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Mike Hoder Profile (2024)

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Do you need to binge on the best Mike Hoder profile and collection of epic BMX videos?

All MH videos are so intense they will have your heart beating fast. (They made me breathe heavily.)

Mike was born on October 1, 1987 (if my calculation is right), in Seattle, Washington, on the couch in his house. Hey, I did not come up with this, it’s something he told in an interview for Ride UK’s issue 112.

Anyhow, when it comes to Mike’s riding, there’s none out there like him.

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Sure, there may be dudes that come close, but Hoder is simply on an entirely different level.

The first thing that’s unique to his riding is the fact of how TALL he is but still makes it all look so clean. Mike is 6’4″ tall. (Don’t miss my best tips for tall BMX riders.)

His signature S&M frame is tough and built strong, making Mike a real beast on a bike.

Second, Mike DOES NOT ride pegs, still, he can manage to pull some insane double peg and icepick grinds easily.

Third, Mike just likes to go extremely fast, pulling lines that you would not want to attempt even in your wildest dreams.

This post covers:

Mike Hoder Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: October 1, 1987
Place of birth: Seattle, Washington
Height: 6’4″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @mikehoder1

2. Sponsors

S&M Bikes, Animal Bikes and Seatle BMX.

3. Bike Check

Also, don’t miss the latest Mike Hoder bike check.

4. Parts Mike Rides

Featured photo by: Jaogaz.

5. Best Mike Hoder BMX videos

Hoder In Cali

New Hoder material should be dropping more often because I’m always SOOO excited to watch it. And I know I’m not alone.

This one has tons of bangers and an insane fence wallride/tap made me almost equally thrilled as Mike is

(Every clip is at a level that could easily be used for an ender!)

But I must say that the pegless double peg grind at the end is one of the wildest things I’ve seen in a while.

Who agrees with the following: We Need More Hoder In Our Lives!

S&M Serapé Drop

Here’s a promotional video for Hoder’s really epic S&M Serapé drop that will never be run again.

So, if you like the cool six colorways of Mike’s signature frame and bar (they also added a matching fork), you must act fast.

But why I am really posting this one in the collection is because of all the solid park/bowl and trail shredding that we get to witness.

If you want to see Mike pull a tire grab or a high 360 – and MUCH more – you’re in for a treat!

S&M Built Different Part

The ending part of the S&M “Built Different” video goes to no other than the dude himself – MIKE HODER.

At four minutes, this one has lots of insane street riding, Hoder style. But there’s also some trails shredding in here, with one really solid turndown.

However, the focus is on the street, featuring insane gaps, 360s, wallrides and scary manuals.

Mike’s approach to going big and insane isn’t stopping.

Even though he’s been doing this for A LONG time, Hoder’s body is just built differently, able to handle the abuse he puts it through to make our eyes go as big as saucers.

Animal “Let Em Have It” Part

If you haven’t seen it, here you go – Mike’s part from Animal’s “Let Em Have It” full-length video.

Street shredding at a very fast pace, just like Hoder knows it best. Plus, his street tabletops look phenomenal.

And to excite you even more, Mike even went technical in here for your viewing pleasure.

The only downside of this one is that it’s TOO short. Yup, we need more HODER.

Are You Guys Posting This On YouTube?

Nope, that’s not what Mike said; you’ll see.

Even though we’re used to seeing Mike murder street spots, this is something else.

You get to enjoy almost six and a half minutes of Hoder riding parks and bowls with a few guest clips from Defpaul. There are some street clips, too, but that’s not the main focus of this video.

But it doesn’t matter what Hoder puts out; it’s all a must-see. Always!

S&M – Fake BMX

Street riding at an entirely different level. You drop everything when a new HODER part DROPS.

Hint: There’s even some bowl shredding in here – and it’s really dope.

As always, some of the stuff that Mike does is pretty unreal. It’s not only the last clip that’s a banger but there are a few others in between, too.

In fact, this entire video by S&M is one BIG banger. I also really like seeing Mike grinding rails – without pegs.

So. Effortlessly.

If you are ready for a new mad piece from Hoder, you better not miss this one. You already know it’s good!


What better way than starting a new year with a new BMX video from the Hoder himself. He linked up with Joris Coulomb to shot for over four minutes of street material.

If you dig what Mike does, you will dig this one as well. By the way, it is brought to us by Dig. There is going to be a lot of digging, that’s right.

In the awesome Mike style, he does a lot of big stuff in here, 360s, pegless grinds, wallrides, you name it.

There are also some pretty gnarly ledge rides in here that look damn scary – but not for Hoder.

S&M “Maybe Next Year” edit

Mike s “Maybe Next Year” video from S&M came out late in the year in 2020 as a year in review of Hoder’s riding.

The amount of insanely burly things he did in 2020 alone is so impressive.

Hoder has definitely been a staple in what it means to be a steadfast insane rider for so many years now and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

The gap he did at the car wash where he was pulled in by a van is so amazing, just as everything else in this video is.

Celebration of 10 years of BTM

It’s crazy to think that 2020 marks 10 years since Mike’s signature BTM parts first came out. This video is a celebration of those 10 years.

There’s no denying the sheer amount of gigantic things Hoder has done on his bike throughout the years and this video is a great reminder of just some of those things.

The Brooklyn banks 360 shows up here which is a perfect example. Here’s to 10 more years of BTM and Hoder being an absolute savage on his bike.

S&M “Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read” section

Here we have Mike Hoder’s S&M “Hot Dogs Who Can’t Read” DVD section that was released on YouTube in May of 2018.

This is the one that features his attempt to 360 the infamous Jimmy Levan drop. Just about every single clip in Hoder’s section is something burly and insane.

How often do you see someone get pulled in by a vehicle to double peg stall a bank to ledge? That’s how gnarly it was and it isn’t even the only clip where he was towed in.

Amidst the insanity that is Hoder, there’s a crash in here so crazy that is hard to believe he just got right back up and walked away.

The last clip is something you just have to see to believe and appreciate.

A day in the life of Mike Hoder

Back in 2014, a day in the life of Hoder came out. This is 2 minutes 30 seconds of a day with

Hoder starts out with him getting a print of one of his riding photos then cuts to a street session where he, of course, does a crazy gap.

Ralph Sinisi, the owner of Animal Bikes, shows up to this session and then Scott Marceau sets up to shoot a photo of a wild wallride gap for Mike.

The day winds down after that and ends with a dog doing a cellar door to window sill stall and Hoder tagging the fence inside of a backyard mini ramp. Seems like a pretty good day.

Hoder does Mexico

In 2013, Mike Hoder traveled to Mexico to get it on with some locals.

The video starts at a few different shop stops with the second featuring some riding with an up ledge that Hoder kills it on.

He shuts it down by setting it up and wall riding part of the roof of the shop.

The next meet up has the locals and Hoder hanging out riding a bike box then riding through the streets.

As usual, he finds something crazy to do and it’s awesome to see all of the locals in here killing it as well.

Animal Bikes “QSS 3 Foreign & Domestic” video

This is Mike Hoder’s part from the Animal Bikes video QSS 3 Foreign & Domestic that came out online in June of 2017.

As per usual, Hoder shreds it; doing big gaps, big 360s, and big ledge rides.

There are a few awesome pegless grinds in here as well including a pegless uprail and a pegless ice pick down a rail.

The vibe of the song with Hoder’s riding makes for an all-around enjoyable video that anyone can get down with.

The last clip is an unreal rail hop 360 that you have to see to believe.

Hoder does Barcelona with a GoPro

Hoder + Barcelona + GoPro BMX = Dope video. It’s definitely awesome to see some of the wild stuff Mike does from more of a POV perspective.

Not to overuse the word but it really does put into perspective how crazy things are behind Hoder’s handlebar.

There’s also something about these GoPro POV videos that just pull you in and keep you watching.

This one is almost 9 minutes long but plays through super fast; moving from spot to spot, weaving in and out of pedestrians. Mike Hoder is such a beast.

DIG “In The Cut” – Mike Hoder

In this Dig BMX In The Cut video with Hoder and company, we have a raw look at the adventure which also includes Joey Piazza, Tyrone Williams, and Charles Hearn.

This one has everything from hanging out cruising around the city, hanging out at the beach to taking ferry rides and adventuring some more.

They were even joined by a bat in the apartment they were staying in. There was some riding mixed in here as well and in all, it looked like a fantastic time in paradise.

Bonus: Unclicked Podcast

If there’s one dude full of stories, it’s undoubtedly Hoder. Here’s an over three hours long conversation that will get you even more familiar with Mike because of all the unheard stories and adventures he’s been through.

He even shares how he got off Sunday (did you know that Hoder rode for Sunday Bikes?) and thought his career as a BMX pro was over. But then he got another shot, and the rest was history.

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