the full-length BSD DVD called Transmission dropped late in 2016 on the BSD youtube channel.

The video starts the gate with a double peg 180 down an absolutely MASSIVE drop followed by a predator grind down an absolutely GIANT rail, showing that Sam can get burly with the best of them!

From there, the video is a great mix of Sam’s extremely dialed tech riding that we know and love mixed with the aforementioned burliness.

One clip that really stood out was a ledge feeble with a deadman drop on the other side, followed by a super long and gnarly Round Rail Ride!

Eclat “Young Bloods” video

Back in early 2015, Eclat dropped a two-part series called Eclat Young Bloods. Sam Jones was the focus of the first part with a video just under three minutes long.

Note: part 2 featured Harry Mills and Jordan Godwin.

The first minute of the video is a cool intro with the different riders in the series, and then after this, the riding begins.

Sam goes to work getting tech and wild in the streets with grind/manual combos and some sick tricks.

That whiplash catch down the two blocks was CRAZY, and the rail ride to barspin was just insane!

DUB web video (2018)

Even though this one is from 2018, you know Sam’s videos are timeless. A street rider with a unique style of riding that is a mixture of burly and tech moves.

To be honest, I think this is the video I completely missed watching when it came out – so I’m I watched it for the first just recently.

And you get it both in this one.

I cannot tell which my favorite clips are because there are so many good ones here. Rail rides, truck drivers, crooked grinds, fakie stunts, you name it, Sam masters them all.

The last fakie on a roof thing is mental.

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