16 Best BMX Cranks (Strongest In 2022)

bmx cranks

I’ve been in the same situation as you are multiple times: Which BMX cranks to pick?

Jumping from an online store to an online store is quite hard work.

Thus I decided to create a collection of the best cranks in one location.

You can now quickly skim through, compare them and make the right decision.

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You’re welcome!

I also added prices for all cranks, but these may deviate depending on the country you’re ordering them in.

Crank. It.

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Best BMX Cranks & Cranksets

1. Shadow Odin

shadow odin cranks
Here is the Shadow Odin Cranks. These cranks were Mark Burnett’s signature cranks when he was with Shadow.

These cranks were built to be not only slim, but also strong and stiff at the same time.

The cranks are designed to keep crank arm grinds in mind and also have flat slides for minimal ankle busting.

The Odin cranks were post-weld heat-treated, had a 22mm spindle, and offered in 4 different length options.

Odin cranks specs:

  • Length – 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 22mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 32 oz
  • Price: $179.99+ (may vary)

2. Federal Vice

federal vice cranks
The Vice 2 crank is a crankset from Federal that features a 24mm spindle and a “unique radius box section”.

Federal claims that these two aspects of the Vice 2 cranks make them some of the strongest and stiffest cranksets on the market.

These cranks are heat-treated and include a 24mm mid-bottom bracket/spacers.

One unique feature of these cranks is that the spindle bolts work with both 8mm and 6mm allen wrenches.

Vice cranks specs:

  • Length – 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 24mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 2 lbs 1 oz
  • Price: $227.05 (may vary)

3. Fly Bikes Dolmen

fly dolmen cranks
The Fly Bikes Dolmen 2 cranks are 24mm or 22mm spindle-sized cranks that are made from one piece of investment cast chromoly.

These cranks have a unique D-shaped crank arm design which is intended to help with bend resistance in the crank arms.

The cranks are a 2.5 piece spindle design which means that one crank arm is connected permanently to the spindle.

Another aspect of the Dolmen cranks is that their spindle is internally CNC machined.

Dolmen cranks specs:

  • Length – 165mm, 170mm, 175mm, 180mm
  • Spindle Size – 22mm / 24mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 1.98 lbs / 175mm
  • Price: $220.00+ (may vary)
GET YOURS (24mm) GET YOURS (22mm)

4. Subrosa Rose

subrosa rose cranks
The Subrosa Rose cranks are a simple and straight-to-the-point cranks from Subrosa that feature a 19mm spindle with 6mm allen bolts.

The cranks have CNC’d spindle bosses and oversized welds with them also being “Death Proof-Post Weld Heat-Treated”.

One perk of these cranks is that the bottom bracket and bottom bracket spacer/cone spacers are included with their purchase.

Rose cranks specs:

  • Length – 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 19mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 31.4 oz
  • Price: $162.99 (may vary)

5. Eclat Maverick

eclat maverick cranks
The Eclat Maverick Cranks are a very unique set of cranks in the modern BMX world.

These cranks are made from cold-forged 7000 series aluminum, meaning that there are no welds.

They have heat-treated chromoly inserts for the spindle and pedal bosses to work like normal cranks, even with the forged construction.

The crank arms also have a unique shape with flat sides and a rounded arm.

Maverick cranks specs:

  • Length – 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 22mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 34.6 oz / 175mm
  • Price: $234.20 (may vary)

6. Demolition Revolt

demolition revolt cranks
Here is the Demolition Revolt cranks. These are a staple of the Demolition crank lineup and have been around for quite some time.

They feature a 19mm heat-treated and hollow chromoly spindle with length options of 165mm, 170mm, and 175mm.

One huge aspect of the Revolt Cranks is its lifetime warranty against cracks and breaks on the arms and spindle.

This is definitely something worth keeping in mind when purchasing a set of cranks!

Revolt cranks specs:

  • Length – 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 19mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 22.2 oz / 175mm arms only
  • Price: $179.99 (may vary)

7. Merritt Battle

merritt battle cranks
The Battle Cranks from Merritt BMX are made with absolute strength in mind. These cranks are 3 piece with a 22mm spindle and are constructed of heat-treated 4130 chromoly.

There are several comfort features built into the Battle Cranks such as the rubber caps for the spindle bolts and the angled spindle bosses.

These are meant to protect ankles from some of the normal abuse from crank arms.

Note: A lifetime warranty backs these.

Battle cranks specs:

  • Length – 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 22mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 33 oz
  • Price: $185.00 (may vary)

8. Fit Blunt

fit blunt cranks
The Fit Bike Co Blunt Cranks are a 24mm crankset from Fit that features investment-cast spindle bosses and flush mount bolts to help get rid of the sharp edges which normally cause ankle injury.

This is where the Blunt name comes from and isn’t where the features of these cranks end.

These cranks also utilize Fit’s “indented and swaged 100% heat-treated CrMo arms.” This is meant to increase the dent resistance as well as the strength of these cranks.

One more thing about the Fit Blunt cranks is that they come with the full 24mm bottom bracket you need to run them.

Blunt cranks specs:

  • Length – 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 24mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 30 oz / 160mm without bottom bracket
  • Price: $159.95 (may vary)

9. Sunday Saker

sunday saker cranks
The Sunday Saker V2 cranks are an affordable crank option from Sunday that come in a few different length options.

These cranks are RHD or LHD compatible and have a single pinch bolt design.

They are a 19mm design which also has an 8 spline spindle.

The Saker cranks are available in length options from 155mm to 175mm and also come with a 19mm mid bottom bracket.

Coming in at a retail price of $79.99, these cranks are definitely on the affordable side.

Saker cranks specs:

  • Length – 155mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 19mm – 8 Spline
  • Weight – 32.80oz without bottom bracket
  • Price: $79.99 (may vary)

10. BSD Substance XL

bsd substance xl cranks
The Substance XL V2 cranks are a 2.5 piece crank from BSD that have a 24mm spindle size. These cranks have a rectangular shape and are made from heat-treated 4130 chromoly.

They have an investment cast boss design that is made to be as flush as possible.

Being a 2.5 piece design means that these cranks use a single bolt to tighten, but they are still right- and left-hand drive compatible.

Substance XL cranks also come with a 24mm mid-bottom bracket that you will need to install on your bike.

Substance XL cranks specs:

  • Length – 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 24mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 1.9 lbs
  • Price: $199.99 (may vary)

11. Eclat Tibia

eclat tibia cranks
Eclat’s Tibia Cranks have been around for over a decade. These cranks have features such as an oversized arm design and are ridden by riders like Sean Burns and Ty Morrow.

The listing on the Eclat website says that these two won’t ride anything else.

These cranks are 22mm and made from square-shaped 4130 chromoly tubing that is also heat treated.

The Tibia cranks have two different sprocket bolt holes on each side to be extremely compatible.

Tibia cranks specs:

  • Length – 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 22mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 2.14lbs / 165mm
  • Price: $220.00 (may vary)

12. Profile Racing No Boss

profile racing no boss cranks
Profile Racing Cranks have been a staple of the BMX industry for as long as many of us can remember.

The legacy of their cranks is part of why they are regarded as some of the best cranks in the BMX industry.

This particular option is the No Boss option; meaning that these are a spline drive only set. There are no bolt holes at all for sprocket installation at all.

These cranks have many options in crank arm size, axle length/material, and axle bolt material.

With these cranks, you can get titanium or chromoly spindles of different lengths as well as chromoly or titanium bolts.

No Boss cranks specs:

  • Length – 125mm, 160mm, 170mm, 175mm, 177mm, 180mm, 182mm, 185mm
  • Spindle Size – 19mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 19.75 oz / 175mm Crank Arms only
  • Price: $166.99 (may vary)

13. Animal Akimbo

animal akimbo cranks
Akimbo cranks are a three-piece 22mm crank made from 4130 heat-treated chromoly. These cranks have two different bolt hole options for the sprocket bolt in each crank arm.

This means that they are right- or left-hand drive compatible in addition to the wide compatibility with different sprocket options.

The Akimbo cranks are available in four different length options from 160mm to 175mm and come with a crank installation tool.

Akimbo cranks specs:

  • Length – 160mm, 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 22mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 33.1 oz
  • Price: $234.20 (may vary)

14. Salt Pro

salt pro cranks
The Salt Pro 48 spline cranks are an affordable option for those looking for 48 spline cranks on a budget.

These BMX cranks have a retail price of around $120. They have a 19mm chromoly 48 spline spindle and come with a 19mm mid-bottom bracket.

These cranks are right or left hand drive compatible and come in three different length options from 165mm to 175mm.

These could be worth looking into as a budget option for crank arms.

Salt Pro cranks specs:

  • Length – 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 19mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 31.32 oz
  • Price: $150.99 (may vary)

15. Odyssey Thunderbolt

odyssey thunderbolt cranks
Here we have the legendary Thunderbolt cranks from Odyssey. These cranks are the current iteration starting with the original Twombolt cranks years ago.

These are a two-piece crank design meaning that the spindle is welded on one side and there is only one bolt needed to tighten the crankset.

A unique aspect of these cranks is the tightening system on the non-drive side.

The Thunderbolt cranks utilize a wedge cluster system that has triangle wedges.

These wedges work in conjunction with the angled portion of the spindle to tighten which Odyssey labels as a “Never-Wobble” interface.

These cranks go through the 41-Thermal heat-treating process and offer a full lifetime replacement warranty.

Thunderbolt cranks specs:

  • Length – 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 22mm
  • Weight – 1 lb 11.8 oz
  • Price: $194.99 (may vary)

16. Cult Hawk

cult hawk cranks
The widely popular Chase Hawk‘s signature cranks come in three sizes and two color options. Thet have a 22mm hollow spindle and are heat-treated out of 4130 chromoly.

Hawk’s have custom forged tubing with spindle gussets that wrap around for a boost in strength. Also, they are 100% RHD and LHD drive compatible.

Cult Hawk cranks have a unique look to them, ensuring the highest quality you deserve!

Hawk cranks specs:

  • Length – 165mm, 170mm, 175mm
  • Spindle Size – 22mm – 48 Spline
  • Weight – 32.8 oz
  • Price: $169.99+ (may vary)


What crank length do I need?

Selecting the right BMX crank length depends on your riding style (also a personal preference). When it comes to modern street riding, it’s getting very common for riders to go for 160-170mm cranks.

But for riding transitions and going fast, a 170-175mm may still be a better option for you.

Why are 3 piece cranks better?

A 3 piece crank is tougher and will last you a lot longer compared to a 1 piece crank. It has sealed bearings, which will protect it from dirt, plus, you can (usually) replace individual parts.

Another option is also a 2 piece crank, but I prefer 3 piece all day. However, a 2 piece crank is simpler to install, normally lighter and stiffer (with fewer options on the market).

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