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Dan Paley Profile (2024)

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Are you ready to enjoy the absolute must-see Dan Paley profile and BMX videos?

This dude is a beast on his bike, whether on the streets or skateparks.

Dan remembers his leap to the BMX world while living near a motocross track.

When he started getting more and more familiar with what BMX is, Dan’s main riders whom he looked up to were Mike Aitken, Chris Doyle, Garrett Reynolds, Sergio Layos and the list goes on.

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Today, he also very much enjoys watching Simone Barraco, Dan Lacey, Ty Morrow, you name it.

In his riding, he mixes style with intense trick combos very well. Dan Paley is also killing it on an MTB off the BMX bike.

Moreover, Dan was born in 1990, and he is absolutely enjoying himself on two wheels to the fullest.

In an interview, Dan says he likes filming for web edits way more than DVD parts.

He also shares why he enjoyed hitting contests and mentions the story behind his nickname, Donny Soulja.

This post covers:

Dan Paley Profile

1. Bio

Date of birth: September 28, 1990
Place of birth: Doncaster, England
Height: 5’8″
Stance: Right foot forward
Instagram: @donny_soulja

2. Sponsors

BSD, Giant, DUB BMX and Etnies.

Featured photo by: BSD.

3. Best Dan Paley BMX Videos

BSD “VX Rated” part

Dan Paley has a reputation for going huge on his bike and doing insane 360 gaps regularly. Here we have his “VX Rated” video from BSD where he definitely lives up to his reputation.

The video starts out with quite the struggle for a crazy manual to down whip to fakie down a drop, which is the first landed trick and then goes straight into a massive 360.

The song and incredible fast-paced riding really make for a great vibe.

Speaking of the riding, every single clip in this video is something wild that Dan makes look too easy.

Unlucky to hard 180 down a drop?! Nose bonk 540 down a huge drop?! That’s not even mentioning the 360 in the last clip.


I could watch this one for an hour straight. We all know Dan is an all-around bike shredder, and this video by Santa Cruz is an excellent example.

Enjoy this short documentary and a look at what made Dan THE MAN he is today.

Unfortunately, he needed to go through a nasty injury, which made him hop on an MTB that unlocked a new horizon of possibilities.

He’s back 100%, killing it on two wheels, going even smoother than before. Grab a cup of joe and have a blast watching this one. (You absolutely won’t regret it.)


BSD Soulja frame promo

Chances are, you’ve heard of Dan and that his character for going huge precedes him. If not, get ready to witness it in this video from BSD.

The first clip looks like a straight-up leg-breaking crash that triggers the intro of other wild slams/attempts that lead into a make on the first crash.

Over smith, to ice pick grind on that was rails is crazy. The camera world, filming, and editing in this one also lend to just a great all-around video.

The drop nose bonk 360 was particularly impressive in a video full of hammers.

Being Dan Paley, you also know there are several huge 360 drops in here besides the amazing technical riding he is known for.

What a promo for his signature BSD frame!

BSD “Transmission” video part

BSD’s “Transmission” video dropped in 2016 and featured a list of amazing riders. Dan Paley was on that list and here we have his section uploaded to the BSD YouTube channel.

As expected, the camera work and editing are on point, so let’s focus on the riding, which opens with a massive 540 down a drop that Dan handles easily.

From there comes an outright onslaught of technical peg riding in addition to Dan’s signature burly moves.

Dan does some of the biggest wallrides and 360s down sets of stairs and his videos are always a must-watch.

OSS X DUB promo

In 2014, OSS and DUB collaborated on some street gear while Dan was spending time in LA riding and filming.

This video, which resulted from that filming, was a promo for the collaboration. It’s one that you’re going to want to see.

Seeing him killing it on some West Coast spots is rad and it’s Paley, so you know the riding will be wild.

There’s not as much insane burly riding here as there are insane technical grind combos.

However, all of that is made up for at the end of the video for the last few clips, including Dan’s infamous 360 down the Staples Center stair set.

BSD “Nearly 4K” DVD part

It’s no secret that Dan Paley is an absolute savage on his bike. Here we have his “Nearly 4K” DVD part from 2015.

You would never guess it from the quality of riding, but this part was all filmed in a “one week trip to Amsterdam with a few clips from Glasgow.”

The way Dan can transition from one grind to the next, whether it be a straight jump or spinning from one to the other, is always so awesome to see and you already know there’s a giant 360 in here as well.

Ride BMX “Mic’d Up” with Dan Paley at SS 2018

The late Ride BMX started a series called “Mic’d Up,” where they would place a mic on a random pro rider, whether at a contest or an event.

This one features Paley’s “Mic’d Up” at Simple Session 2018, and it is pretty entertaining.

Dan makes his way around the course and venue, talking with different riders like Reed Stark, Austin Augie, Justin Spriet, and more.

Dan does not hold back in badgering everyone and anyone he can; to top it off, this was filmed during the finals at the event.

Dan’s battle with a kinked rail

Dan demonstrates it for you if you wonder what it takes to pull an opposite crooked grind on a kinked rail.

It does not always go everything by plan.

You will witness a few crashes, some nastier than others, but we are all here for the final clip.

Yes, that’s when Dan pulls the grind butter smoothly. I love these behind-the-scenes: guys pulling tricks and all the different tries and attempts – it just shows what BMX truly is.

“You just need to lean in,” and he pulls it perfectly.

BSD “Before The Sun Sets” web video

Paley has been riding for BSD for years and has made some fantastic videos.

This one is from early 2014, called “Before The Sun Sets,” and was filmed when Dan went to Spain, Scotland, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Dan was a technical savage even back in 2014, doing tricks like a lucky grind-to-nose manual to opposite smith to 180.

His wicked riding shows through here as well, with a few big gaps, wall rides, and an absolutely insane 360 at the end.

Alex Donnachie, Dan Paley and Kriss Kyle “Undercover”

BSD has had a really solid team for quite some time with riders like Alex Donnachie, Paley, and Kriss Kyle, to name a few.

In this video called “Undercover,” we have these three going to work indoors at Zone74 and Unit23 skateparks.

Between their technical riding skills and burliness, these three make a great team and we even get to see Paley bust out a few box jump tricks, including a proper nac-nac and a 360 downside tailwhip.

All three of these guys kill it on everything they touch. It’s awesome to glimpse their winter riding lives at these indoor skateparks.

Welcome to BSD

Way back in early 2013, Dan Paley was welcomed (back?) to the BSD team with this killer video.

It is always fantastic to see riders’ style progress over the years and this video is an excellent example of this with Dan shredding a mini ramp and doing things like nose bonk 540s over a double coping spine.

We see his technical peg riding in here as well, with the last clip being an ice pick grind to nose manual on a lengthy ledge.

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