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5 Best Russ Barone BMX Videos (2024)

russ barone

We can all see the passion for BMX bike riding in Russ Barone‘s eyes from miles away.

And this dude enjoys it all, streets, parks, pools and trails.

Even BMX racing!

Note: Russ even competes at a National!

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Russell KILLS whatever he touches. Also, you’ll notice his original approach to riding bikes, which is usually full of speed.

Along with BMX, Russ also has a thing for surfing – which he does a lot!

Moreover, he proudly represents Cult and enjoys teaching kids to ride BMX, building trails, and other fun stuff. (You may also want to check my best Cult BMX frames collection.)

But enough of me talking; let’s enjoy some hot Russ Barone videos together.

Do not forget to follow Russ on Instagram and enjoy his adventures and educating kids to murder it on a BMX bike.

Featured photo by: Jonny Nemecek.

Best Russell Barone Videos

1. Russ in Puerto Rico

Here we have a video with Russ Barone in Puerto Rico from early 2020, put together with some iPhone clips from his time there.

From cliff jumping into the water to shredding a DIY spot, a skatepark, and the streets, it looks like the trip was an awesome time.

The approach Russ takes to how he rides different things is so enjoyable to watch and his eye for spots is awesome!

The playground spot here is a perfect example, and it was so rad to see.

2. Cult “Talk Is Cheap” video part

Sections from the full-length “Talk Is Cheap” video started to hit the Cult YouTube channel in 2015.

Russ puts his UNIQUE eye for spots to use in this one with a bunch of awesome lines at the beginning.

One example is a really cool feeble drop feeble to drop manual on a spot you need to see to understand.

As the video progresses, the riding gets better and better before a terrifying last clip that you should definitely see if you haven’t!

Are you a fan of Cult Crew as well?

Then don’t miss killer bike riding from:

3. Russ Barone & Trey Jones split edit

This is an AWESOME one! A video with Russ Barone and Trey Jones in Long Island from all the way back in 2014.

The video starts in the trails where Russ and Trey absolutely kill it with their signature stylish riding.

There’s also some pool and street riding in here from both before ultimately ending up back in the trails.

Man is it fun to watch these guys shredding the trails!

4. Russ, Robbie & Alex

In Cult’s 2019 full-length DVD “It’s Later Than You Think,” Russ Barone, Robbie Morales, and Alex Kennedy all shared a split part.

Lil Jon also made his way into this split section.

After the ILTYT intro animation, the video starts with Russ killing it in the streets and a pool before a scary gap-to-wallride clip.

Lil Jon, Robbie, and AK all have some sick clips in here as well. There’s such a contrast between the riding of these four that it is definitely an entertaining section that kind of mixes things up!

5. Cult web video (2015)

Here’s a quick one featuring Russ Barone from Cult in early 2015.

This one takes place in LA where Russ hits us with plenty of lines on different ledge spots and his signature go-fast wall rides that are always awesome to see.

The way Russ always seems to find an original way to use different spots means you just never know what is coming.

Leading to video parts being even more enjoyable to watch.

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